Flag Football Kicks Off On A High Note

Timmy has a very busy schedule already with tackle football in addition to band, student council and robotics. But he’s been dying to be part of a sports team for his school so although it makes for some crazy days when Flag Football came up and didn’t conflict with tackle, we agreed he could play. Yesterday was their first game.
timmy flag football huddle


The first half of the game went along with no score, and no Timmy on the field.  This was a little surprising since it had sounded like he was doing so well in practice.  But after the game he told me they have two sets of starters each with their own sets of plays and this day was simple the other sets day.  But after the start of the second half, though he has never practiced at center the center asked for a break and the coach asked Timmy if he could do it.  With a VERY quick lesson on centering on the side line, in he went.

timmy flag football center


Because of the rules of flag football versus tackle pretty much all the players are eligible receivers, including the center.   And that’s exactly what Timmy did.  His reception was also a literal last second game winning touch down reception!  Pretty darn cool for his first school sport experience!!

timmy flag football game winner touchdown


I thought it called for a celebratory dinner so we headed to HuHot, one of our faves.  Of course there was much game talk on the way to and at dinner.  Some cockier comments like “I bet Ms C is glad she took my sports physical form late NOW!” made me laugh out loud.  (You’d have to know all the drama we went through with that form to fully appreciate that one.)  But overall he talked a lot about how he wouldn’t have had the chance for the game winning score if it wasn’t for one kid’s interception or another kid’s great run down the field to put them in scoring position.  I think I’m even prouder of his great attitude than the fact that he actually got that touch down.

timmy flag football game winner touchdown celebration

 Here’s to a continued good flag football season!




  1. What an exciting first game experience! Good for him!

  2. How fun! My lil guy’s first baseball game is today. 🙂

  3. Very exciting and I hope that he has a great season! That meal looks delicious also.

  4. Flag football will surely create such wonderful childhood memories!

  5. Looks like he had a blast. So happy and I hope you enjoys the season. 🙂

  6. It looks like he had a blast!

  7. Game winning touchdown is a great way to start the season!

  8. Heck yes! Looks like a blast! And finishing with yummy food!

  9. looks like he loves it!

  10. Great start to a wonderful season – best of luck.

  11. Good luck with the season

  12. I love flag football games. The boys always have so much fun with it.

    Good luck for the rest of the season!

  13. Awww! Looks like he had fun!

  14. How fun!! I can’t wait until my son is old enough to play organized sports

  15. Good job Mama 🙂 It’s so great to see how involved he wants to be. And HuHot for a celebratory dinner…yes please! (we need to find a local one around where we moved to here, we had 2 in close proximity to our old home and loved eating there, but I haven’t found one here yet 🙁 )

  16. YUM YUM!

    Thanks for linking up with MBH this week.

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