It’s official…

well it’s officially summer! Want to know how I know?
Because next Monday starts our week long Vacation Bible School at church.

This year I stepped up to head up the Preschool program. What does that mean…

Well in the last two days I’ve bought:

  • 60 chocolate pudding cups
  • 15 dozen sugar cookies
  • 500 5oz cups
  • 400 paper plates
  • 6 cans of cheese whiz
  • 2 boxes of crackers
  • 2 packages of baby wipes
  • 7 jump ropes
  • 2 packages of streamers
  • and that I am still in search of a dozen toy boats and toy people to put on said boats.

AND that I am supposed to know what is being done with these items…

Anyway its a cute theme, and should be tons of fun as usual. We have 30 preschooler coming. And if you’re in the area you’re invited to come out Friday evening and see the kids present a little of what they’ve learned.

Can I claim him?

I’ve known for a long time that Johnny (4 yrs) has a great imagination. Since he could walk and talk he would regularly be some character from TV of some random animal. And it was always required that anyone else only address him as his “character” if they desired a repsonce. This love of pretend play has continued and he loves to “play movies.” Last Christmas I walked past the boys bedroom and over heard a reenactment of an entire sceen from The Santa Claus word for word. But this latest development is a new one to me…his imaginary friend Jerry.
Now he will even tell you its his imaginary friend so no need to worry that I need to rush him to the shrink or anything. And I’m fairly sure we know what has brought this friend around after Johnny told us, “Jerry always plays whatever I want to play.” This is of course the exact opposite of his brother who only likes an idea if its his own.
But itis amazing how annoying a person we can neither see or hear can get. Johnny regularly talks about him until we all feel like jumping in front of a bus. But what I want to know is, he’s been at our house since Sunday…and if he doesn’t ever go home, ya think I can claim him on our taxes next year? 🙂

I hate storms….

We have been pounded with storms this weekend. And of course they have mostly held off until the late hours. And this means hours of lost sleep because my two oldest sons have inherited their mothers lack of appreciation for a good storm. As I left for work this morning both of them were asleep on the floor next to Tom on the couch. Doesn’t sound like we’re in for much of a break tonight either.
But I suppose if I chose to look at the cup as half FULL, we are very lucky in that we have not lost power (other than what must have been a quick blip while we were at church) and there has not been any real damage to anything around us. Some really nasty tornadoes touched down about and and half away from us.

Just for fun


Things have been pretty hectic lately so I’m going to do all the updates in one blog post instead of seperate ones.

The boys have had a couple weeks of T Ball practices now and the coach this year is much more serious about them actually learning some fundamentals. They are given and area when in the field and reminded to stay in that area and then they throw it to first base, even though there are no outs in TBall I think its an improvement for them to get used to this key thing in defense. Timmy is actually really strong in all areas (ok he could use a little work on his running but who am I to comment on that) if only he would stay focused. If he’s at the pitcher or short stop position he does better but in the “out field” he is totally distracted because in his words “the ball never comes to me.” Then there’s Johnny, he doesn’t appear to be gift athletically but he listens and tries and seems to be having fun so that’s all that matters for us right now. I took some pictures the other day and will post them in a bit.
Last Thursday Bryan turned 4 months old and his mean old momma took him to the Dr to celebrate! He got a couple shots which he was not too happy about but the Dr says he is doing fine. He is a whopping 19 pounds 9 1/2 ounces and 25 3/4 inches (for as accurate as that measurement can be at this age). He’s not doing some of the things he should be yet but the Dr said that he’s still well within normal if he starts anytime before his 6 month check up. Some of those things are grabbing for things and rolling over. He does however smile and laugh like crazy. I have a funny video I’ll post later of Tom getting him laughing and then spitting up on him. Ok Tom might not find it funny but I did.

I also did a photo shoot to make some Father’s Day gifts, for obvious reasons I won’t post what those will be or what photo I ended up using but here are some of my favorite shots from that shoot.

And lastly but certaintly not least, my mom. She is continueing with the new chemo which has been gentler in most ways but it has been giving her some pretty serious dizzy spells. These speels are to the point that Monday she actually feel downt he stairs and bruised herself up pretty badly.

Our weekend

Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day!

We had a fairly eventful weekend.

Friday night we went up to Miller Park in Milwaukee to see the Kenosha Mohawks play. Because we were worried about holiday traffic and construction we left real early and got there around 5. The gates didn’t open until 6:45 and the game was at 7:30. But they have a TGIFridays in the park so we popped in there and ate before hand. The resturant over looks the field and the boys were just dieing to get out there but it was still a fiarly nice dinner, including some awesome cheesecake!!
When we did head into the ball park it was a bit chilly. But because it was a special event only the lower level was open and available on a first come basis. We sat a few rows off the field and between the dugout and homeplate on the third base side. It was a really fun game to watch, lots of good hits and base stealing. If you’re in the area I highly suggest checking them out at thier regular games in Simmons Field, Kenosha. (Link to their site to the right)—>

Saturday, Tom worked for a bit, but was home before 11:30. So we went to the mall to pick up Timmy and my new glasses. Tom’s aren’t in yet cuz he’s OLD and needed bifocals 🙂
Timmy looks soo cute in his but it will definitely be a struggle to get him to put them on and not play with them (read BREAK them). Will again have to post some photos when I take them.

After getting the glasses we got lunch did some quick shopping and went home to watch Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark, which I’d never seen before.

Sunday we skipped church (shhh don’t tell on us) so that I could help set up for a baby shower without everyone feeling all rushed and crazy. Not that we ever get all rushed and CRAZY on a Sunday or anything. (psh only every week) The baby shower was great. Yummy food getting to see family. I was of course terribly jealous of all that beautiful pink but I’ll have to get by buying pink and frilly stuff for Josie. (The irony being that the outfit I bought for her had no pink in it LOL) After a while Tom brought the older boys up and they got to play with their cousins and then we stayed for a fire and making s’mores. It was about 11pm before the boys got to bed.

So yesterday they slept in a bit for me. But Bryan was a crabby butt most of the day. I think he had a bit of a tummy bug though. He seemed really miserable a few times throughout the day. But at night I gave him a shot of Tylenol and 4 ounces of formula and he was just waking up when I had to get up to get ready for work. Timmy and Johnny weren’t particularly happy either as I wouldn’t take them outside because Bryan was fussy AND had gotten a bit to much sun at the Baby Shower. And Tom was away all day painting. So we’ll be grilling the burgers that I got for yesterday tonight.

It’s that time again

It’s that time of year again where we feel like we live at the baseball field.

This week started TBALL season. This year both Timmy AND Johnny will be playing T Ball. They are both on the Orange team with Coach Sam. Seems like a great team with I think 7 or 8 boys and 2 girls. Now if only MY boys would stop playing in the dirt and pay attention. Coach Sam seems a little more into them learning and doing better than Coach Anthony did last year. But it seems like there is a lot more help from parents this year too so MAYBE that will happen. I won’t count on it from my kids but who knows. The first thing they’re trying to correct is the monkey pile of kids all going for the ball. It happened through the whole season without incident last year. But they are really trying to get them to call the ball and have everyone else back off.

But because I’ve been feeling yucky I haven’t remembered to drag the camera with me yet…maybe next Wednesday.

And if you’re a local friend/family let me know if you are interested in checking out a game, they start June 16th and are on Mondays and Wednesday’s at either 5:45 or 6:30.

My Week

Wow a whole week since I blogged after having multiple blogs each day….

I guess some times life gets away from you like that.

This past week has been sort of a crazy week.
It was Timmy’s last week of preschool. He had his first field trip and even got to ride a school bus. Hopefully the mom who was responsible for him will still speak to me at their picnic tomorrow as he can be more than a handful. But I’m playing phone tag with the Dr that our pediatrician referred me to for further evaluation.

Bryan is getting HUGE so we went and got him a new car seat but its still sitting in the box in the back of the van. But while we were gone the local riff raff broke into our shed and stole our lawn mower (an expensive one that’s less than a year old) and some tools and electrical stuff. Still not sure how they did it as the lock was open and laying on the ground but the police officer didn’t think it looked pick. Still waiting for someone from the police department to get back to me about starting a neighborhood watch as there are several people on our block that are just totally fed up with it.

Then yesterday we went to get eye exams for Timmy, Tom and I. And arm and half a leg later all three of us will be getting new glasses. YUP my little man was lucky enough to get my wonderful nearsightedness. Dr says he wouldn’t worry about them for the summer but that he will most likely need them for seeing the board etc in school come fall! And my old man will be getting bifocals. I had a slight change but am in need of glasses that don’t look like they were rubbed or a cheese grater.

Let’s see what else. Oh in all my spare time I made a bunch of no sew tutu’s that are super cute so now I just need some girly girls who will model them for me for some photos!!

I think that’s about it. Today Bryan and I have colds and I could use a nap. But instead we’ll be packin up and heading to TBall when I get home!

Mother’s Day Smiles

Had to get some video of my men:

Bryan cracking up at me making sneezing noises. Forgive my annoying high pitch but its what made him laugh.

Then each of the boys singing their own original song.



Both boys singing You Are My Sunshine

And Johnny making this noise that makes me CRACK up whenever he does it

Meet the Boys…and Me

This page needs some updating…check back soon…


I’d like to take a moment to properly introduce the clan of Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy….

First, there’s me. The queen of my house full of princes. I’m currently a full time office manager for a small business. We live in the burbs smack dab in the middle of Chicago and Milwaukee.   Between the boys sports (currently baseball, basketball and football) and activities and our volunteer commitments we are always on the go.  But when we come to a lull in the action, we tend to get a little bored.  So if we don’t have something going on, we’ll find something do like attending a sporting event, show or concert or checking out local attractions.  Because we love to try and learn new things, doing product reviews has become a part of this blog.  You’ll also find that there are some causes I’m passionate about such as cancer research and I do what I can with my blog (and in real life) to help support them.

And then there are the BOYS of OhBoyOhBoyOhBoy.  Three boys definitely means a lot of noise and activity in my house.  And a lot of bathroom humor…A LOT!  Although I dreamed of all things frilly and girly before I became a mom, this boy mom thing has definitely grown on me. Some days I would give ANYTHING for a estrogen sympathizer, because seriously…how did pee get THERE!?!?! But for the most part I’m a pizza feeding, potty joke listening, sports cheering, boy lovin mom.


The first born.  Timothy.  Also know on social media as Large.

large timothy ohboyohboyohboy blog

Large, my stubborn tween, may be the death of me.  Smarter then I fear he’ll ever realize.  He’s got a heart and mind that could change the world if he simply stops fighting against the rules long enough to try.  He is a talented athlete who gives more effort in a day than many do in a lifetime.  There is no greater joy for me than watching him do what he is so passionate about.  He pretty much eats, sleeps and breathes sports.  If he isn’t playing or watching a sport, he is often reading about them.

The middle child. Johnny. Also know on social media as Medium.

medium johnny ohboyohboyohboy blogMedium, my quiet middle child.  Often feeling lost in the mix of things, you may not even realize he’s around until he’s READY for you to notice.  And when he’s ready YOU better me too.  With a kind heart and a strong desire for fairness, he can often be found fighting against the injustice of life as the middle child.  He will often jump at the chance to prove to you that he can things, especially if he may be able to do them better than the ‘first born.’  He love magic and all things Minecraft and will spend hours sharing either one of them with you if you’ll let him.

The youngest child. Bryan. Also know on social media as Small.

Small Bryan ohboyohboyohboy blogSmall, my snuggle lovin youngest child is quite literally the sunshine of days.  At seven years old, he is the breath of fresh air to his more brooding brothers. Rather than stretching and testing me, he’s much more likely to launch a “sneak attack” full of surprise hugs and kisses.  He, much like his brothers, is extremely smart.  He is a fabulous reader and as silly and fun as they get.  He can be quiet and maybe even a little suspicious of other adults but once he’s comfortable around people he is a TOTAL ham.



**Story behind Small, Medium and Large nicknames.

I’m not sure quite why but many people (including some close friends and family) have struggled with keeping the names of my older two, who are not quite Irish twins, straight.  However, they can usually remember which is the oldest and which is the middle.  So when a friend’s daughter referred to Johnny as ‘the medium’ one one day after spending time with us, it simply stuck.  Small, Medium and Large.  Even if there is next to no height difference at the moment between Medium and Large, they will forever be S/M/L to me now!!

Intros from 2011:


Timmy: He’s been amazing us since well before his first birthday with his desire to learn. We knew early on that he was something special. As with all things there are pro’s and con’s. With Timmy’s inspiring intellect comes an energy that can be overwhelming. In 2008 he was diagnosed with ADHD and since we began treatment he has continued to soar even faster. With his energy curbed just a bit, his amazing heart and kindness just shine through. He is an amazing big brother and always has been, even at the very young age of 13 months.



 313366_10150853365425510_756315509_21398129_2100466572_n blogJohnny: The stereotypical middle child in so many ways. He is both a lover AND a fighter. Quick to cuddle or anger. His is my imaginative little man. As a toddler he spent hours if not days pretending to be other people or things. He now states he wants to make movies when he grows up and I have no doubt that he will if that’s what he sets his mind too. There’s never a dull moment with him around.


295995_10150853366175510_756315509_21398142_1009199472_n blog Bryan: My spoiled little guy. He is the cutest thing ever…and he knows it. I truly believe God gave me this little angel to keep me smiling in the very dark days of my mom’s illness and passing. The twinkle in his eyes is an ever present reminder that God has NOT deserted me in taking such a huge piece of my life. My strong willed little goof ball reminds me that she will live on through us as long as we continue to live and love!

Updated: 4/6/15