Rain Wordless Wednesday 9-18-13 #WW

dance in the rain storm
He got thirsty during a rain delay while all our stuff was stacked up and keeping my camera dry so I wouldn’t get him out a drink.  I suggested he drink some rain!

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  1. So Cute! I think we have all done this before…maybe still do it 🙂

  2. Very clever!! 😉


  3. Very sweet reminder to pause and enjoy the moment.

  4. I am with Tiffany. I may or may not still engage in this behavior.

    You guy is a cutie though.


  5. Heheh! i have done that a long time ago though heheh!

    Have a tanfastic week 😉

  6. How great is that?! Definitely something a kiddo would do, though! 😉

  7. I am not ashamed to say that I still try doing this.

  8. Ha ha ha, challenge accepted!

  9. I remember doing that a bunch when I was young. Now ask me what I did 3 minutes ago and I couldn’t tell ya.

  10. LOL – I still do that. Shh, don’t tell.

  11. I am so over the rain – it’s horrible here in Colorado right now with all the rain we had last week!

  12. In my childhood I have eaten snow, but that was before pollution.

    Thanks for stopping by and for hosting.

    Oh My Heartsie Girl

  13. hahahaha I love it when kids do what we tell them to do like this! If they’re thirsty enough, they’ll drink the rain. =)

  14. Did it work? 🙂

  15. So cute!

  16. Careful what you suggest, lol!!

  17. Cute!! I have seen people catch snowflakes, but raindrops? This is a first. Awesome!

  18. Haha!!
    Happy WW 🙂

  19. How cute. Catching raindrops is certainly the best part of rain!

  20. Adorable! My 4 year old loves to try to catch rain on her tongue 🙂

  21. I still do this with snowflakes.

  22. Bet he gets real excited when it snows.
    Have a great WW!

  23. We catch snowflakes on our tounge, so why not dring the rain? It would take some time to quench a thirst though.

  24. I think he is being self sufficient :).

  25. thirsty little guy is quite innovative!

  26. Brilliant!


  27. Too cute – was he still thirsty??

  28. Looks like he found a solution to his problem

  29. Kids are so literal. I’m sure he’s not thirty anymore. Ha!

  30. It’s great you captures that moment!

  31. Boys, I can never understand them – but he’s so adorable.

  32. LOL

  33. Resourceful kids for sure!! Love it!

  34. That is an awesome capture. I love how kids think and respond.

  35. Thanks for the party ~ Sharon & Denise

  36. What a great idea, Mom!

  37. LOL smart little man.

  38. Ha! How cute is he?! Great idea too!

  39. hahaah I love this picture!

  40. Too cute. I’m sure his thirst was totally quenched.

  41. Awesome pic! I think we all did this as a child!

  42. HAHA I So remember doing that as a kid.

  43. Ha! My kiddo would do the exact same thing. Cute photo 🙂

  44. Way to problem solve! I love it.

  45. Too cute. Love it. What a great shot ! 🙂

  46. Standing outside with my mouth open wide, Ah, ah, ah,ah

  47. Cute pic! We love the rain too!

  48. It is one of the rites of passage for childhood. So cute!

  49. I did this when I was young and still do it sometimes.

  50. Too cute! Rain water is the best!

  51. LOL that is too funny!

  52. Gotta love how kids always have time to enjoy the simple things in life.

  53. Love it! You should have thrown some soap and shampoo at him too 😉 We had rain for the first time in two months last week, it was glorious!

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