Here she comes…

…OK so she isn’t Miss America…YET!

But she is Little Miss Illinois and moving on up. And last night I got a chance to re-do the photo shoot that didn’t go so well do to the the blazing sun and strong winds.

Here’s a few of my favorite shots. Too see more check out my Photography page on MySpace

Thanks again to Hailey and her mom for letting me do these photos. And GOOD LUCK!!!!

Bathing Beauties

OK I’m really not allowed to call them beautiful anymore, they prefer handsome. And I KNOW that someone will feel the need to point out that someday they will be mad at me for sharing these. I’m well aware of this, I HOWEVER feel its my duty as a mother! OK maybe not my duty but my right. I earned the right to take embarrassing photos of my kids because I have to put up with all the crazy things they do, right???

So here they are Timmy and Johny in all their bubbly glory 🙂

How exciting!

Just a little plug for a friend of mine. She is a super funny writer and just got her first book published. I haven’t gotten it in my little hands yet but I think I can VERY safely say it will be a great read. Its available on Amazon for preorder now.

Our New Family Endeavor

For the last several year our family (and extended family) have been involved with the American Cancer Society event Relay For Life. While it has been a ton of fun and is an amazing cause, last year we decided that will would not have a team at this years event. While our immediate family plans to attend the event we will not be dedicating so much time to planning and fundraising efforts as in the past.
But still feeling a very near and dear connection to the fight to find a cure for cancer, this year our household has decided to get involved in a silghtly different way. The first year we participated in the Relay there was an amazing little boy there who was going through treatment for cancer. Aside from his adorable little bald head, you would have been hard pressed to know he was under going such difficult treatments as he was a totally upbeat happy little boy. The following year, he was selected to be honored as the Jr Honorary chair of the event. He attended that years kick off event where it was announced that he was selected and he still was as happy as ever. However, he never made it to that Relay in July. Instead in his honor we walked a Super Hero themed lap because of his love of all things super hero. As the mother of little boys (also in love with super heros) it did (and still does) break my heart to think about what that family was going through.
So this year Tom, the boys and I will be helping to raise money for The Super Jake Foundation. The way we’ve committed to do this is to help with the Super Jake Hero Bash which will be held on November 8th at the Hilton, in Northbrook. Tom will be the DJ for the evening and the boys and I will be helping with whatever we can!

Bryan’s Baptism

This past Sunday was Bryan’s baptism and it went very well. He slept through the actual baptism but then woke up and was social with everyone that had come to see him. Everyone thought he was adorable in his tux (of course).

With Pastor Stu, being baptized.
With his Godparents, Uncle Tim & Aunt Bonnie (Tom’s brother & sister)
With Tom & I
With Grandpa & Gramma Hintz

With Grandpa & Gramma Nugent
With Great Grampa Gapko & Eleanor

Most Huggable Baby Week 1

Most of you will probably have heard about this from me directly in email but just in case…

Bryan is in a Most Huggable baby contest for a local radio station. The contest runs for 4 weeks, with one weekly winner week and then a final winner chosen from those 4 babies. Voting for this week began today. Anyone can vote, though you do have to register on their site (they DO give you the option whether you want to recieve info from them) and each individual can vote once per day.

I’m hoping that all my friends/family will take a few minutes each day to vote for him. And possibly ask any friends you know who’d also be willing to vote.

The link for this week is here: Baby Contest Polls – 93.9 WLIT-FM

And for the record

And just for the record, I must not have been knocking on REAL wood last week because I am once again back to living like a zombie. Bryan has been super fussy the last couple days, spending the later part of the evening screaming no matter what we do. He’s been up until at least 1am for the last two nights and waking twice before 8 am.

No More Happy Meal toys!

Tom just called me. apparently my kids think they are squirrels or something and have been storing their TOYS for winter. Tom walked into their room to get something and noticed Johnny about to drop a toy spoon into the heat register. When he looked there were already items in there. He said he dug a ton of stuff out but could not reach it all and will have to pull apart the vent from the basement to reach the rest but there were lots of toys, tech deck skateboards CDs in there that he could get too. Like there isn’t enough stuff in our house that is torn apart!
I am just not sure why they would do that. After the first time, when you realize that toy is now gone why would you keep putting stuff in there!?!?!?!?!
So now Tom says absolutely no more McDonald’s happy meal toys and there will be no more toys at all that will fit in the slot of a register. I suppose its helping us get an early start on getting the toys baby proofed again…but geez it’s always something at our house!!!!

>>>Knock on Wood<<<

Yeah, I’m definitely knocking on wood before I post this one.

But it seems that my monster eater baby may actually be getting into a bit of a schedule at night. OK its certainly not my IDEAL schedule but it’s worlds better than waking 3 times between midnight and 7 am. But for the last several nights he has eat at about 10/10:30 and although he refuses to go right to sleep, he isn’t eating again until about 5 am. It would be even better if he’d be willing to sleep from 10-5 but we’ll get there, I hope. But at least at this point he’s going to sleep around midnight. And at least this way Tom stays up with him while I go to be around 11 and then I deal with the 5am feeding and we’re both able to get a semi decent amount of solid sleep. Its amazing what a difference 6 uninterrupted hours of sleep makes.

But I better knock on wood again, just in case!

Mixed Emotions

Why is it that sometimes even when we get what we want, we’re still not happy about it!?!?!

I have known several other moms that have gone through this same experience, so I know I’m not alone and that its not simply some postpartum hormonal thing. But today I took Johnny (turned 4 in December) to our school districts Speech Therapist for an evaluation. I actually took him last year as well but then they said he was doing fine for his age. But nothing has has really changed since then so when we went to his pediatrician for his 4 year check up, the Dr again suggested an evaluation. So anyway, today was his appointment. We arrived just as all the preschool students arrived and filled the hallway where we were waiting for the therapist. So when she came down to meet us, Johnny really wouldn’t talk to her. I don’t if he was overwhelmed or still nervous that I had been lying to him and that he might actually be getting more shots at this “appointment.” But I started to worry that he may not cooperate for this evaluation. But once we got into her room where it was quiet. He pretty quickly opened up. They went through a book of photos of a puppy with many different items and she asked what the items were or what the puppy was doing. It took about 15 minutes and he stayed focused and answered all her questions very well. And just as I suspected, he does now qualify for speech therapy. Just wanted I wanted, right? So why am I so bummed about it??
I don’t know but I do know he needs it and she was very sure that he would progress very quickly once we get started. He will go 2 times a week for a half an hour. But because we have to take him there and its only during school hours, it will wait until the fall. There are less than two months left of school and I just don’t see how I can fit getting him there into my schedule and still spend anytime at work. Hopefully by the fall we’ll have 2 working vehicles and it won’t be an issue at all. In the mean time she is going to get some information together for us to be working on at home until the fall.