Love Notes

Do you ever leave your family members little love notes?
Typically I don’t.  But the other night the kids asked to take a lunch the following day.  Since they always have hot lunch, they often ask when I simply don’t have things that will travel well enough for a lunch.  But that night we were pretty well stocked with options.  So I went about packing.  As I grabbed the napkins, I decided to add a little note to them.  This is what my mom used to do every once in awhile.  She’d just write the note right on the napkin.

I paused a moment wondering if this might actually embarrass Timmy.  But then when I went to pick him up from school, having totally forgotten about the note, he came RUNNING at me smiling like crazy.  I thought he must have some amazing news for me.  Instead, he cried out, “I love you too!”  I was a little confused until he continued, “thanks for the note in my lunch. I showed a bunch of people and they said ‘aaaww.'”  I’m really glad I did it.

Johnny never read his, he told me nothing was messy enough for him to need a napkin.  Ah well, I tried.  At least it made one of them feel good.

If you’ve never tried this, you can always use my method OR there are lots of great sites with free lunch note printables.  Here’s just one.

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