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Many of us love Netflix for being able to rewatch our old favorites.  Or to catch up on movies or TV series we missed out on.  But Netflix also has some amazing original series.  You may have heard of Orange is the New Black.  (I have to admit I STILL haven’t watched it.)  And my boys love a recent new original, Richie Rich.

But last week a new Netflix Original from creator Tina Fey debuted. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is literally the funniest thing I have watched in forever.  It’s nostalgic and sarcastic and inspirational all at the same time.

At first glance the theme song made me wonder ‘what in the world?’  Check it out:

But you can’t help but give a show a chance when they’re song includes the line, “Females are strong as hell!”  It wasn’t long into the first episode, which I watched on a very timely day that the quote “I’m always amazed at what woman will do because they’re afraid of being rude,” truck a deep cord.  I am seriously blown away with how this show uses humor to deal with deeper topics and literally turned a horrible day around for me.  I watched 8 episodes that first day. I’m certain I will finish the first season by the end of the week.

Go check it out.  You’ll feel ‘unbreakable’ too!!


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  1. That’s a coincedence, because that is what I am watching RIGHT NOW! I just wanted to put something on Netflix to watch while I blog, and that was a suggestion, and I’ve watched 4 episodes so far! It is pretty funny! I’m sure it will get some criticism, but you just have to realize it is not meant to be a serious drama, it is supposed to be sort of silly. And I do love Kimmy and her kind heart and positive outlook!

  2. We watched the entire series and loved it!!! I seriously reference lines from that show all the time right now.

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