Michael Bolton’s One World One Love review

Released TODAY, Michale Bolton’s One World One Love.

Does the name Michael Bolton conjure up visions of the 80s like this one…

…you may be surprised to hear that Michael Bolton has sold over 53 million albums.  And these days is looking more like this:

As for sound, this album has a lot of the same feel of the stuff from way back when, with a bit of modern twist.  There aren’t many artists that can last over the years but I think Michael Bolton has done so by staying true to himself, yet working hard to stay current.  If you’re skeptical, check out “Murder My Heart” which was cowritten by Michael and Lady Gaga and features Lady Gaga on background vocals!

You can check out some live Michael Bolton action on:

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on May 4th
The Ellen Degeneres Show on May 7th
The Jimmy Kimmel Show on May 11th

Pick up the CD in stores today or get the Audio CD download at amazon.com.

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