Saban’s #PowerRangers Dino Charge on Nickelodeon Starts TOMORROW

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Yesterday when I picked Bryan up from school I asked my typical question of “How was your day?” He’s typically positive in his reply but this time it was a very emphatic “GOOD!” So I asked what happened that made it good. And he said, “All day I just kept thinking about how the day after tomorrow, the new POWER RANGERS starts!” And he’s right! You know, in the life of a seven year old, there is simply no such thing is too much Power Rangers. So while the DVR is still picking up last seasons episodes, and his Netflix list is full of decades of seasons, the highlight of his week, or maybe his month, is the premier of the new season of Power Rangers, Power Rangers Dino Charge.
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If you have a Power Rangers fan in your house you’ll definitely want to tune in Saturday February 7th for Dino Charge.  And while you wait you can check out the Deluxe Dino Charge Scanner AppFREE Deluxe Dino Charge Scanner App (Available on: iTunes and Google Play Store).

Where you can morph yourself into your favorite Power Ranger or Zord using 3D face tracking, put yourself in the action and create your own explosive Power Ranger scenes with Dinogram, use the scanner to unlock your Dino Chargers and check out the upcoming Power Rangers Dino Charge toy collection, charge up your Dino score to earn great rewards, unlock coupons for great savings on Power Rangers Dino Charge Toys,  exclusive Power Rangers Dino Charge wallpapers and more great digital content within the app, and watch the exclusive preview of the new Power Rangers Dino Charge theme song.


Bryan is a BIG fan of the Dinogram feature:

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And of course there’s tons of fabulous Power Rangers Dino Charge merchandise so you’re lil ranger can keep the excitement going all week.  My lucky little fan got a sneak peak:

dino charge power ranger birthday promo toys boys kids merchandise


Check back next week for the full info on the great stuff he got!!

And check out the sneak peak trailer here while you wait!























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