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Confessions from a Working Mom

Thanks to Elizabeth, I’ve been crowned Queen for the Week. But for my entire life, my mom’s nickname for me has been princess. I’ll admit, I MAY have acted a bit like a princess from time to time. But now, as a mom of three little princes, I think the title QUEEN fits me quite well, don’t you?

If this is the first time you’re visiting, from Confessions of a Working Mom, THANK YOU for stopping by. Let me introduce myself properly…

I’m Lisa. I am a full time working mom of three amazing boys who have more energy in their little toes than I EVER have. I have been told they’re pretty which, and of course I TOTALLY agree. They are currently 7, 6 and 2 years old.
There’s Timmy, aka BooBoo, who’s 7. He is artistic, super smart and very very kind hearted. He was also diagnosised with ADHD a year and a half ago so he can be a BIG bear most mornings, but the rest of the day more than makes up for it. He also keeps us running with all the things he does…basketball, baseball, guitar and Cub Scouts. (But not all at the same time.)
There’s Johnny, aka, JohnJohn, who’s 6. He is very creative and super snugly. He is already talking about how he’s going to make movies when he grows up! He will be evaluated for ADHD soon. If he is Dx’d, he has a MUCH milder form but its coming out quite a bit at school. He had sort of a hard time losing his place as the baby of the family and developed an imaginary friend
who spent a LOT of time with us and even joined us when we went places like church for months! Johnny has spent many years doing the same things Timmy has done but next week he’ll start soccer for the first time, all by himself! I’m excited for him but not as excited as he is.
And last, but certainly not least is Bryan, who’s 2. He is the stereotypical baby. He coslept for 2 years while the others never did. He had a bottle and woke a night for over a year and a half when the others lost their bottles before a year. He is super spoiled! But man oh man he is the cutest thing. Literally everywhere we go people comment about how cute is or how he should be a model. To the later I say if he was even the slightest bit cooperative we MAY think about it. But I think getting him to model would be about as easy as taming a lion.
Then there’s my husband, Tom. He is a stay at home dad. Its definitely not the perfect situation for us, but its the best thing for us right now. Tom and I are bit of an odd couple, with him being 16 years older than I am and about 5 inches shorter and we won’t talk about how many pounds lighter! And I won’t even lie and say its been all rosey for us. We’ve had some HUGE issues and have even filed divorce papers at one point. But since we recommitted to making it work, and he committed to making some pretty significant changes, we’ve been doing ok and always welcome the chance to help others who are going through what we went through!
Ok, so I guess I really introduced my family and not me…I guess that’s sort of what happens when you become a mom, you tend to define yourself by your family. But I AM more than them, as wonderful as they are. As I said, I work full time. I am the office manager for an electrical construction company. Its a good job that’s been good to me but not my passion by any means. My passions are varied and I often struggle to not over extend myself. But I LOVE photography and my photography can be seen at www.lisanoelphotography.com. And as you may have guessed I also love to write. But I also love to…try and save the world. I’ve spent the last couple as the Children’s Ministry team leader at our church. Have become the treasure for the PTO at the boys school. And have worked, with my husband, to create a neighborhood watch in our neighborhood after we had a series of serious problems in our area including our house being broken into twice in one weekend for over $12,000 worth of stuff, which is pretty impressive since we don’t have much!! (Thankfully we had good insurance and all the STUFF has been replaced. The only thing that can never be fully replaced was my wedding and engagement ring!)
So that’s me! A super busy mom of three great guys.

Thanks again to Elizabeth for crowning me!!! If you haven’t checked out her blog before please be sure to hop over there now!


  1. Stepping On Cheerios says:

    Great post! Stopping by from CWM but now I think I’ll stay. I only have 2 boys at the moment. I alsp work full time and I’m a photographer!!!

  2. Wow you are a busy mama! Thank you so much for the great peek into your life. I have 2 boys and often refer to myself as “the only pink in a house of blue.” So I kind of understand where you are coming from.

    Your boys are so adorable! And it sounds like you are loving your life as a mom of boys. They are the cutest things though, aren’t they? Always wanted a girl, but now that I have my 2 boys (2.5 and 8 mos), I am not so sad. So loveable!

    Congrats on your reign!


  3. 3LittleMonkeys says:

    Hi! Hopping over from Elizabeth’s blog. I also have 3 boys (ages 4, 3, 20 months) so your blog is very interesting to me! I look forward to reading more.

  4. Great queen post! As a fellow mother of boys- I congratulate you!

  5. Anne DiNapoli says:

    Hi Lisa! I’m here from Elizabeth’s blog. I’m following you now 🙂
    I’m so sorry to hear about your rings getting stolen and your home getting broken into. I had three friends in Atlanta get robbed this year. It’s a horrible thing! Congrats on being Queen this week! With 4 guys in the house, you deserve to always be queen!

  6. Anne DiNapoli says:

    Hi Lisa! I’m here from Elizabeth’s blog. I just wrote this long comment but it disappeared. I hate when that happens! Here’s summary, nice blog, congrats on being Queen, so sorry your home was robbed this year. Oh an your boys are so cute!

  7. Congrats on your Queendom in your “king”dom. Ha! What a whirlwind and that is sad about your rings! At least y’all are all okay. Glad to pass the crown to you. Enjoy your reign!

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