Five Great Things About Not Having a Date on Valentine’s Day #StreamTeam

This post is brought to in partnership with Netflix.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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Five Great Things About Not Having a Date on Valentine’s Day


1.  I don’t have to pretend to love dark chocolate turtles!

Seriously I don’t like dark chocolate and I don’t do nuts in my candy.  Put them both together and you may as well have brought me Lima beans.  But there’s no nice way to say, “Thanks but I can’t choke these down.”

2.  I don’t have to spend hours shopping for the perfect outfit!

As if dressing for any date isn’t an ordeal, the V-Day date takes on a whole new level of stress.  Especially if where we’re going is a “surprise.”

3.  I don’t have to pretend that I just want a salad when I want an appetizer, pasta entree AND dessert!

Ok, this really only applies if it’s a first date, which is NEVER recommended for Valentine’s Day. But seriously, love me love my horrible eating habits!

4.  I don’t have to feel guilty about throwing out a beautiful bouquet of flowers because my cats will just eat them if I bring them in the house.

Sorry.  My cats are evil, but not geniuses.  They won’t leave flowers alone at all.  It makes me sad to not have flowers in the house, but cleaning up cat puke makes me sadder.

5.  I don’t have to pretend to be excited to watch Die Hard…#1, 2 or 12!

Sorry but this is one area, I’m a total girl!  I WILL fake interest in an action movie every once in a while. But it’s nice to be in control of the remote on Valentines day so I can binge watch romance!

Here are a few movies that might just make my Valentine’s Day playlist:

How Can This Be?

It’s just your average Friday and you’re ready for the weekend when something streams across your Facebook feed that rocks you to your core. No, it’s not religious wars or life threatening illnesses but a photo with a caption that says Tom Selleck is 70. Yup that’s right SEVEN ZERO. SEVEN DECADES old! What?? That can’t even be possible! So you check with ‘the google’ and Wikipedia (hey you want reliable sources you’re in the wrong place buddy) confirms that in fact ‘Monica’s boyfriend’ shares a birthday with your 7 year old but he currently carries an extra 0 behind that age.
Holy wow. I’m simply unable to fathom this despite it’s mathematical verifiability.
Here’s the amazingly well aging Tom today(ish):
tom selleck 70 2015 then and now

For comparison. I’m currently 37. I remember a point in life when I thought that was old. I am CERTAIN I felt that way back when Tom was 37, which was in 1982. He looked like THIS back then:
tom selleck 37 1982 then and now

I’m not really sure why this information is so hard to process. He was a grown man when I was 5. But I think it’s more about how well he’s aged. He doesn’t look 70. Or maybe it’s a realization that 70 is getting younger as I’m getting older. Or maybe it’s simply that it feels…I don’t even know if there’s a word for it but essentially the opposite of cougar-esq to still be in complete love with someone who is 70. Ironically I wasn’t smitten with him in his ‘prime’ in the Magnum PI days, or even really when he was on Friends as Monica’s boyfriend. But today, maybe as a more mature me, I LOVE him on Blue Bloods!


As I mulled this new information over, I considered some of my other “older” heart-throbs.  Apparently Kevin Costner turned 60 this month.  While there are some photos of him looking more 60 than Tom, I still find it hard to believe based on photos like this…kevin costner 60 2015 then and now

But again, more perspective.  Kevin Costner was 37, when he was in (one of my all time favorite movies) Bodyguard in 1992.  I was 15 and completely and thoroughly in love with him looking like this:kevin costner 37 1993 bodyguard then and now

Football Fan Favorites on Netflix #StreamTeam

This post is brought to in partnership with Netflix. All opinions expressed are my own.

football fan favorites films movies netflix streamteam superbowl

If you’re a football fan I don’t need to tell you that’s it is SUPERBOWL week!!!!!  That means it’s time for Food, Friends and FOOTBALL FLIX.  What?  I can’t be the only one who loves a good football movie almost as much as a regular game?  I mean, I must not be or there wouldn’t even be so many great movie choices.

Check out a few of Mary’s (from Mission to Save) Favorite Football Films here.  She definitely picked a couple of my all time favorites!  I mean, I can’t count how many times I’ve watched Sean Astin charge on to the field to the chants of the crowd and it still makes me tear up EVERY TIME!  But I felt like this was just the tip of the iceberg. So I went searching Netflix for more of my favorite football flix. Please note that some of these aren’t suitable for young audiences, so please use your own discretion.

Varsity Blues

more football favorties films family super bowl netflix streamteam varsity blues


Necessary Roughness

more football favorties films family super bowl netflix streamteam necessary roughness



more football favorties films family super bowl netflix streamteam undefeated



Underdogsmore football favorties films family super bowl netflix streamteam underdogs


And if you happen to have the DVD plan from Netflix there are even more favorites:

What are some of YOUR favorite football flix?

Preparing for a Marathon (on Netflix) #StreamTeam

 This post is brought to in partnership with Netflix.  All opinions expressed are my own.


Marathons are TOUGH!  They take a LOT of preparation.  But with a little dedication and the right planning, you TOO can become a marathoner.


netflix marathon

Step 1: Decide what TV series you are going to take on.  A lot of people opt for crowd sourcing for this step.  This works well if you have an eclectic group of friends on social media.  Depending on your experience level you may want to start slow, pick a 2 or 3 season show and work your way up.  If you think you’re really ready for the big time, you can take on my all time favorite…Friends.  All TEN seasons are now on Netflix!  If your social media connects leave you hanging, check out the recommendations on your Netflix.  (I highly recommend using different profiles for each family member or you MIGHT get recommendations for years worth of Power Rangers!)

Step 2: Prepare your supplies.  You’ll want to make sure you have easy to prepare snacks. Having to stop to actually COOK a meal will only slow you down.  Don’t forget plenty of beverages. Hydration is KEY in marathoning.  Just don’t over do it.  Excessive potty breaks will leave you in your friends marathoning dust.

Step 3: Prepare the children.  Now is the time to advise your kids that they are ON THEIR OWN.  Leave out some food for them and they’ll be less likely to slow down your pace.  For optimal marathon speed make sure all their electronics are fully charged and let them have at it.

Step 4: Prepare your viewing area.  You’ll want an ultracomfy location to avoid the dreaded marathoner tush syndrome.  I also suggest having pillows and blankets handy to extend your nonstop marathon.

Step 5: Be sure to keep all your friends informed on your marathon progress via social media.  Bonus points for fun hashtags like #WeWereOnABreak or #JaxIsHot.  Remember if it’s not on Facebook, it didn’t happen!

Step 6: Bask in the glory that is the complete marathon.  Maybe add a window decal to the back window of your car so the world will know how hard you worked.

Step 7: Get some fresh air before beginning the whole process again!


What series have you watched lately?Netflix-Friends-copy

Obviously I’m kidding about SOME of this! 


Dear Opposing Team Sports Mom

sports mom graphicDear Opposing Team Sports Mom,

I saw your whispers. I caught your annoyed glares. And I heard your snide comments. First of all, let me say, I’m sorry you don’t like my enthusiasm or my volume. But go ahead and keep the glares coming because they really only fuel my fire. Maybe next season you’ll be sharing a sideline with me and you’ll feel differently, but if not, that’s ok too. And here’s why…
Does your player ever come off the court/field and ask you, “did you see that….?” Yeah? Probably! Mine very very rarely does. You see, he doesn’t have to! He knows. He knows I’m there. He knows I’m not on my phone or otherwise distracted. He KNOWS I saw that shot/catch/block/etc, because he heard me cheering, LOUDLY! Maybe things would be different if my cheering was met with typical tween embarrassment. But he loves it. It’s the one place he seems to not be completely displeased for people to know that he does in fact have parents and wasn’t hatched from some alien pod. I know this isn’t the case for everyone, but this is OUR thing. I spend countless hours working on extra projects and jobs to afford to pay for sports and many more hours getting him to and from practices and games. He spends hours working hard and giving 110% every chance he gets. So continue to judge if you must, you really won’t steal my thunder, but please do take notice that I have a great appreciation for all the kids who play youth sports. I acknowledge good play regardless of which team it comes from. I value good sportsmanship and effort over a final score any day. And I am teaching my son to do the same. So while you shuffle off, annoyed after a game, you might not notice that I take the time to tell the kids who played hard from BOTH sides, ‘good day.’ I am also the mom who will show up early or stay late to watch the games of kids we know from sharing teams in previous years. It’s all about a love of the game. So if this hour a week is painful for you, again, I’m sorry. But we love it, and we’ll KEEP loving it, loudly and proudly, feel free to pull up a chair and enjoy it with us!

Proud Sports Mom

Check Out Chicago Sites with the Moochie Kalala Detectives Club on WTTW

moochie-kalala-logo_268x64If you’ve been around my blog very much you know that we Chicagoland residence and LOVE the city and especially the many sites and things to see and do including the museums parks etc. Thanks why I was super excited to learn about a new and exciting Chicago-made TV show for kids, Moochie Kalala Detectives Club, on WTTW Channel 11 on Jan. 18 at 11 a.m.

About The Show

Two young kids, Mandy (Evelyn Alumbreros) and Kyle (Gregory Vasquez) form the Moochie Kalala Detectives Club to uncover the truth behind their grandpa’s wild folk stories. Every Saturday, Grandpa (Tim Kazurinsky) comes over and shares a ridiculous story that twists the kids thinking about science. To uncover the real story, the kids head to actual­ Museums, Institutions and Zoos and meet with real scientists, zoologists, archeologists, architects and other experts. Each ½ hour episode combines creative storytelling and ancient myths with real-science, and in process shows kids that they can be both creative and scientific! Age appropriate for families with kids ages 2-12.


Here are the museums featured in the upcoming episodes:

· Episode 1 features the Adler Planetarium with Astrophysicist Mark Hammergren, PhD

· Episode 2 features Museum of Science and Industry with Physicist Dr. Olivia Castellini, PhD

· Episode 3 features Lincoln Park Zoo with Primatologist Dr. Steve Ross, PhD

· Episode 4 features The Field Museum with Paleontologist Bill Simpson

· Episode 5 features Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House with Historical Architect Royce Yeater

· Episode 6 features Shedd Aquarium with Marine Mammals Trainer

Moochie Kalala Detectives Club – premiering on WTTW January 2015 from Dreaming Tree Films & Foundation on Vimeo.

Jabra Headphones from @BestBuy Help With Your New Years Resolution #JabraHeadphonesBBY

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Jabra 3It’s that time again.  Time to recommit to your health goals.  I think that’s always easier to do when it’s fun.  And at least for me, adding music makes every thing more fun.  Admittedly I haven’t been committed to working out at all recently but when I was doing it regularly I almost always listened to music but I always wondered why I couldn’t find wireless ear buds so I didn’t have to be tethered to my phone.  I mean a cord is one level of difficulty when you’re on a bike or treadmill but since I personally loath all things cardio I spent a larger portion of my workouts doing strength work and doing that with a cord was complicated and actually led to me killing a phone. I think these Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds would be awesome to have while working out.



Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless is an all-in-one training solution that combines an in-ear biometric heart rate monitor, immersive Dolby® Digital sound and real-time voice coaching. It’s US Military grade durability certifications will inspire runners, cyclists, and exercisers of all types to beat their best performance.

Jabra 4

With a built-in intelligent app – Jabra Sport Life – exercisers will also get the most out of their Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds, helping them plan, track and evaluate each workout.  It has never been so easy to test fitness levels and aerobic capacity, adjust heart rate zone levels to optimize training, and set goals based on distance, time or calories burned.  Compatible with smartphones with BT capabilities


Get in the Christmas Spirit with Netflix #StreamTeam

 This post is brought to in partnership with Netflix.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Watching holiday movies is a huge part of our family traditions each Christmas season.  There just doesn’t seem to be anything more merry than snugglin under a warm blanket next to a the Christmas tree watching Christmas movies.  And with Netflix there is no shortage of favorites!

 Gear up for the holidays with King Julien’s friends from Madagascar…


1. Merry Madagascar
2. Madly Madagascar
3. The Madagascar Penguins: A Christmas Caper

…or snuggle up with a few holiday favorites:

Curious George
in search of santa

And for teens and parents…

70136120 3360608
70011207 3405887
70140358 9597349

1. Love Actually
2. The Office: S02E10 Christmas Party
3. Christmas with the Kranks
4. Arrested Development: S02E06 Afternoon Delight

Need a fun new ideas for treats to leave the jolly one in red?  Check out these Milk Flutes with Chocolate Chip Cookie Sticks

What are YOUR holiday favorites?

Great Holiday Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List From Best Buy #HintingSeason @BestBuy

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Six ‘Sleeps’ until Christmas!!


That’s how we count down in our house.  Counting down days somehow leaves some room for interpretation and people can’t agree whether we count THE day or not and well with Santa watching, we don’t need any extra reasons to fight!! So sleeps it is.  How many more times will you lay your head on your pillow before Christmas morning.  And really for kids anything more than ONE is too much.  But my kids are always thrilled when it hits single digits.

That however is when the reality really hits me and I feel the need to get serious about getting ready.  We put our tree up Thanksgiving weekend so that’s already done, though many years it isn’t put up until very last minute.  And I have all my shopping done, which is pretty normal for me as I begin shopping right about the time they head back to school.  But if YOU aren’t done shopping, or maybe you need to treat yourself to a little something for under the tree here are some of this years top gifts you can find along with Expert Service and Unbeatable Price at Best Buy right now!


 Xbox One

Xbox One is the place for games. Xbox One was built by gamers, for gamers. With the best exclusive titles (Halo, Sunset Overdrive), the biggest blockbusters (Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty) the hottest sports franchises (Madden 15, FIFA 15, NBA 2K15) and top family titles (Fantasia: Music Evolved, Just Dance 15, Skylanders) Xbox One takes gaming to a whole new level.

In addition to being a great gaming console, Xbox one connects consumers unlike any other device.  Xbox One enables access to the latest TV shows and movies through your favorite apps.  With Xbox One all of your media is at your fingertips when you want it.




JBL Charge 2– Between the twin passive radiators for deep bass, the massive 6000mAh battery and the hands-free conference speakerphone the key benefit is the Bluetooth Social Mode which allows up to three different users to take their turns to play their own playlists on a single speaker.

JBL Flip 2– Aside from the dual performance-tuned JBL drivers and a built-in bass port, the key benefit of the JBL Flip 2 is the SoundClear echo and noise cancellation combined with the state-of the art microphone system to pick up calls on the speaker.

JBL Reflect Earbud headphones–  Sweat proof ergonomic design.  With a 5 hour rechargeable battery and a reach of about 40 feet, the JBL Reflect BT’s key benefit is the design of the ergonomic eartips along with the built-in magnets which keep your buds on standby without loose cables.

GO 50 S - lifestyle

Garmin and TomTom

Featuring Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling, traffic and weather updates.  Lane assist, Lifetime traffic and map updates.   Voice Recognition Technology.

Garmin 52LM

o   5.0” display

o   Maps of 49 U.S. states, plus lifetime map updates1

o   Lane assist with junction view

o   Displays speed limit and accurate arrival time

o   Easily find addresses and millions of points of interest

o   Spoken turn-by-turn directions


Garmin 2597LMT

o   5.0” display

o   Maps of 49 U.S. states, plus lifetime map updates1

o   Lane assist with junction view

o   Displays speed limit and accurate arrival time

o   Easily find addresses and millions of points of interest

o   Spoken turn-by-turn directions


TomTom Go 50s

  • Lifetime TomTom Traffic: Drive with TomTom Traffic for the lifetime of your device
  • Lifetime Maps (US, Canada, Mexico): Always drive with the latest map
  • 3D Maps. See buildings and landmarks in stunning 3D
  • 5″ touchscreen with advanced lane guidance



Give the Gift of @CanonUSAimaging From @BestBuy #HintingSeason #CanonatBestBuy

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Whether you’re ready or not, the holidays are HERE!  While you’re gathered with your family enjoying fabulous food and each others company, it’s a great time to take some photographs of the extended family members you might not see as often as you’d like.  And you don’t want to trust these moments to just anyone.  Best Buy is the ultimate destination for the latest cameras to capture your holiday memories.

Canon Holiday Image

And the Canon EOS Rebel T5i is one of the best-selling DSLRs. This camera makes advanced photography easy and fun, and gives you exceptional image quality, along with a host of features to enhance your creative expression.
•      Capture Hollywood caliber full HD video
•      Continuous autofocus while taking HD video
•      Features an 18.0-megapixel CMOS sensor and a DIGIC 5 image processor to ensure vivid, crystal-clear images.
•      The 3″ vari-angle touch screen simplifies navigation.

Canon Holiday Image 2

Save $150 on the Canon EOS Rebel T5i at Best Buy*. Visit Best Buy to learn more.