Live Shark Encounter comes to Chicago for Aquatic Experience November 15-17, 2013


This looks like a great way to spend a fun and educational day as a family for a reasonable price.  I think my boys would love the live shark encounter.  My only worry is them sharing our deep dark family secrets of our experience with fish as pets!image001

The World Pet Association(WPA) announced today that the only traveling shark show in the country, Haai Inc’s Live Shark Encounter,  will be among the unique exhibits on view at its inaugural Aquatic Experience – Chicago show, Nov. 15-17, 2013. Attendees will get to see sharks up close as a diver provides entertaining and educational information before entering a specially designed 5,000-gallon tank to swim and interact with these awe-inspiring animals. Additionally, a Great White Shark Museum on site will provide more details and artifacts on display, including a replica of the Carcharodon Megalodon Jaws (an ancient meat-eating 60-foot shark).

Aquatic Experience – Chicago is the first show in industry history to combine everything aquatic under one roof—from saltwater and freshwater fish and pond. Consumers, retailers and families can hear from National Geographic’s Monster Fish host Zeb Hogan industry’s best and trend-setting manufacturers. In addition to Hogan, many experts in the field will be available on-site at to meet in person and share their enthusiasm for the underwater world. Tickets are on sale now for Aquatic Experience – Chicago at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center (1551 N. Thoreau Drive, Schaumburg, IL) with daily individual tickets starting at just $10 and daily family passes for $25. Tickets to the Saturday dinner with keynote speaker Zeb Hogan are $60. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit

Live Shark Experience

The World Pet Association (WPA) is the oldest industry organization promoting responsible growth and development of the companion pet and related products and services. WPA works to inform and educate the general public in order to ensure safe and healthy lifestyles for our animal friends. WPA is the host of America’s Family Pet Expo, the world’s largest consumer pet and pet products expo, held annually in Costa Mesa, California. The organization also produces SuperZoo, an annual pet industry trade show that showcases a comprehensive collection of exhibits and offers a variety of informative educational seminars. For more information, please visit  Discus fish. Image courtesy of the World Pet Association.


  1. That exhibit sounds awesome. The price is really reasonable, too.

    However, I really don’t feel any need to have a encounter with a shark… 😉

  2. That is soooooooo cool. Goshdarnitall, why did I move?

  3. wow! I haven’t even heard of this and Schaumburg is 15 minutes from me! Awesome thanks!!

  4. I wish there was something like this in my area, because I know my son would love this!

  5. What are the dates of the show? You have November 15-17 but when i click on the aquaticexperience link it says Nov 7-9. I would really like to plan a family trip here.

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