Gingerbread House Fail!

In case you were, as I was, discouraged by the beautiful gingerbread house photos I shared yesterday (view post here), I hope today will make you feel better about your own attempts to master the gingerbread house.

FYI you really need to use quite a bit of icing to hold the walls together! Like double what you think is enough, than add some more! At least that’s what I’ve found in my completely unprofessional experience!
This isn’t mine but it very well could be. The sliding icing is a frequent occurrence in our creations!
There MIGHT be a good reason this one isn’t totally perfect! I’m just guessing though!

And lastly, these little houses which I believe are actually made out of graham crackers and not gingerbread aren’t horrible at all but for me simply remind me that sometimes…less is more!

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