Dear President and First Lady Obama

Dear President and First Lady Obama,
My name is Lisa Noel and I am a full time working mom to three boys.  My two older boys have just begun their 2nd and 3rd grade school year and we have been having issue with them having enough time to eat lunch.  You see my boys are super active (something I am sure the First Lady will be thrilled to hear considering her work on the Let’s Move campaign) and as a result are skinny little bean poles.  But they are able to consume a surprising amount of food.  And I’m pretty sure we can all agree that to get through a 7+ hour day, proper nutrition is a must.  So it was shocking to me when I asked my friends on Facebook how long their kids had to eat lunch and got an overwhelming responce of NOT LONG enough.
See below (I have blocked out names and photos since they didn’t ask to be part of my soapbox):
But this is just a couple hours of responses from just a few friends who happened to see my post.  This is so disappointing to me.  Could THIS be the answer to much of the problems in our schools?  Are our kids just starving?
While I seriously doubt this is the only (or even the biggest) problem and I have a feeling this will be just the first in a series of thoughts I have to share with you, I think it seems like a GLARING problem that can not be that impossible to fix.  I know you are very busy people with an entire country to look after, but these our kids.  The kids we send off for long days at school hoping they will learn and grow to be tomorrow’s leaders but we can’t even give them the respect of enough time to eat a lunch.  These kids have their entire lifetime to be rushed and stressed out and not eating properly, but I’m hoping that someone can tell me who I need to talk to start the work to see that our kids are allowed the simple right to have the TIME to eat a healthy lunch.

Lisa Noel, concerned parent

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