Meet My Friend

A few years ago when I was expecting my youngest, I met a great group of ladies on line who were also expecting around the same time.  Many of us are still in touch, we’ve simply changed platiforms from the old school AOL boards to Facebook.  And several of these ladies make BEAUTIFUL things.  One of these ladies, has started Em & M Bows where she features TONS of adorable bows.  Her facebook page currently has 889 likers.  I’d LOVE to have you drop by and help her reach 900 or even  1,000.
Here are a just few of her terrrific bows:
Ok, I think I could look at these all day but I’ll stop there!  But if you, like me, are a little low on bow wearers in your house, she’s also got some stuff for the boys.  She sent B the cutest dinosaur hat, which, I haven’t gotten my butt around to taking a photo of yet but she still has many available…like this one:

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