Blinc Mascara and Eyeline Review

I find it ironic that I somehow ended up to be the ‘girly girl’ in my group of friends.  Having not mastered the air of ’round brushing’ until my mid thirties and still trying to figure out how to polish the nails on my right hand, I’m not exactly a beauty or style guru.  I actually spend many of my days sans make up.  But when I do wear make up, I want it to last.  My biggest pet peeve is taking the time to do my make up and then looking in the mirror when I arrive an event to find it all but gone.  This is especially frustrating for me when I’m attending blogger events where tons of photos are taken and shared on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  My eyes are one of the few things I love about myself (physically) and I like to play them up.  But when my eye make up ends up smudged down my face, it’s not really helping me look or feel my best.  So when I heard chatter about Blinc on Facebook I had to check it out. I read the website, I watched the videos.  And then I asked if I could do a review for them.

Lucky for me, they said YES.  And they sent me Blinc Mascara Amplified and Blinc Eyeliner Pencil to try.  They also have another Mascara and several other eyeliner types as well as primers, enhancers and accessories.


I admit, I’m pretty lucky in the eyelash department.  This is me sans makeup.  I have noticeable, decent lashes.  Some friends have told me over the years that they are jealous of my lashes.  But  for me, more is always better in the lash department.

blinc mascara review before


This is the difference with a light application of Blinc.  You can layer it for additional length and fullness if you need to.  For me the biggest change is that I NEVER put mascara on my bottom lashes or I end up looking like I just went three rounds with a heavy weight champ.  But with Blinc I trusted their no smudge claims and tried in on the bottom lashes.    I also applied Blinc eyeliner on the top lid here.  I like the eyeliner pencil, it goes on very smoothly and I think it might even make me brave enough to try a smokey eye eventually.

blinc mascara review


I was very happy with the look of Blinc.  It gave my eyes the pop I want.  But the thing that wins my new devotion to Blinc mascara….it really doesn’t come off.  This is aftr a full day of normal wear.  There is no smudging, no eye gook….

blinc mascara review al day wear


But to put it to a REAL test, after a full day of wear, I did some massive cleaning.  Yeah, this is me posting a picture of myself sweating on my blog…just to prove to you that despite me literally dripping with sweat, my mascara never moved!!  I’m sold!  Seriously.  I tossed all my other mascara out!

blinc mascara water sweat resistant

I didn’t think to take pictures of removing it but maybe I’ll add some later.  It’s super easy.  I use a wet washcloth and it comes right off.  And unlike regular mascara, it rinsing right off your washcloth.


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  1. I NEED this mascara!

  2. I used this brand a few years ago and really liked it!

  3. I am always looking for ways to extend my lashes. They are not long or full enough.

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