dang it

A friend of ours from church has a daughter who is too stinking cute. So cute, in fact, that she just won Little Miss Illinois. Now she’s off to the national competition and for that she needs some new photos. Because her mom likes the photos I take of the boys she asked if I would take these photos for her. I was totally honored and excited to do this. So this Sunday we went to this cute little park by our church, which is also where we went to do wedding party photos when Tom and I got married. She looked super cute and was so tough in the chilly wind in her sleeveless dresses. But I am so disappointed with how the photos came out simply because of how bright the sun was! We’re going to redo the photos because these just aren’t the quality she needs, and aren’t exactly what I need to be doing if I’m ever going to seriously get into photography.

But I’m hoping maybe if I post these I can someday (hopefully sooner than later) look back and be so proud of the progress I’ve made and how much I’ve learned in this area.

Of course she is still adorable and a fabulous model as you can see…


  1. I see what you mean. You had some great poses, but it does look like the sun and wind were not cooperating with you. How frustrating! I took some awesome pics of Kaya recently and couldn’t wait to see them on the computer. But when I looked at them, they were so dark that they were useless. It’s heartbreaking!

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