Mom’s Night Out: Craft the Night Away

A mom’s night out for a good cause, does it get any better?  When my friend asked if we wanted to do a craft night at her church that was a fundraiser for their MOPS program, I couldn’t resist.  Having been part of MOPS briefly while I was able to stay home when my two oldest were tiny, I think it’s a great organization. And I’ll take just about any excuse to hang out with my girls and craft!!

I wasn’t initially sure what I was going to work on…I always have a million ideas but my stuff isn’t super organized to travel well. I settled on a project for some decorations I want to make for a party but it was a little messier that I anticipated so I pretty quickly let that sit and simply the company and colors and some projects that were available as part of the event.

Included in the evening was a painting. It looked a little more challenging then I felt capable of but we gave it a shot.
Here was the instructors version…


Here’s how ours turned out…

I’m not really sure if purple poppies even exist but I apparently like to be different. Of course about 5 woman went with purple in the session following mine after they saw my ‘rebel’ painting so it didn’t end up being too different!




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