Let the games begin…

Well, technically the GAMES won’t begin for weeks, but last night kicked off this years baseball season for my little sluggers with their first practice.

I wasn’t thrilled with how it went AT ALL, but I will try hard to keep an open mind and look at the positive that my boys did GREAT. Timmy is a natural and given the opportunity will shine like crazy. And Johnny tried his absolute hardest. And Aaron Bryan made friends with a super cute little girl who’s sister is on the team, but she could NOT remember that his name was Bryan and NOT Aaron!!

**Edited to add, thanks to my lovely friend Shawna who mentioned her daughter starting in sports and her concern with it and how kids with ADHD do with team sports.  I wanted to add my personal experience, take it for what you will but I hope maybe it can help someone.
As I think most of you know, my kids are both finally well managed during the day with medication.  however we see the effects end about 6pm and practice and then games will be at 6:45 so we’ll be struggling a bit ourselves.  Yesterday Timmy did struggle (for him) with staying 100% in the game but I was very please with how Johnny did (he isn’t on any afternoon dose) as far as staying aware of the game.  This is especially important as they get older because safety becomes more and more of an issue as the kids are hitting and throwing harder!   But we’ve had them in baseball/tball since they were 4 so I believe some of it is simply routine, something that’s extra important for kids with ADHD!  Some of it comes just with age.  But I totally believe that much of it comes with a true love of a game.  We’ve really struggled harder and longer with Johnny.  I was beginning to think that it was simply him not being a sports guy, even though he insists each year that he wants to play, but then we put him in soccer and we could see the intensity.  It was a whole different world, not that he’s overly talented, but just that he was truly invested because he really wanted to play.   So my thoughts, if your kids want to play sports give it a try.  Do your best to learn about the sport so you can help them.  Kids with ADHD WILL have trouble with group instruction, especially if they’re young and the other kids on the team aren’t paying 100% attention either.  Work on what you can and then focus on the fun stuff.  And if at first they don’t succeed…try try again…assuming they want to.  The first two years Johnny played he pretty much LIVED in the sand.  It was a little frustrating to be honest because he insisted he wanted to do it.  But don’t be afraid to try other things if they have interest.  And last but certainly not least, be ready to have a bit of a hard shell.  This is one I’m not good at.  But when you’re kids are in team sports, that means you’ll be surrounded by sports parents and sometimes they aren’t so thrilled to have less than superstar athletes for their kids teammates, even at the tball level!!!

Photo from last season.


  1. That’s funny about the name mixup. Glad they all had so much fun. Kaya starts soccer for the first time in a few weeks. Crossing my fingers! Team sports are hard for a child with ADHD.

  2. I have the same issue with my son and playing in the dirt constantly at tball. Thankfully the only person it drives crazy is me! I have to remember that if he loves it at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. It’s always nice to know I’m not the only one dealing with it!

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