A Mother’s Day Photo Shoot

My mom always complains that she’s got too much stuff and that we shouldn’t spend our money on her for Mother’s Day. But she loves having current photos of the grand kids. So I decided for Mother’s Day we’d get a photo of all the grand kids together. I have to say I’m pretty proud of how well we got one to come out with all 9 kids. Then my nieces and nephews were cooperative enough that we got a shot of all of them together and an individual of each of them. My own kids however, not so cooperative so we’ll try to get those at home some time this week. Anyway here are some of my favorites.

can you figure out who’s missing here?!?!?!?

A total blessing

Two years ago the little brother of 2 of my favorite people, asked me to be his sponsor for Confirmation at our church. It has been sooo great getting to know him and his parents better the last two year.

But this weekend was the Confirmation banquet and service. Even though the rest of my family didn’t get to make it to church because of a flat tire and a problem getting the spare out, I was able to get there in time. Where I prayed for Dan while his family surrounded him. Such a great experience!! He is such a great ‘kid.’
Here are some pictures from the banquet:

a good time

I swear I don’t know where the time goes. Another busy week has gone by.

On Friday evening we met up with a friend of mine and her family at Bounces R Us and let the kids go crazy for a few hours. If you live in the area and have kids, I HIGHLY recommend it.
Here’s just a couple of pictures of the fun:

Collette, Aiden, Bryan and I

And this was Timmy by the time we got home. Johnny on the other hand rambled on and on the whole drive home!

Check it Out

You all need to go check out the music here and let me know what you think.
But don’t read any further until ya do…..

Ok I KNOW you didn’t listen, so good take listen before you keep going…

Ok did you do it??? You wouldn’t lie to me now would you???

Ok so the singer, guitarist and writer(or some) of that music is my little brother. Ok so he’s not so little and even at my height of 6′ the curly haired little guy I remember is now able to look down at me. Anyway, just trying to support him by spreading the word on his music. I love his voice and so do my boys but we may be biased, but I don’t think so!!

Left my babies

OK so the older 2 are far from babies but I did in fact leave all three of my kiddos with a sitter this morning. Surprisingly I did NOT cry. The lady they are with is an amazing mother of 3 kids herself that we know from church. I know they will be totally safe there. I just hope they behave and that the baby doesn’t cry ALL day.

But I should be thrilled that they are there because it means Tom might have a job lined up. He is there today to show them he knows what he’s doing driving a truck. But they wouldn’t talk pay until they knew he was qualified so that will be a deciding factor as well. Since its about an hour drive and gas is almost $4 a gallon he will need to be making a decent hourly rate to cover that cost plus the cost of a sitter in order to make it worth it!! And the other possible negative is that he would be paid as the company gets paid for the jobs he works on so pay could be spotty. But I’m trying to remain positive and hope that it ends up to be a great deal and maybe, just maybe it could mean that I could eventually end up back home with the boys, even just part time!!

But for now I’ll try to take it one day at a time…

…but you know that it would be easier to take if the days were more like they were last week. Last week one day hit 80 degrees, we were busting out the sunglasses and sunscreen. Now this morning I had to dig out the boys heavy coats and hats again.

Gotta love living in Illinois!!!!

this pic is from last Wednesday

A Busy Weekend

This weekend was a busy one!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early and heading off to meet a friend of mine from high school that I reconnected with online when we were both pregnant over four years ago. We live just over an hour away from each other but hadn’t gotten together. But now we’ve both had our third babies and decided we just needed to find a date and do it. So we met at Home Depot! OK I know, it doesn’t sound like your typical moms get together, especially with a combined 6 kids. But they have a kids workshop there where kids can use “real” tools (this was the highlight for my boys) to build something. They had a bunch of things to choose from, boats, cars, trucks, planters etc. Timmy chose to do a boat and Johnny picked a fire truck. I “helped” Johnny build his while he held on to the hammer. It was sort of like the blind leading the blind. Colette helped Timmy but I was surprised at how well he did on his own. Of course he did smack his thumb pretty good with the hammer. But when we discovered that a piece must have been put on backwards or upside down so that a pre-drilled hole was missing for a eye hook, Timmy created his own hole and we were able to finish it up.

Here’s a picture of the fun:

All four of the “big” kids

Timmy with his boat
Johnny with his fire truck

Want to take your kids? Click here for info.

After everyone had finished their projects, minus one MIA wheel for Corinne’s car, we packed up and had lunch at Culver’s. It was definitely not the quietest lunch we have ever had but the kids seemed to have a good time together. So we’ve decided we definitely need to get together again, but next time there will HAVE to be an activity involved that will allow them to run off some energy!


After we got home, we regrouped, ran tot he store and headed to a birthday party for one of the boys (MANY) cousins. Everyone got together at Pizza Hut for some pizza and cake. OK NOT everyone really but some of the family…

Then the girls went to Libby Lu for some girly time. As a mother of all boys, I had to go and check it out. So Tom and one of his brothers and his brother in-law walked around the mall with our boys for a while. I didn’t get a picture but after the girls get all “dolled” up and pretty. They come to the doorway of the store and dance together. It is sooo cute.

By the time we got home we were all ready for bed!!! Of course Bryan was ready to party so we were up for awhile.

Then we “slept” in Sunday morning and went to church at 10:15 instead of 9:15. After church, we went home for a couple hours and let the boys relax a bit before going to my moms house. Unfortunately, we had a funeral to go to on Monday so Timmy and Johnny spent the night Sunday with Gramma and Grampa. So all the boys and I went over there for dinner (Tom was busy working, painting a house.) It wasn’t exactly nice out but the boys took some time to ride their motorcycles anyway. And grampa rigged up a way for Johnny to be able to cruise as fast as Timmy can on his motorized one. I’m not sure its safe at all. And Timmy seemed to intentionally send Johnny flying while I stood and watched by taking a tight turn at a fast speed. But here they are riding around the culde-sac.

And here’s Bryan. I wish I could say he was this peaceful the whole time but its so not true!

My son…the funeral director?

Last night I pulled into the driveway after work to find the boys outside playing in the yard, a pretty regular thing this last week as the weather has FINALLY started to get nice. And as I opened the van door Johnny comes running up to tell me that they had an ant funeral. As it goes with 4 year olds he was immediately distracted by something else. Later, after the boys were in bed, I got the full story from Tom. Apparently Timmy killed an ant. Then suffered from some guilt and decided he needed a proper burial. He dug a small hole and tossed him in. Then filled the hole in with some dirt. Then he collected a couple rocks and places them on top. Finally he picked some grass and told Tom that he had gotten some flowers. After arranging the flowers he invited those in attendance to come and eat dinner and said “I hope you enjoy the shrimp.”
What weird little boy I have!!!

A Day at the Park

Yesterday was a GORGEOUS day, the type of day we’ve been waiting for here in IL for months.

So we took advantage of it and headed out to the park.
Timmy and Johnny had fun digging in the sand for dinosaur fossils, climbing the new “spiderweb” thing, and playing catch with dad. Bryan enjoyed a nice nap in the fresh air.
And we all got a bit of color, because I never can remember to ring sunscreen that first nice day. But I DID try my best and thought I’d kept Bryan covered (and sweaty) the whole time but even his little cheeks look red. 🙁

But here are some photos from our day.

My Angel

OK, so I admit Bryan is NOT the perfect baby. He is much fussier and needier than the other two were. But he’s still MY angel, and I have the photo to prove it.

And some others that I think are super cute too.

My little Houdini’s

Last night the boys went to a Magic Class at our Park District. There they learned a few tricks and were given the stuff for a couple of them. They said they had a good time and they couldn’t wait to get out of the car to show me.
Timmy immediately ran to his room to prepare a trick as Johnny dumped all his goodies out on the living room floor. LOL I asked Timmy to help him prepare too and they both came out with a trick. While Timmy needs a little practice for his to flow believably he at least understands what is supposed to be kept secret. As opposed to Johnny who did everything out in the open! But it was still sooo cute. I will have to try to get some photos of them. But of course now they want a hat, cape and wand! And they want to go back as they do 4 classes a year each with different tricks.