Most Huggable Baby Week 1

Most of you will probably have heard about this from me directly in email but just in case…

Bryan is in a Most Huggable baby contest for a local radio station. The contest runs for 4 weeks, with one weekly winner week and then a final winner chosen from those 4 babies. Voting for this week began today. Anyone can vote, though you do have to register on their site (they DO give you the option whether you want to recieve info from them) and each individual can vote once per day.

I’m hoping that all my friends/family will take a few minutes each day to vote for him. And possibly ask any friends you know who’d also be willing to vote.

The link for this week is here: Baby Contest Polls – 93.9 WLIT-FM

And for the record

And just for the record, I must not have been knocking on REAL wood last week because I am once again back to living like a zombie. Bryan has been super fussy the last couple days, spending the later part of the evening screaming no matter what we do. He’s been up until at least 1am for the last two nights and waking twice before 8 am.

No More Happy Meal toys!

Tom just called me. apparently my kids think they are squirrels or something and have been storing their TOYS for winter. Tom walked into their room to get something and noticed Johnny about to drop a toy spoon into the heat register. When he looked there were already items in there. He said he dug a ton of stuff out but could not reach it all and will have to pull apart the vent from the basement to reach the rest but there were lots of toys, tech deck skateboards CDs in there that he could get too. Like there isn’t enough stuff in our house that is torn apart!
I am just not sure why they would do that. After the first time, when you realize that toy is now gone why would you keep putting stuff in there!?!?!?!?!
So now Tom says absolutely no more McDonald’s happy meal toys and there will be no more toys at all that will fit in the slot of a register. I suppose its helping us get an early start on getting the toys baby proofed again…but geez it’s always something at our house!!!!

>>>Knock on Wood<<<

Yeah, I’m definitely knocking on wood before I post this one.

But it seems that my monster eater baby may actually be getting into a bit of a schedule at night. OK its certainly not my IDEAL schedule but it’s worlds better than waking 3 times between midnight and 7 am. But for the last several nights he has eat at about 10/10:30 and although he refuses to go right to sleep, he isn’t eating again until about 5 am. It would be even better if he’d be willing to sleep from 10-5 but we’ll get there, I hope. But at least at this point he’s going to sleep around midnight. And at least this way Tom stays up with him while I go to be around 11 and then I deal with the 5am feeding and we’re both able to get a semi decent amount of solid sleep. Its amazing what a difference 6 uninterrupted hours of sleep makes.

But I better knock on wood again, just in case!

Mixed Emotions

Why is it that sometimes even when we get what we want, we’re still not happy about it!?!?!

I have known several other moms that have gone through this same experience, so I know I’m not alone and that its not simply some postpartum hormonal thing. But today I took Johnny (turned 4 in December) to our school districts Speech Therapist for an evaluation. I actually took him last year as well but then they said he was doing fine for his age. But nothing has has really changed since then so when we went to his pediatrician for his 4 year check up, the Dr again suggested an evaluation. So anyway, today was his appointment. We arrived just as all the preschool students arrived and filled the hallway where we were waiting for the therapist. So when she came down to meet us, Johnny really wouldn’t talk to her. I don’t if he was overwhelmed or still nervous that I had been lying to him and that he might actually be getting more shots at this “appointment.” But I started to worry that he may not cooperate for this evaluation. But once we got into her room where it was quiet. He pretty quickly opened up. They went through a book of photos of a puppy with many different items and she asked what the items were or what the puppy was doing. It took about 15 minutes and he stayed focused and answered all her questions very well. And just as I suspected, he does now qualify for speech therapy. Just wanted I wanted, right? So why am I so bummed about it??
I don’t know but I do know he needs it and she was very sure that he would progress very quickly once we get started. He will go 2 times a week for a half an hour. But because we have to take him there and its only during school hours, it will wait until the fall. There are less than two months left of school and I just don’t see how I can fit getting him there into my schedule and still spend anytime at work. Hopefully by the fall we’ll have 2 working vehicles and it won’t be an issue at all. In the mean time she is going to get some information together for us to be working on at home until the fall.


You know I didn’t really think that 30 was anywhere too close to being too old to have a baby, I mean really Tom is 46! But toting Bryan around is kicking my butt. I have GOT to start working out to get into shape or he’s going to kill me. Last night when I went to move him from laying in my arm to up on my shoulder, something snapped in the other shoulder. And it still hurts like crazy today. I’ve been trying to work it out and it will feel OK but then when I am just trying to do normal things it will hit a position that practically brings tears to my eyes. Hope this passes FAST!

I don’t know that this does him justice, he got crabby before I could get a full body shot that included his big ole thighs but thought I’d include a pic to show what my Big guy looks like at over 16 pounds!


Since we scheduled Bryan’s baptism I have assumed he would wear the outfit that both of the other boys wore. It was a cute little white tuxedo my mom had bought for Timmy. He was a pretty big boy himself and the thing says its a size 6-9 month so I figured I was pretty safe. But the night before last I pulled it out to try it on. I immediately notice its has a spit up stain on it I hadn’t remembered but figure I still have time to get it cleaned. But then when I try it on there is just no way its able to button around chubbies chins!
So yesterday I head to Baby Depot, which is where my mom got the original tux. Apparently these things are sized a bit different because for them a 9-12 month size is for 16-20 pounds. So my 2 month old will be wearing a 12month size outfit. And the only thing they had in that size was a tux with tails and cumber bun! Its super cute but its a bit much, especially compared to what I will be wearing. But I went ahead and got it. I tried it on him when I got home. The cumber bun is too big and the pants could be hemmed a good 6 inches. But it will work and he looks sooo cute.


OK so I’ve obviously known for awhile that I was outnumbered gender wise. And it’s been awhile now since I’ve realized that boys are really and truly just wired different. They have a sense of humor, those of us of the female form just don’t seem to get. But I have to admit I was still a little surprised when my newest little man reminded me of this the other day.
I’m sitting in bed with the older boys reading their bedtime stories when I begin to heard some odd noises. Upon further review…it’s my oh so graceful husband belching at my 2 month old son who is in turn laughing the first real laughs of his life. YES son #3 finds gas hysterical ALREADY!
I am definitely going to have to get a female pet or something!
##edited to include a photo of his enjoyment of gas##

Timmy and Johnny news

My big boys seem to have adjusted fairly well to their baby brother. They both enjoy him and for the most part are fairly patient with having the attention divided one more way. Our biggest struggle with Timmy is that he doesn’t smother Bryan with all his love and hugs.

Aside from that the boys haven’t been up to a whole lot until recently.

Timmy is in his last year of preschool which he absolutely loves and was not happy when he had to take a whole week off for spring break. He is such a smarty pants too. He keeps busy at home by coloring and working on work books pretty often. Of course he spends a good amount of time driving his brother crazy and also spending time with his new love, my old N64 video game unit, which Tom hooked up to an old TV and put in their bedroom. They have had V Smile games for a while but this is the first time they’ve played much “real” video games. But whenever possible he’d rather be outside or out at a play land, where he’s really gotten to be quite social and makes friends where we go with other kids (or at least tries). But he is still a constant ball of energy and tends to drive us a bit nutty on a daily basis. For that reason and in hopes of him finding some self control, both boys started martial arts last week. They are going here Master’s Martial Arts if you’re interested. They instructor has a doctorate in Theology so its martial arts with a Christian twist. The boys seem really excited about it so we’ll see how they do.
And next month they will both start T Ball practice, which is always a good time to watch!
Aside from the above, Johnny is pretty much home. He has not yet started preschool. Although he swears he wants to he can’t until he figures out the whole potty issue which we’re still struggling with. He’s not exactly where I’d expect him to be with writing or recognizing letter etc but its certainly not a lack of intelligence. He’s a smart guy, just not too interested in learning that stuff like Timmy was. He’s much rather curl up with you and be read to or watch a movie together. He is still having some issues with speech too. There are several sounds that he just does not make and as he’s starting to talk more and more and faster and faster its actually getting tougher sometimes to understand him. So we’re going back for another speech evaluation this week at the school.

Bryan at 2 months old

My BIG boy was 2 months old on March 29th.
And he went to the Dr for his two month check up on April 2nd. He is off the chart for his weight now at a whopping 16 pounds. And let me tell you, if you hold him for any length of time you will feel everyone of those pounds!!

He seems to be right on track for all of his development milestones.

He is tooo cute and is really starting to smile and develop his own little personality. Unfortunately that personality is much needier than either of the other two boys ever were. He does NOT let us put him down too often. During the day he even prefers to be held while he sleeps. Luckily, he is getting into somewhat of a routine at night. Not that he’s sleeping anywhere close to through the night. But on average he goes to sleep somewhere between 11-1 and sleeps until somewhere between 3-4am. He gets up and eats and once he’s gas free (this sometimes takes close to an hour) he will go right back to sleep until about 7 or 7:30.