Crazy Cat Wordless Wednesday w/Linky 8-28-13 #WW

Can you guess where our cat, Rocky, has decided is now his favorite place to nap?crazy cat kitten sink silly pets 3 wordless wednesday post

crazy cat kitten sink silly pets 1 wordless wednesday post

Yup he thinks the sink is a good place to relax.  He’s startled me a few times now as I stumble into the bathroom half asleep in the early morning.

crazy cat kitten sink silly pets 2 wordless wednesday post

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  1. Silly kitty!! David still asks when we can see the babies again. I keep telling him they are no longer babies!

  2. I love it and seriously got such a giggle from seeing your cat in your sink. And thanks for linking up with the Mommy Blog Hoppers. Totally happy to link back up with you, too!!

  3. It’s funny how they always chose the sink to sleep in!

  4. What a strange place to want to hang out for a cat.

    • I don’t know if it’s cuz it’s cool and the weather is hot but it doesn’t look or sound at all comfortable to me.

  5. Interesting bed!!!! LOL.

  6. Lovely! Tsunami & Legend love lounging in the sinks too (although they barely fit!)

  7. I love how much cats love sinks! It’s so funny!

  8. Hari OM
    I’m guessing it’s a cool place to hang out…?! He’s a totally gorgeous kitty.

  9. I had 2 cats for 16 and 18 years and they loved to sleep in the bathrooms sink. One was so huge he completely filled the sink. They love to be in tight places, the silly’s. Great WW to you.

  10. I am on the kitty’s side. He looks much too cute in the sink not to be.

    Thanks for hosting.


  11. LOL he looks soooo content

    I keep getting a strange voiceover repeating “This content is currently unavailable”

  12. Oh, Rocky is CUTE!!! Our cat, Beast, likes to sleep in the sink. Another, Louie, likes to sleep in the bathtub. I think it’s because the sink is cool.

  13. Can’t go wrong with cats!! Happy WW

  14. Rhonda @Laugh-Quotes says

    Maybe he wants a bath.

  15. Awwwwwwww! I want a cat!

  16. None of my cats have ever slept in the sink, but I have had 2 that would only drink out of the sink!

  17. Oh my, how is that even comfortable?

  18. Haha! Cats are hilarious. Mine also likes the sink…and the side of the tub…and inside the bathtub. Weirdo cat!

  19. It’s a good thing you don’t have a leaky faucet.

  20. My girls thought this was hilarious. I think it is just too cute. Now…try to give him a bath in there. What would happen then?

  21. Oh my!! Too adorable.

  22. He’s so cute! He looks like are kitty!

  23. Cats do the darndest things, we have one that is always doing something crazy

  24. Aww, little cute cat. 🙂

  25. He is adorable. My cat (Bella) loves to sleep under the blankets at night time with my husband and I. They sure can be silly.

  26. What a cutie pie. It seems as if all kitties go through a sleeping in the sink phase. At least, most of us did. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  27. HUmmm looks like he is Comfortable!!!
    Thanks for sharing

  28. Looks like someone is having fun playing in the sink,

  29. Ha! Why do so many cats love the sink?!

  30. Cute! My childhood kitty used to do the same thing. ^.^

    ♥ aquariann
    Featured Treasury: Butterfly Beauties

  31. What a cutie 😉

  32. Adorable! We had a kitten who slept in his litter box….. only on the clean areas!

  33. Awesome photos! It’s a good thing that cats are just too cute with all their crazyness.
    Thanks for stopping by Search With Vonni and linking up…
    ~Search With Vonni

  34. Our used to do that until she got a little bigger… sweet!

  35. Rocky is gorgeous! Cats are super smart, I think they may sleep in a sink because it is nice and cool. We have two kitties and as of yet none have taken to sleeping in the sink, although I hear it is very common.

  36. What a sweet cat!!!

  37. That’s got to be the best place ever to take naps! Thank you for hosting this great party. Please stop by and join us on our Tuesday Brag About It Party. Link and Hop with BeBetsy

    ~~Thanks, Sharon & Denise BeBetsy

  38. I had a cat who use to do the same thing. LOL. I think they like the shape and coolness of the sing materials

  39. That’s hilarious! Our cat has never napped in a sink, but she does pick some funny places to sleep some days!

  40. Pretty sure that would startle the heck out of me too!

  41. My cats love sleeping the the sinks too!

  42. Cats are hilarious. They hate baths, but love to lounge in a sick. Now, where’s the logic in that? Thanks for visiting & joining the WW linky party!

  43. Aww – LOL, that’s pretty awesome. Cats are such stinkers! But ya gotta love ’em. 🙂

  44. visiting from wordless wednesday.

    Emma and Buster

  45. Love it! We have a cat that loves to lay in our bathroom sink too, but he’s so big that he hardly fits in it!

  46. I love kitten pictures- thanks for sharing!

  47. My cat loves the sink in the summertime, too

  48. This is just adorable and reminds me of a cat my mother used to have. He always lounged in her sink.

  49. OMG, I want that cat, he’s so adorable and those eyes, gorgeous.

  50. Wait until someone soaks him one time 🙂

  51. I love his coloring! My cat loves cardboard boxes for sleeping in.

  52. Aweeee he’s beautiful! My two boys like to hang out in the sink too! LOL 🙂

  53. LOL! That’s adorable! I have never seen a cat sleep in a sink.

  54. What a sweet kitty, he looks so comfortable! I bet the sink feels nice and cool!

  55. Aww, Rocky is gorgeous. We cats, love the coolness of the sink, especially when our owners are kind enough to warn us before they turn the water on. 🙂

  56. We have an orange kitty just like that at my work!! Thanks for sharing and linking up with The BOAT!

  57. thanks for this article

  58. thanks

  59. Hi!
    Such a cute kitty.
    Found you through “Showing Some Love Hump Day”. Now following you via G+, Facebook, and Twitter. Looking forward to reading your blog posts!!!
    Have a great weekend 🙂
    Bismah @

  60. QUICK Hit record and turn on the tap.

  61. I love orange kitties! Adorable!

  62. It must be because of the sink being so cool to chill out in 🙂

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