Update on Timmy

Forgot to update last week, but I ended up back at the Dr with Timmy on Friday. Thursday night we noticed his throat was ridiculously swollen and I saw a couple white patches. I called and they said to bring him in since, he’d had the negative Strep test it may be mono. Oh joy! After looking at him Dr didn’t think it was mono because he didn’t have swollen glads anywhere but his neck. But he DID have an ear infection and some for of tonsillitis. But there was no point in retesting since he’d be getting a Rx anyway. But said if it was strep it’d clear up quickly, if it was viral it would probably still be a week before we saw improvement in the throat. After just one dose he seemed to improve quite a bit. And that was Friday and today, while he’s still probably not 100% he is doing much much better.

Another BIRTHday

Happy Birthday to another (great) niece, who was born yesterday!
Who’d have thought I’d have great nieces and nephews before I was thirty, and man there are a lot of them too. But I guess that’s what you get when you marry an ole fart, I mean mature man.
Anyway, can’t wait to see our newest little peanut! CONGRATS Renee!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya

But I don’t like…

Have you seen that commercial with the girl in the shopping cart at the grocery store with her mom. And she keeps telling her mom she doesn’t like everything she picks up to buy.
Well last night my mom took Johnny to T Ball for me and when I called to check how it went she told me a story that reminded me of that little girl.
When I left yesterday morning I knew there was a chance I may not be back at the house before T ball but that we were in charge of snacks so someone had to get them their even if the boys didn’t stay to play. So I left all the car seats at the house. Later that morning my mom called and while we were talking I mentioned that I had a meeting and that Timmy was sick so he couldn’t go to T Ball but that Tom was going to have to get the snacks there anyway. So she offered to pick up Johnny and take him AND the snacks for me. After asking a hundred times if she was sure she was feeling up to it, I agreed and thanked her. So when I got off work I headed towards the Dr’s office for the meeting not knowing what traffic would be like. Just as I arrive Tom calls…I have the boys baseball gloves!!! He says he’s not sending Johnny if he doesn’t have a glove. So I tell him to hang on and I call the coach’s wife and ask if they have an extra. She says yup no problem. Problem solved and YAY for me for actually making a call like that, a HUGE step for me.
BUT when they got there, the extra glove was light purple. My mom said Johnny just sort of stared at the purple thing that was being handed to him. The coach told him, “that’s all we got, bud” and he replied, yah you guessed it. “But I don’t like purple.” OK so maybe he’s a bit spoiled since I bought him a glove in his favorite color, but it was the best priced one! Anyway another mom piped up that they also had and extra and it was black, a much more acceptable color for Johnny and all was fine. Now to just figure out who that mom was and thank her at the next game!

Day 5

Today is day five of Timmy being down with some sort of bug. Took him the Dr Tuesday but Strep test came back negative. So it was the same ole same ole, its a virus, has to run its course. But man has it taken him down hard. He hasn’t eaten much at all in 5 days and he doesn’t really have any fat of the land to live off of like his momma does. He hasn’t done much except lay around and whine but did try to convince Tom he was fine and should be allowed to go to T Ball. I didn’t think it was possible but he appears to handle being sick even worse than his father. (But I still love him, both of them!)

We’re on a Roll

Last night Bryan rolled (tummy to back) FINALLY 🙂
He is a little behind on rolling but that’s because he is rarely able to be put down somewhere he is able to roll for safety reasons. (read 2 maniac brothers and 1 very small house)
He rolled 3 times but then I got the camera and of course then he wouldn’t do it again…

My bathing beauty

Is there anything cuter than a chubby baby in a bath? I think not!!

I shot this for practice with the lights I got. I still need more practice but what I think I need even more, is more room. I had our entire living full or tripods and backdrop. I really need to be able to get him out about 3 feet from the backdrop but there just wasn’t 3″ to spare let alone 3 feet.

brotherly love

oye! this moment was actually staged for a photo to represent sin in the VBS slideshow but its not an unfamiliar scene in our house.


Well the latest member of our ginormous extended family came a day before his scheduled arrival yesterday. Baby D was delivered via emergency C-section, June 18 at just shy of 8 pounds. He has a ton of hair and is OF COURSE adorable. You can count on seeing some photos of him soon, I know suprise suprise!

Isn’t he dreamy?

I had a friend do a painting for me from one of my favorite photos of Bryan. I asked for something sort of skyish, either moon/stars or clouds or something. And this is what she did and I think its AMAZING. I’m so in love with it!!!

One Day, Two Firsts

Yesterday was the first day of Vacation Bible School and the first TBall game.

I think both boys had a fun time at VBS, though we’re having a bit of behavior issue with Timmy. Johnny did great and both were excited about the things they did.
I am STILL exhausted and have 4 more days!! I was planning to take pictures but only got a couple and left my camera at church so my battery will probably die quickly today since it didn’t get charged.

And Tball went as expected. Both boys were in the “outfield” (as out as outfield goes in TBall) so they were playing in the dirt, twirling around etc. But both batted well and ran the bases well. Of course my camera (different camera) died after just a couple minutes so I’ll have to try again next week!