Bryan at 2 months old

My BIG boy was 2 months old on March 29th.
And he went to the Dr for his two month check up on April 2nd. He is off the chart for his weight now at a whopping 16 pounds. And let me tell you, if you hold him for any length of time you will feel everyone of those pounds!!

He seems to be right on track for all of his development milestones.

He is tooo cute and is really starting to smile and develop his own little personality. Unfortunately that personality is much needier than either of the other two boys ever were. He does NOT let us put him down too often. During the day he even prefers to be held while he sleeps. Luckily, he is getting into somewhat of a routine at night. Not that he’s sleeping anywhere close to through the night. But on average he goes to sleep somewhere between 11-1 and sleeps until somewhere between 3-4am. He gets up and eats and once he’s gas free (this sometimes takes close to an hour) he will go right back to sleep until about 7 or 7:30.


  1. What a smile!

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