10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…HAPPY NEW YEAR

It’s hard to believe that the New Year is just about upon us!
Have you taken the time to really consider the past year, or what the new one will bring?
If not, I invite you to take a moment and reflect…and share. Blog about what 2008 meant for you and your family, or about what you hope to accomplish in 2009 (or both) and post a link here to share. I intentioally avoid using the word resolutions because I think that tends to mean impending failure…let’s not start down the road of another New Year’s Resolution to lose ## pounds, but serious, important goals for the year.

For me 2008 brought new life. It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since my roly poly baby joined our family. It’s hard to recall life without him most days. Growing our family has brought certain new challenges and stretched us, but I think it has brought us more joy than we could have imagined. This past year has also brought us through challenges with each of the older boys. I supposed 2008 was actually the time when we found answers more than challenges. For Timmy, we received a diagnosis of ADHD. Something that brings continued daily challenges (which you can read about here), but also brought MUCH relief in the form of an answer and also in support of others who’ve been down this road. And for Johnny, a recomendation for Speech Therapy. After having him tested and being told he was still doing fine just a year prior, it was again a bit of comfort to have someone support my maternal instinct that something simply wasn’t quite right. This too adds another thing to the already overslowing to do list. But it does us well to know that we are trying very hard to do all that we can to get him the support he needs. And as 2008 draws to a close, the ‘mear’ existance of our marriage is a sign to me of my God’s amazing power. To think that just 2 years ago we were well down the road of divorce and now, while nothing close to perfect, just that we have hung in there, for each other, for our kids, for ourselves and also for our God, is a blessing beyond words.

For 2009, I have many goals. I am one who is VERY hesitant to put them down in a form such as this, as it will then be here in black and white to remind me of any short comings in another 12 months. But I am committed to being focused and deliberate this year…to continue to work on my marriage. To work on putting God first, my husband second and my kids third! To work on my parenting, to treat each day with my kids as the blessing that it is. To work on my health. Not to lose a set # of pounds or wear a certain size but to be healthier, for myself and my kids. I want to continue to to slowly grow my own business while remaining true to myself, doing only as much as I chose to do. And making sure to leave plenty of time to continue to spend time with the Lord, in prayer and study.


  1. I do not do resolutions, because they never work for me…but I want to grow closer to the Lord this year, spend less and love more.

  2. I love resolutions. They do help me stay focused and set goals. funny how we all work in different ways.

  3. Ok I have my resolutions set.. so lets you and I bug each other senseless all year to make sure we keep them.. well at least through January ;o)~

  4. I added mine! This is my first year (after many years of boycotting) that I’m making resolutions… perhaps it would be better to say that I’m promising myself some things. 😀

    Happy New Year to you!

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