Mom’s Night Out: Paint Party

I love all things artsy or crafty so when a friend wanted to do a paint night, I was all for it. I was a total bonus that it was being held at a new-ish local restaurant we’ve been wanting to check out called the Chocolate Sanctuary. I mean does it really sound like you could go wrong there.

If you’ve never attended a paint night, there are lots of different companies that offer them now all over the country. This was the company doing the instructing for this one. They had two instructors and provide all the materials you need.
Of course, mom’s night out has to include a beverage and being held at the Chocolate Sanctuary it HAD to be a chocolate one!

Yes it was totally as yummy as it looks.

This was the end goal for the evening…

I must admit I struggled some along the way but eventually we all got something that looks at least some what as planned!!

If I could I’d do the bow over again…but over all it was a super fun night with great friends!




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