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Do you like to shop online as much as I do?  Having a career limits the opportunities to rush from store to store looking for household products, clothes, etc.   Plus, I seem to always keep to one or two items per purchase and I reduce my risk of that impulse buy that typically happens at the store.  I like when I get direct mail or store flyers, but I am never big on rushing out to the stores every weekend for a sale.  As we know, these sales tend to come around each week.  Now I am not saying I don’t partake in Black Friday or some of the semi-annual sales, because those discounts can be extreme.  Ok, so back to the benefits of online shopping. My weekends are already busy enough with trips to kid’s activities, family gatherings and the grocery store.  Why clutter it any further with so many additional trips to department stores or the mall?  There is probably never a way to eliminate all these trips, but at least you can save on stops at a few stores and several hours.  Also, isn’t it nice to just sit in bed, grab the laptop, and shop?  Plus, I can check out multiple other pages for blogs, news and everything else.  I always make sure to start at to get free online coupons for shopping.   They have hundreds of discounts and savings for tons of retailers.  Check out the QVC Coupon Codes and Macys Coupon Codes.  Great savings and I have peace and quiet to look through them all.  

Monique Rowe is a guest writer for My and also loves doing product reviews on her blog The One Income Dollar.

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