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Shopping for new appliances for your home? There’s no better way than by experiencing them in person at the Samsung Open House at Best Buy Stores or Pacific Kitchen & Home Stores inside Best Buy Stores. Check out how the latest appliance work and feel in a realistic home setting INSIDE select Best Buy location. See where you can find new Samsung Open Houses by clicking this store locator link to find a store near you.

Then head to the store to check out these two kitchen must haves and to get your kitchen ready for company just in time for the holidays.


samsung refer 3I can’t get over how the bottom-right door on the Samsung Black Stainless 4-Door Flex™ converts from Fridge to Freezer with 4 different temperatures to choose from in a touch of a button between fresh and frozen as needed to expand/contract based on your cooling needs. With three growing boys I sometimes feel like I just need an entire second fridge and freezer side by side to stock up each week because I swear my kitchen is FULL one day and empty two days later. But I can think of tons of times where I could have taken advantage of being able to switch some of the space back and forth from fridge to freezer. And the Power Cool and Power Freeze options can lower the temperature of either compartment in minutes to perfectly chill your favorite drinks or firm up ice cream.



Samsung range 1IF I were ever to really enjoy cooking I think I’d need the Samsung Flex Duo® Range. I enjoy making a dish here or there to share but creating a full hot meal has always stressed me out. I mean I KNOW it can be done, people do it every day around the world with a “traditional” stove. But with Samsung Flex Duo Range’s ability to split in to two ovens I could cook two dishes simultaneously at two different temperatures without having to convert cooking times and temps etc. And the warming center burner offers 3 settings to keep sauces and side dishes hot until they’re ready to be served. But the coolest thing is that if you don’t need two separate compartments with 2 different temperatures the Dual Door with Smart Divider opens either separately or as one door for that large holiday turkey too.



See something YOU love!?!

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Learn more about the Samsung Open House at Best Buy Stores or Pacific Kitchen & Home Stores inside Best Buy Stores here!




Dino Charge Your Halloween with the #PowerRangers

dino charge power ranger halloween costume trick or treat super hero

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Get set for Halloween with the Power Rangers Dino Charge!

First, get in the spirit this Saturday, 10/17, with the Power Rangers Halloween special, “The Ghostest with the Mostest!”


Next, watch these Halloween safety tips from Power Rangers Dino Charge so everyone can have a fun AND  safe Halloween.


And last but definitely not least, get geared up to go trick or treating as your favorite Dino Charge Ranger from!

dino charge power ranger halloween costume trick or treat super hero 2
I can’t believe how many years this guy has been a Power Ranger for Halloween. He’s especially excited about this year’s costume because of the belt and shoulder piece that make him look even more like a “real Ranger!” After he gave this a test run for size we did put it up to keep it safe until the big day. But once he’s tricked and treated his little feet off, this fun costume will be added to his collection for every day play. If you think playing dress up is just for girls, it’s definitely not. Our collection of Power Ranger costumes, along with a couple other well loved heros, have been worn for years for continued fun. One year I even bought a second red Ranger costume after stepping on the mask the day before Halloween, and he was so excited to have the second suit so he could share it when his friends came over. (Confession note, THAT is why we put it up for safety until the candy has been collected…to keep it safe from ME not him!)

Twenty Years #StreamTeam

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1995 class reunion twenty years moviesNext weekend my high school classmates and I will celebrate our twenty year reunion.  In some ways it feels like it’s been every bit of two decades since we graduated, but in some ways it’s also seemed like the blink of an eye.

I can’t wait to see people I haven’t seen in all those years and enjoy time with those I have stayed connected to remembering THOSE days.  In preparation, I’ve been jammin to 90s tunes on Spotify and this week will involve a ton of movies from 1995 on Netflix

See if some of these titles take you back….




Billy Madison

Dead Man Walking


Tommy Boy

While You Were Sleeping



A lot changes in twenty years.  The cars, the clothes, the hair….OH THE HAIR.  But I’m certain that just like watching these movies brings back the memories of that time being back with old friends will bring back all the fun and good times of days, back before people expected us to ‘act our age’ and pay bills and what not!  But I have no intentions of acting my age at this reunion, aside from making sure I have a safe ride home when it’s time to go, I plan to party like I don’t have the worries and responsibilities I’ve gathered these last 20 years and just enjoy a great time with great people!

Football Life


For several seasons now I’ve been a football mom. I believed that the hard work and dedication required for the sport were building character in my first born. However, yesterday I watched the movie Undefeated and was struck by the above quote. Instantly the images of last weekends game flooded my brain. Most of those images look like this…IMG_8317

IMG_8717My son play after play giving 110% effort.  Seriously playing with so much heart, I can’t help but get caught up in it.

But the heat and humidity were also beating up on him.  I was super impressed when he actually pulled himself out for a short series when he felt it getting to him and tried to get re-hydrated.


Other than this quick, self inflicted, break he played in every play on offense, defense and special teams, with the same intensity (or maybe more) in the fourth quarter as the first.  He was a defensive rock star.  He quite literally left it all out on that field.  When the final whistle blew he was left physically tanked.

IMG_8759We learned some lessons last week and will be working harder to make sure that he doesn’t experience the level of dehydration he did at the end of that game again.  But as I reflect on this quote it makes me realize how amazing my young man’s character is.  He plays because he loves the game.  But he gives his everything because of his love of his team.  I have always loved watching him play sports because you can see his passion but I am amazed at how his strength has grown.  He is developing his voice and his own sense of leadership.  I love watching him getting his teammates psyched up almost as much as watching him make a good play!

If football reveals character, I’m pretty proud of the character of my young player.


Get Back To School Cool with @Reebok #Twistform at @FinishLine #IC #ad

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reebok twist twistform finish line back to school bts shoes boys kids youth gym tennis basketballl skateboarding 2I can’t even believe it but it’s Back to School (#BTS) time again!  As a mom of three ridiculously fast growing boys, I have quickly learned that back to school shopping for an entire new wardrobe isn’t cost effective when they may grow 3 sizes by Christmas break.  But one thing we always go back to school shopping for is SHOES.

I think different people look for a variety of different things when shopping for shoes.  For me I need a quality shoe that will last awhile but doesn’t cost so much that I’ll cry when they outgrow them.  Of course, the kids appreciate if they’re comfortable and stylish!  I think we were able to meet ALL our requirements this back to school season by heading to Finish Line.  With some great sales on everything from socks (hello $1 socks!) to hoodies there is definitely more to be found there then just shoes.
reebok twist twistform finish line back to school bts shoes boys kids youth gym tennis basketballl skateboarding 5
But you will find a full line of popular styles of gym shoes at  Finish Line for kids of all sizes, including the Reebok Twistform. These trendy kicks have a spiral midsole to cushion your feet comfortably while you’re running from class to class. The rubber outsole gives you durability and traction while the soft textile upper gives you great fit and function.

reebok twist twistform finish line back to school bts shoes boys kids youth gym tennis basketballl skateboarding 3


reebok twist twistform finish line back to school bts shoes boys kids youth gym tennis basketballl skateboarding 4

See more from Reebok and Finish Line

Reebok on Facebook

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Finish Line on Facebook

Finish Line on Twitter







reebok twist twistform finish line back to school bts shoes boys kids youth gym tennis basketballl skateboarding 1



 What are YOUR kids wearing Back to School this year?

Movies for Back to School #STREAMTEAM

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It’s that time once again.  I know I’ve seen lots of first day of school photos already but we don’t go back until next week.  For us, this weekend will include some frantic last minute supply shopping (so unlike me) and then I plan collapse on the couch and watch some fun back to school movies while labeling eight billion school supplies with the kids names.




Here are just a few movies that fit the #BTS bill that you can find on Netflix right now!

Mean Girls
Can’t Buy Me Love
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

I especially love some of these if you’re sending kids off to middle school or high school as not only are the fun but they can also help spark conversations about friendships and relationships.  I know, I know.  Talking to your tween/teens about these things can typically solicit a plethora of eye rolls and heavy sighs but that’s why I like trying to  ‘sneak it in’ where ever I can.  Sitting down for a ‘we need to talk’ kind of conversation can usually create an instant wall, whereas SOMETIMES a bit of sneak attack while watching a movie and chompin on popcorn can lead to some good talks, or at least laying to ground work for future communication.

Back to school season isn’t just about freshly sharpened pencils and studying for tests, but the excitement of seeing friends again and nervousness about crushes.

How are YOU making sure your kids are ready for the new school year?

So Bad It’s Good #StreamTeam

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sharknado epically bad streamteam

Sometimes you need to watch a really great movie. You want a fabulously acted, well written story that will touch you at your core. And then sometimes, you need something so horrifically bad that it’s almost good.  This is the only way I can describe the phenomenon that IS Sharknado.

When I initially decided to watch this movie I had apparently not been listening closely to the hype as I was expecting some Shark Week-esq type of documentary or something.  But there is literally nothing realistic about this movie series.

Yes that’s right, if you haven’t been paying attention a THIRD Sharknado was just released.  And yes I DO think you need to watch it.  But first…first you need to experience it from the beginning.  Find Sharknado and Sharknado 2 streaming on Netflix.  And for a fully enjoyable experience, take the time to stop and back up to verify the unbelievable things a second, or maybe a third time because really how could you NOT!?!

Now hurry up, go watch these movies that are so crazy bad that even one the stars, Ian Ziering, admits he only did the first one because he needed to keep his insurance!  So grab your loved ones and a ton of popcorn and catch up on the natural disaster that is Sharknado.

I mean where else will you find a movie who ADMITS that they “jumped the shark!?”



Sponsored Video: The Kids Of Summer – Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes #ShowYourStripes

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I am a sports fan!

I love to show my support by donning my team colors and cheering my heart out! I LOVE to see my team win!  But if that team happens to be one that my child is playing on, all that really matters to me is that they gave their best effort and they did so with a good attitude.  The speech featured in the video above is one I have listened to many times since last year’s Little League World Series.  To me it is all that is right in the world.  It is why I work harder and sacrifice more so that my kids can play team sports.  The lessons learned in a team sport like baseball, on of our personal faves, are ones that will last them a life time.

The thrill of victory is fleeting but the character and relationships built on that field will last long after the equipment is packed up and the lights are turned off.  To me that’s what the Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes #ShowYourStripes campaign is really about.  As a mom it is always fun to watch the hard work pay off in a great hit or an epic diving catch.  But the moments I’m really most proud of are ones like when after a tough loss my son still seeks out the pitcher of the opposing to team to congratulate him on a great game because they played together a few years ago and will always be friends no matter what colors they may where on game day. My favorite saying is “my son never loses! he either wins or he learns!”

Visit Frosted Flakes Little League Page, Frosted Flakes Facebook, or Tony The Tiger on Twitter for more great stories or to share how you #ShowYourStripes!!



Make Memories This Summer at Medieval Times #sponsored

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If you’ve always wanted to take the family to Medieval Times to enjoy the exciting tournament while feasting like a king now is the time with this great LIMITED Time Four Pack Offer for JUST $128!

Four Pack includes:

  • Four Admission Tickets
  • Four Course Feast Fit for a King.. or Queen!
  • Two rounds of Select Beverages
  • Two Hour Action Packed Show
  • And Parking is ALWAYS FREE!


If you visit before the end of the month your kids can train with the knights.  My boys did this about 4 years ago and enjoyed it!

Read all about our first family visit to Medieval Times Chicago here!

#TBT With Netflix #StreamTeam

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tbtlogoOne of my favorite things on Facebook is Throw Back Thursday (#TBT) photos.  I LOVE seeing photos of friends and family from days gone by.  It’s fun to see what they looked like before we knew each other but I really love the photos of times we did share together.  It’s like hopping in a time machine and being magically transported back to that time.  Photos of Junior High can immediately bring back the anxiety of dealing with a school locker for the first time, the smell of Aquanet and the tunes of NKOTB pumping through my boom box speakers!!!

Watching old favorites can totally take me back the same way.  And I’m thinking it does the same for my kids.  The kids who watched more than a couple episodes of Teletubbies recently on Netflix.  I’m not sure that would have been my first choice for a throwback but I definitely love Netflix for the ability to watch and rewatch many of my old favorites, and sharing old faves with my kids.  Here’s a few a great throwback suggestions just to get you started:

80025273 hd1080 426x607
DangerMouse EN US 571x800
70234440 hd1080 426x607
70208518 hd1080 426x607


70155581 hd1080 426x607
70184128 hd1080 426x607
70264612 hd1080 426x607
70180293 hd1080 426x607
70155539 ghd 284x405
70212980 hd1080 426x607
70269568 hd1080 426x607
70171947 hd1080 426x607