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I don’t know about you but my phone has become an extension of my body. While I do have some safety and etiquette rules for phones in our house, for the most part my phone is always at my side.  It is my keeper of lists, appointments and memories.  With no fewer than 3 alarms set at any given time it helps get us where we need to be on time, and it OFTEN helps me know how to get there too.  And of course the photos…oh the priceless photos I am able to capture because it’s always handy.  But what ISN’T handy is contracts, rules and restrictions from cell carriers.  But thanks to Best Buy, you know longer have to worry about restrictions when it comes to purchasing your perfect new phone.  You can now purchase unlocked mobile phones from Best Buy.  If you’re not familiar with unlocked phones, they’re the same great quality phones from the brands you already love, they just aren’t tied to a specific carrier or contract.  And right now, Best Buy has an Unlocked Smartphone savings event going on with sales on Samsung, Huawei, Moto, Sony, BLU, Alcatel and ZTE smartphones.

Moto: Save $50 on Select Moto Mods with purchase of Moto Z Play, valid 10/30/16-11/5/16

Huawei: Save $50 on the Honor 8 by Huawei plus get a free case, selfie stick and extra charging cable, valid 10/30/16-11/12/16

Samsung: Save $100 on the Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, valid 10/30/16-11/12/16

BLU: Save $40 on the BLU Life XL, valid 11/6/16-11/12/16

Sony: Save $50 on the Sony XPERIA X Compact, valid 10/30/16-11/12/16

Disclaimer for all offers listed: Offer valid 10/30/16-11/12/16. Phones, service and coverage not available in all markets. Available in New Jersey. No dealers. See a Blue Shirt for details. 4G/4G LTE not available in all markets. Products must be purchased on same receipt to receive bundle/package savings.​​​​ 

Kid President and ConAgra Making Sure #ChildHungerEndsHere ad

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If you’ve never watched a Kid President video you really need to check him out. He’s funny andinspirational. And he and ConAgra teamed up this month to help raise awareness for child hunger.

It comes as no surprise that Kid President helped ConAgra meet it’s goal of donating the monetary equivalent of 100,000 meals to Feeding America, thumbtack-bigbut that doesn’t mean that you can’t still get involved and make a difference. To learn ways to fight hunger in your community visit www.childhungerendshere.com and click on the “How You Can Help” tab. The need is HUGE. The need is widespread. Kids from every state in our country face the reality of child hunger. In face, more than ONE in FIVE children may not know where their next meal is coming from. That’s over 15 million kids. That is NOT ok.

As a single mom, I’ve had to learn to pinch pennies. Some weeks we have been known to get creative with what is in the cabinets because unexpected expenses make things tighter then planned. And often the boys don’t get to toss everything they’d like into the shopping cart. But regardless of how they can occasionally feel, they’ve never truly gone without. That means they are better off then 20% of the kids in our country. If you can say the same for your family, please take the time today to do something to help those who are not as fortunate.


Because after all….


Check out ConAgra online here:



Enjoy #McCafeAtHome This Holiday Season #IC #AD

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I LOVE the Christmas season.  I love the sights and sounds and the time spent with friends and family.  I love ALMOST everything about it.  There are actually TWO things that cause me stress this time of year. One is the cold white fluffy stuff that falls from the sky.  I know, it’s beautiful and I don’t mind it if I don’t have to get out and drive in it…or shovel it.  Thankfully it’s only snowed once so far this season.  It was a big heavy snow that actually wrecked some havoc but it WAS gorgeous….


The second thing that stresses me out over the holidays is simply a lack of time.  With so many things I want to do and so many people we want to see there simply aren’t enough hours in the day.  For this reason, I spend this season more fueled by caffeine then any other.  My kids have learned that most of the time when we’re out running around and our car makes that turn in to McDonald’s, more often than not it’s for a little delicious pick me up.  This is why I was super excited when I hear that I can now brew delicious McCafé packaged coffee at home in both ground and K-Cup® pods forms.

20151213_140149You can now find McCafé packaged coffee in seven varieties including different roasts and blends, such as Premium Roast, French Roast, Breakfast Blend and Colombian, and different flavors, such as French Vanilla and Hazelnut where ever you buy groceries.  But don’t worry, your favorite McCafé beverages are will still be available in local McDonald’s this is just another way to enjoy them.

So far my favorite variety is also the first I tried, the McCafé Hazelnut K-CUPS.  I am in love with the fact that I can enjoy the flavor of McCafé with the simplicity of the K-CUPS, especially in this hectic season.  And while I typically grab my coffee on the go to be able to keep moving.  I made a point to take a breather, and enjoy one cup while curled up next to our Christmas tree, focusing on the joys of this season and why any lack of sleep is completely worth it for the memories we make with those we love this time of year!


For more info about all the varieties and flavors of McCafé packaged coffee visit www.mcdonalds.com/mccafeathome or on Twitter: @McCafe



Best Buy Holiday Shopping Event, #WinTheHolidaysSweepstakes from @BestBuy #ad

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Are you looking to ‘give like a champ and save like a boss’ this holiday season?  You need to head to BEST BUY’s  Special Holiday Shopping Event on Saturday, November 7th  from 1pm to 5pm.   Click on the this link to find a store near you under Store Locator.

Reasons YOU need to be there Nov 7th:

  • Free Tech Gift for the first 100 customers at each store!! Free tech!?!? Who can resist that!?
  • Preview and shop the Holiday Collection from the biggest brands including Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and Sony. Exclusive offers from these brands and more! There’s no better place to shop and compare all the latest and greatest tech gifts this season. 
  • Experts will be available to answer all of your questions and help you find the perfect holiday gift!  With all the great choices, it CAN be overwhelming.  Let the experts help you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.  This is seriously my favorite part of shopping in store with Best Buy.  I usually have a pretty good idea what I’m looking for but sometimes it’s hard to know just with model is the best fit and the fabulous team at my local Best Buy has always been great at helping me prioritize my needs in a single item and select the one best suited for my intended user!
  • Try out this season’s winning tech gifts like the:

Parrot Jumping Sumo Mini Droneparrot minidrone best buy holiday gift giving

Samsung Gear VR virtual Reality Headsetvr samsung gear best buy holiday shopping gift giving

Sphero SPRK Edition

BB-8™ App-Enabled Droid™ by Sphero

This is probably my KIDS favorite part of in store shopping.  They LOVE to get their hands on the fun new gadgets and try them out.  This is a great way to see first hand what really pulls them in if you’re still wondering what they might be wanting this season!!

  • Check out the Win the Holidays $1,000 Gift Card Sweepstakes (in-store only, visit here for full details)

 With so many great reasons, how can you NOT head to Best Buy this Saturday (11/7/15) from 1-5pm???


Visit Bestbuy.com for more great offers, details, vendor demonstrations and to find participating stores in your area


Ready, Set, Playoffs

For most, this Saturday means…Halloween. For this kid, it means first round play off game. And in true football playoff form it is supposed to be raining and in the 40s. Here’s hoping they have all the right ‘tricks’ to ‘treat’ themselves to a victory! And that we all survive without hypothermia!

Visit @BestBuy to Check Out the Satellite Radius 12 from @ToshibaUSA #RadiusAtBestBuy #ad

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Considering a new laptop or Toshiba 1_0tablet?


Why not head to Best Buy to check out all the latest in mobile PB devices. While you’re there you NEED to take a look at the Toshiba Satellite Radius 12 for the best of BOTH worlds. The world’s first 12.5-inch convertible laptop with a 4K Ultra HD display , the Satellite Radius 12 is now available in Best Buy stores!


The Satellite Radius 12 is perfect for all your needs on the go. It’s sleek, highly-mobile compact design, Gorilla Glass damage resistant screen and an LED backlit keyboard make will mean you can work safely and comfortably. While it’s Technicolor-certified wide gamut RGB display supports 100% Adobe® RGB color space reproduction mean you don’t give up color quality, making design and editing work possible while out and about.

Toshiba 2_0In addition to a traditional laptop or tablet feel the 360-degree precision hinge enables greater flexibility as the screen rotates into five unique viewing modes – giving the right view for every occasion. But don’t let it’s size and versatility confuse you, designed for Windows 10, the Satellite Radius™ 12 is one of the first small-screen PC’s to enable facial authentication with Windows Hello, enabling a more personal and convenient way to log in to the laptop. It’s also among the first Windows laptops to run on the power and performance of Intel’s new 6th generation Core processors, delivering maximum mobile performance for mobile content creators and multi-taskers.
Toshiba 3_0


Dear Laurie Rizzo


Dear Laurie,

I wanted to take a moment and send you a heart felt note of appreciation. As a life long Cubbies fan I obviously love your talented son, Anthony for all he brought to the field this season.  In a year FULL of memories, I am certain that his wall hopping catch in the stands will forever be one of my faves.  I have spent more than a few minutes this year watching videos of him and Kris Bryant in interviews etc together, bringing the pure joy back to the professional level of my favorite sport.

But on a more personal note, I want to thank you as MOM.  As the mom of a young baseball player, I want you to know how much it means to me that there are men out there like your #44 for him to look up to.  Men who not only give their all on the field everyday because they clearly love the game.  But also who are amazing men of character off the field.  I have been equally inspired by the amazing things I have seen him doing off the field as on.  In our world today we see many athletes and celebs clearly doing their quick good deal here and there for a photo opp, while it is obvious that your family is truly passionate about the work of the Anthony Rizzo Foundation and I am always blown away with how he makes time in such a hectic schedule, even during the playoffs, to be there, making a difference and bringing smiles to the faces of children going through something so horrible.

And I KNOW that men of such character don’t just happen.  I also KNOW that athletes of such caliber don’t just happen.  Of course, there is almost immeasureable work on their parts, I also know, fellow first baseman mom, that there are countless hours spent in the car, and on the bleachers for YOU.  I know that much of who he is today is because of who was always behind him, who was there in the wins and the losses in the early days.
I can’t begin to say I understand what it was like to watch him endure his own cancer battle but I’m certain that he came through and came back to achieve such success in baseball AND life, because you’d built such a fabulous foundation.

Thank you for raising a baseball player who made THIS my favorite tweet of the entire season….anthony rizzo cubs 44 laurie rizzo baseball moms

Love and HRs.

Your son’s second biggest fan (because I KNOW you’re his biggest)

Besides, I’m already THIS first basemen’s biggest fan!


Shop the Samsung Open House @BestBuy For New Appliances #HeresToHome #ad

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Shopping for new appliances for your home? There’s no better way than by experiencing them in person at the Samsung Open House at Best Buy Stores or Pacific Kitchen & Home Stores inside Best Buy Stores. Check out how the latest appliance work and feel in a realistic home setting INSIDE select Best Buy location. See where you can find new Samsung Open Houses by clicking this store locator link to find a store near you.

Then head to the store to check out these two kitchen must haves and to get your kitchen ready for company just in time for the holidays.


samsung refer 3I can’t get over how the bottom-right door on the Samsung Black Stainless 4-Door Flex™ converts from Fridge to Freezer with 4 different temperatures to choose from in a touch of a button between fresh and frozen as needed to expand/contract based on your cooling needs. With three growing boys I sometimes feel like I just need an entire second fridge and freezer side by side to stock up each week because I swear my kitchen is FULL one day and empty two days later. But I can think of tons of times where I could have taken advantage of being able to switch some of the space back and forth from fridge to freezer. And the Power Cool and Power Freeze options can lower the temperature of either compartment in minutes to perfectly chill your favorite drinks or firm up ice cream.



Samsung range 1IF I were ever to really enjoy cooking I think I’d need the Samsung Flex Duo® Range. I enjoy making a dish here or there to share but creating a full hot meal has always stressed me out. I mean I KNOW it can be done, people do it every day around the world with a “traditional” stove. But with Samsung Flex Duo Range’s ability to split in to two ovens I could cook two dishes simultaneously at two different temperatures without having to convert cooking times and temps etc. And the warming center burner offers 3 settings to keep sauces and side dishes hot until they’re ready to be served. But the coolest thing is that if you don’t need two separate compartments with 2 different temperatures the Dual Door with Smart Divider opens either separately or as one door for that large holiday turkey too.



See something YOU love!?!

Check out this great ways to save now on Samsung appliances for your home:

· Save an additional 10% off 4+ Samsung Major Kitchen Appliances (Runs through 11/3)

· Save an additional 10% with the purchase of 3 or more Samsung Chef Collection appliances. (Runs through 12/31)

· Buy $3000 in Samsung Kitchen Appliances and receive a $300 prepaid card (Runs through 10/31)


Learn more about the Samsung Open House at Best Buy Stores or Pacific Kitchen & Home Stores inside Best Buy Stores here!




Dino Charge Your Halloween with the #PowerRangers

dino charge power ranger halloween costume trick or treat super hero

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Get set for Halloween with the Power Rangers Dino Charge!

First, get in the spirit this Saturday, 10/17, with the Power Rangers Halloween special, “The Ghostest with the Mostest!”


Next, watch these Halloween safety tips from Power Rangers Dino Charge so everyone can have a fun AND  safe Halloween.


And last but definitely not least, get geared up to go trick or treating as your favorite Dino Charge Ranger from CostumeExpress.com!

dino charge power ranger halloween costume trick or treat super hero 2
I can’t believe how many years this guy has been a Power Ranger for Halloween. He’s especially excited about this year’s costume because of the belt and shoulder piece that make him look even more like a “real Ranger!” After he gave this a test run for size we did put it up to keep it safe until the big day. But once he’s tricked and treated his little feet off, this fun costume will be added to his collection for every day play. If you think playing dress up is just for girls, it’s definitely not. Our collection of Power Ranger costumes, along with a couple other well loved heros, have been worn for years for continued fun. One year I even bought a second red Ranger costume after stepping on the mask the day before Halloween, and he was so excited to have the second suit so he could share it when his friends came over. (Confession note, THAT is why we put it up for safety until the candy has been collected…to keep it safe from ME not him!)

Twenty Years #StreamTeam

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1995 class reunion twenty years moviesNext weekend my high school classmates and I will celebrate our twenty year reunion.  In some ways it feels like it’s been every bit of two decades since we graduated, but in some ways it’s also seemed like the blink of an eye.

I can’t wait to see people I haven’t seen in all those years and enjoy time with those I have stayed connected to remembering THOSE days.  In preparation, I’ve been jammin to 90s tunes on Spotify and this week will involve a ton of movies from 1995 on Netflix

See if some of these titles take you back….




Billy Madison

Dead Man Walking


Tommy Boy

While You Were Sleeping



A lot changes in twenty years.  The cars, the clothes, the hair….OH THE HAIR.  But I’m certain that just like watching these movies brings back the memories of that time being back with old friends will bring back all the fun and good times of days, back before people expected us to ‘act our age’ and pay bills and what not!  But I have no intentions of acting my age at this reunion, aside from making sure I have a safe ride home when it’s time to go, I plan to party like I don’t have the worries and responsibilities I’ve gathered these last 20 years and just enjoy a great time with great people!