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Many of us love Netflix for being able to rewatch our old favorites.  Or to catch up on movies or TV series we missed out on.  But Netflix also has some amazing original series.  You may have heard of Orange is the New Black.  (I have to admit I STILL haven’t watched it.)  And my boys love a recent new original, Richie Rich.

But last week a new Netflix Original from creator Tina Fey debuted. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is literally the funniest thing I have watched in forever.  It’s nostalgic and sarcastic and inspirational all at the same time.

At first glance the theme song made me wonder ‘what in the world?’  Check it out:

But you can’t help but give a show a chance when they’re song includes the line, “Females are strong as hell!”  It wasn’t long into the first episode, which I watched on a very timely day that the quote “I’m always amazed at what woman will do because they’re afraid of being rude,” truck a deep cord.  I am seriously blown away with how this show uses humor to deal with deeper topics and literally turned a horrible day around for me.  I watched 8 episodes that first day. I’m certain I will finish the first season by the end of the week.

Go check it out.  You’ll feel ‘unbreakable’ too!!


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Wordless Wednesday: Basketball Brothers #WW

basketball brothers


Perception, it’s a funny thing. It has been driving me crazy that one of my children is going out of his way to try to fit in at his new school and it’s changing his grades and his behavior. He has made comments that he’s poor and has many times told me about things other kids have or say they have that we don’t stack up with. From the outside I am able to evaluate things objectively and know that while there are many in our new town much better off than we are financially, there are also many who struggle week to week just as I do. It’s frustrating for me that he doesn’t see that and it feels like he is telling me I am not doing enough.
But last night I realized that we all do this. As I sat watching my youngest’s basketball practice I overheard another mom yell at her son’s father for missing something her son did on a few occasions.  I felt some bitterness as I wanted to clue her in on how lucky her and her son are that his father is at every game and that this was just a practice for crying out loud. I felt, and not for the first time, that I don’t really fit in here as a single mom. In our old town it was very common for crowds at events to be largely single moms. Here I feel like the I am not the norm. The truth is I have no clue what anyone’s situation is. There are definitely more fathers involved than in our previous town but I don’t know that the situations of any of these kids any more than I did before we moved.  My perception of reality is clouded with my own feelings of inadequacy.  And I’m thinking that my sons perception is probably routed in a feeling that something is missing but it is likely much deeper than just the design shoes I can’t afford to get him.
I’m not sure how to make either of us feel better about fitting in other than to simply enjoy the friends we do have and stop worrying about it.  But it was a real light bulb moment for me in dealing with my own feelings of how my son has been acting and the things he’s been saying.  It’s amazing how easily with can convince ourselves that our perception is in fact reality.

Wild Kratts Birthday Party

Unlike his brothers the youngest boy is slightly indecisive. The older boys will pick a Halloween costume the day after Halloween for the following year and stay committed to that idea for a whole year. (This is super convenient if I’m able to score a costume super cheap on clearance.) They also pick party themes well in advance and I don’t have to worry about them changing their minds. THIS ONE tho, we went through about 50 ideas before I began working and told him he was committed. The one that stuck was Wild Kratts. I found tons and tons of ideas on pinterest but since it was going to be a small party I didn’t go over board. He got a creature power suit t shirt and we printed a bunch of creature power discs, bought a ton of animal themed snacks and decorated the living room with every animal toy they own.
wild kratts party 1

Thankfully my kids are pretty easy going when it comes to parties (probably because many years we haven’t even had kid parties) because his small party of 5 kids turned out to be just one friend showing up. But they had a blast and it was super easy on me!
wild kratts party 2

Wordless Wednesday: Purrfect #WW

catsofinstagram cat kitty cute cuteness purfect cuddles 1

B’s Birthday

My ‘baby’ celebrated his 7th birthday last week.  He’s been dying for this Toothless Build a Bear so we went and he got to make him. And pick out an outfit for him.

birthday build a bear


Then he picked dinner, his “second favorite restaurant” 5 Guys for burgers.

birthday burger


And his most favorite desert spot Suzy Swirls for fro-yo.  birthday froyo

Not a bad day if you ask me!!

Winter Wonderland My Ass

snow chicago midwest winter shoveling 2015 3  I know I know, I live in Chicago so I shouldn’t complain about snow.  But holy geez we got like 19 inches in just over 24 hours and it was a whole lotta shoveling.  Thankfully I had some help.  When they finished they played in the evil white stuff for a little bit before they were frozen.snow chicago midwest winter shoveling 2015 2snow chicago midwest winter shoveling 2015 1

Saban’s #PowerRangers Dino Charge on Nickelodeon Starts TOMORROW

sabans power rangers dino charge sabans power ranger parents

This post is brought to in partnership with Saban’s Power Rangers.  All opinions expressed are my own.



Yesterday when I picked Bryan up from school I asked my typical question of “How was your day?” He’s typically positive in his reply but this time it was a very emphatic “GOOD!” So I asked what happened that made it good. And he said, “All day I just kept thinking about how the day after tomorrow, the new POWER RANGERS starts!” And he’s right! You know, in the life of a seven year old, there is simply no such thing is too much Power Rangers. So while the DVR is still picking up last seasons episodes, and his Netflix list is full of decades of seasons, the highlight of his week, or maybe his month, is the premier of the new season of Power Rangers, Power Rangers Dino Charge.
power rangers dino charge new february 2015power rangers dino charge new february 2015 2

If you have a Power Rangers fan in your house you’ll definitely want to tune in Saturday February 7th for Dino Charge.  And while you wait you can check out the Deluxe Dino Charge Scanner AppFREE Deluxe Dino Charge Scanner App (Available on: iTunes and Google Play Store).

Where you can morph yourself into your favorite Power Ranger or Zord using 3D face tracking, put yourself in the action and create your own explosive Power Ranger scenes with Dinogram, use the scanner to unlock your Dino Chargers and check out the upcoming Power Rangers Dino Charge toy collection, charge up your Dino score to earn great rewards, unlock coupons for great savings on Power Rangers Dino Charge Toys,  exclusive Power Rangers Dino Charge wallpapers and more great digital content within the app, and watch the exclusive preview of the new Power Rangers Dino Charge theme song.


Bryan is a BIG fan of the Dinogram feature:

dino charge app dinogram power rangers kids photo app


And of course there’s tons of fabulous Power Rangers Dino Charge merchandise so you’re lil ranger can keep the excitement going all week.  My lucky little fan got a sneak peak:

dino charge power ranger birthday promo toys boys kids merchandise


Check back next week for the full info on the great stuff he got!!

And check out the sneak peak trailer here while you wait!























Five Great Things About Not Having a Date on Valentine’s Day #StreamTeam

This post is brought to in partnership with Netflix.  All opinions expressed are my own.

netflix valentines day valentine streaming streamteam rom com romantic comedy single

Five Great Things About Not Having a Date on Valentine’s Day


1.  I don’t have to pretend to love dark chocolate turtles!

Seriously I don’t like dark chocolate and I don’t do nuts in my candy.  Put them both together and you may as well have brought me Lima beans.  But there’s no nice way to say, “Thanks but I can’t choke these down.”

2.  I don’t have to spend hours shopping for the perfect outfit!

As if dressing for any date isn’t an ordeal, the V-Day date takes on a whole new level of stress.  Especially if where we’re going is a “surprise.”

3.  I don’t have to pretend that I just want a salad when I want an appetizer, pasta entree AND dessert!

Ok, this really only applies if it’s a first date, which is NEVER recommended for Valentine’s Day. But seriously, love me love my horrible eating habits!

4.  I don’t have to feel guilty about throwing out a beautiful bouquet of flowers because my cats will just eat them if I bring them in the house.

Sorry.  My cats are evil, but not geniuses.  They won’t leave flowers alone at all.  It makes me sad to not have flowers in the house, but cleaning up cat puke makes me sadder.

5.  I don’t have to pretend to be excited to watch Die Hard…#1, 2 or 12!

Sorry but this is one area, I’m a total girl!  I WILL fake interest in an action movie every once in a while. But it’s nice to be in control of the remote on Valentines day so I can binge watch romance!

Here are a few movies that might just make my Valentine’s Day playlist:

How Can This Be?

It’s just your average Friday and you’re ready for the weekend when something streams across your Facebook feed that rocks you to your core. No, it’s not religious wars or life threatening illnesses but a photo with a caption that says Tom Selleck is 70. Yup that’s right SEVEN ZERO. SEVEN DECADES old! What?? That can’t even be possible! So you check with ‘the google’ and Wikipedia (hey you want reliable sources you’re in the wrong place buddy) confirms that in fact ‘Monica’s boyfriend’ shares a birthday with your 7 year old but he currently carries an extra 0 behind that age.
Holy wow. I’m simply unable to fathom this despite it’s mathematical verifiability.
Here’s the amazingly well aging Tom today(ish):
tom selleck 70 2015 then and now

For comparison. I’m currently 37. I remember a point in life when I thought that was old. I am CERTAIN I felt that way back when Tom was 37, which was in 1982. He looked like THIS back then:
tom selleck 37 1982 then and now

I’m not really sure why this information is so hard to process. He was a grown man when I was 5. But I think it’s more about how well he’s aged. He doesn’t look 70. Or maybe it’s a realization that 70 is getting younger as I’m getting older. Or maybe it’s simply that it feels…I don’t even know if there’s a word for it but essentially the opposite of cougar-esq to still be in complete love with someone who is 70. Ironically I wasn’t smitten with him in his ‘prime’ in the Magnum PI days, or even really when he was on Friends as Monica’s boyfriend. But today, maybe as a more mature me, I LOVE him on Blue Bloods!


As I mulled this new information over, I considered some of my other “older” heart-throbs.  Apparently Kevin Costner turned 60 this month.  While there are some photos of him looking more 60 than Tom, I still find it hard to believe based on photos like this…kevin costner 60 2015 then and now

But again, more perspective.  Kevin Costner was 37, when he was in (one of my all time favorite movies) Bodyguard in 1992.  I was 15 and completely and thoroughly in love with him looking like this:kevin costner 37 1993 bodyguard then and now