Movies for Back to School #STREAMTEAM

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It’s that time once again.  I know I’ve seen lots of first day of school photos already but we don’t go back until next week.  For us, this weekend will include some frantic last minute supply shopping (so unlike me) and then I plan collapse on the couch and watch some fun back to school movies while labeling eight billion school supplies with the kids names.




Here are just a few movies that fit the #BTS bill that you can find on Netflix right now!

Mean Girls
Can’t Buy Me Love
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

I especially love some of these if you’re sending kids off to middle school or high school as not only are the fun but they can also help spark conversations about friendships and relationships.  I know, I know.  Talking to your tween/teens about these things can typically solicit a plethora of eye rolls and heavy sighs but that’s why I like trying to  ‘sneak it in’ where ever I can.  Sitting down for a ‘we need to talk’ kind of conversation can usually create an instant wall, whereas SOMETIMES a bit of sneak attack while watching a movie and chompin on popcorn can lead to some good talks, or at least laying to ground work for future communication.

Back to school season isn’t just about freshly sharpened pencils and studying for tests, but the excitement of seeing friends again and nervousness about crushes.

How are YOU making sure your kids are ready for the new school year?

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