Awesome Apps to Help Organize Your Life

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There’s probably a pretty good chance that you’re reading this article on your smart phone. If you’re looking for ways to better organize your life, you’re in luck. There are plenty of apps for smart phones that make it easy to get organized in all aspects of your life. Take it one step at a time, and you’ll quickly be on your way to a more efficient and better-organized lifestyle. Check out for more ways to organize your life and home.

Pocket Money

Pocket Money is a fantastic free app for people who want to better track their spending. Basically, the app syncs with all your accounts (whether it’s savings, checking, credit card, or even cash) and tracks the spending on each account. It then lets you sync that information with another device like a computer, so you can easily see where your money is going and make adjustments if you have to.


A lot of people use their smart phones to make grocery lists these days, as it’s easy to quickly jot down a reminder to pick up whatever you need. But the app GroceryPal turns a trip to the supermarket into a super efficient expedition that will save you lots of time. Simply create a grocery list within the app, and the app will organize what’s on your list and sort it by aisle. You’ll save a lot of time since you’re no longer trekking back and forth through the store. You can also set the app up to sync with local stores, so you can find the cheapest prices for everything on your list. Saving time and money with a free app, now that’s a good idea!

Pageonce Bills

If you’re the bill payer in your household, keeping track of when each bill is due can be confusing. If you aren’t completely on top of it, you might end up paying unnecessary late fees that are totally avoidable. Pageonce Bills lets you sync and track all of your bills inside of the app, so you can easily view your statements and track your payments. You can even set reminders so you receive a message whenever a bill is due.


If your business requires meeting a lot of new people, the app Cardmunch will help you out tremendously. With Cardmunch, you can easily use your phone’s camera to scan business cards and keep them in one easy database. By scanning a card, you convert it into a contact on your phone, making it much easier to recall the information should you need to contact that person. You can also easily email the person or call them, directly from the app.


If your family tends to be a little bit dysfunctional when it comes to things like remembering dentist appointments or picking up some milk from the store, Cozi will be a welcomed app. Cozi is a family calendar app that syncs with everybody in your family’s phone, so you won’t hear anymore excuses. You can also send messages through the app to the rest of your family.

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