Since we scheduled Bryan’s baptism I have assumed he would wear the outfit that both of the other boys wore. It was a cute little white tuxedo my mom had bought for Timmy. He was a pretty big boy himself and the thing says its a size 6-9 month so I figured I was pretty safe. But the night before last I pulled it out to try it on. I immediately notice its has a spit up stain on it I hadn’t remembered but figure I still have time to get it cleaned. But then when I try it on there is just no way its able to button around chubbies chins!
So yesterday I head to Baby Depot, which is where my mom got the original tux. Apparently these things are sized a bit different because for them a 9-12 month size is for 16-20 pounds. So my 2 month old will be wearing a 12month size outfit. And the only thing they had in that size was a tux with tails and cumber bun! Its super cute but its a bit much, especially compared to what I will be wearing. But I went ahead and got it. I tried it on him when I got home. The cumber bun is too big and the pants could be hemmed a good 6 inches. But it will work and he looks sooo cute.

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