Again, its not exactly Easter anymore but figured I’d put pictures and a bit about what we did to be able to look back on.

Our Easter this year was total chaos and also a really quiet day. In the morning the boys woke up fairly early, excited to see what the bunny had brought them during the night. After making them stay in my bedroom while I wiped the sleep from my eyes and grabbed the camera they were allowed to start searching for eggs. They did pretty good, I think there was only one we found two weeks later. (Luckily we use plastic eggs!) The eggs were filled with both chocolate and money. After getting to rip through their baskets to see what else they’d got (more candy and they each got a movie~ The Bee Movie and Enchanted) they of course wanted to eat some candy. After having a breakfast of chocolate doughnuts I didn’t think more chocolate was wise at 8am. But Tom asked if I was allowed to eat my candy on Easter morning…OK fine. Just don’t anyone eat enough to throw up please. But THEN we had to try to switch gears and get everyone dressed and out of the house to go to church. That was where the fun stopped. It got pretty ugly before we made it out the door and didn’t get particularly better at church either. But we all survived through service (the boys only go to service on Christmas and Easter, otherwise they are in Sunday School during worship).
Then the quiet art started. We ALL crawled into my bed and started The Bee Movie. I saw the first 30 seconds or so. But I’m told its a cute movie. I slept away the next 3 hours. Finally I got up and we went out to dinner at Applebee’s. The original plan was to go to my mom’s but she was feeling really sick from chemo still so that was called off. And I’m not exactly Rachel Ray and I really don’t do holiday meals so Thank God for Applebee’s.
So anyway here’s some pics:
Look what the bunny left in MY basket 🙂

Bryan slept through all the egg and basket excitement.

All three boys with their eggs
Bryan is his outfit for church

Timmy and Johnny

Timmy and Bryan
Johnny and Bryan


  1. The “baby in a basket” picture is adorable. What a cute idea! And the picture of Bryan sleeping is beautiful.

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