Seadog Chicago Fireworks Cruise

During my trip downtown Chicago last month I had the pleasure of taking an amazing fireworks cruise courtesy of Seadog Chicago and Madame Deals.

seadog cruise chicago skyline madame deals

The view from Seadog’s dock on Navy Pier was beautiful as we boarded.  I don’t think I will ever get tired of the Chicago skyline at night. It is truly breath taking.

Seadog cruises in a speedboat so you will be warned that you could get wet.  Thankfully we were out on a calm night and I think they went easy on us so we stayed completely dry.

seadog cruise blogging friends madame deals

I loved spending the evening with good friends. We chose to stay put in our seats but you are able to get up and move around.  And to my surprise there IS a bathroom on board.

seadog cruise chicago fireworks madame deals

And I have never seen fireworks from ON the lake but I LOVED seeing the colors reflecting off the water in addition to lighting up the sky.

seadog cruise blogging friends jake madame deals

Paula of, me, Jake from Seadog, Sara of and Samantha of

I had such a great time on Seadog Chicago fireworks cruise, thank you Jake and Seadog!!!


  1. It was such a great cruise! I love those pictures & memories!

  2. I haven’t been to Chicago, but if I ever make it I want to go on one of those cruises.

  3. That sounds so cool! I need to add that to my bucket list.

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