gimme a break

This morning we woke with the intentions of all attending a pool birthday party and then a house warming (sort of) party together. But before long Bryan had ‘blown out’ two diapers. So, we decided against taking him to a POOL party, since I didn’t want to be responsible for a pool having to be shut down. Of course then he didn’t do again all day, but, better safe then sorry. So the big boys and I went to the parties. We had a GREAT day. On the way home we picked up a movie and some popcorn. It seemed like a PERFECT day…

Then Timmy made THE face. The face that lets me know he needs to get into the bathroom. He proceeded to (by the sounds of it) get rid of EVERYthing he’d eaten or drank during the day. He quietly watched the rest of the movie and then we got ready for bed. He was grumping a little bit but I didn’t think much of it. Until I turned off the light and wasn’t able to even sit down when I heard him. ALL OVER HIS BED. From one end to the other!!! He hasn’t done this in several years. So after cleaning it up, I had him sleep on the floor…just in case the need arose again.

I just wish we could have one good day withOUT a down side.



  1. Oh man – that just ROTS! I think I’d rather deal with the projectile vomit we had goin’ on over here thankyouverymuch.

    Hope everyone is feeling better, soon!

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