Ok, really not even sure what to say anymore.  I am so frustrated by this and I’m pretty sure at least SOME of you have to be tired of hearing about it.  But the dealership called today, just as I pulled into the driveway this evening.  I asked Tom to go pick up the van because I’m just plain tired of all the time I have missed away from my kids because of the running back and forth.  So anyway, he comes back with the rental.  They had led him to believe yesterday that we’d be spending another $100, which as I mentioned I didn’t think was a great deal considering, but whatever.  But when he arrived they are charging us $200.  When there wasn’t enough on our credit card for this amount to go through he grabbed the key for the rental and came home.  After some cooling down, he called Ted* who insisted he’d told him that it would be 2 separate deductibles yesterday before Tom told him to go ahead and do the work.  Tom basically said, yeah ok whatever I don’t know how we’re going to swing that and ended the call.  I called back, and spoke with Ted* letting him know just how upset I am.  The fact that I’ve been there so many times, that I’ve lost I don’t know how many hours from work, that I’ve paid the stupid deductible many times, all trying to find this problem that started with in the first year we had the car.  Which had I been smart enough back then we could have a new damn car had I went through all this BS that first year with the lemon law.  
Anyway, I told Ted* that I had a hundred bucks and a rental van on his dime…and how did he want to work it so I could pick up my vehicle.  The only working vehicle in our family of 5.  He offered to try to finance it. LOL Yeah first of all I’d fall over if he was even able to get us the financing but then there’s no damn way I’m financing $200 I don’t think I should have to pay.  So he said he’s going to see what he can do and to call him in the morning.
I also called a friend of ours who’s actually the sales manager at the same dealership who knows that if this could all simply be made “right” we’d likely by from him again this year when said piece of s#!% van is paid off.  I’m not sure if he can do anything but he said he’d try and it can’t hurt to ask.  I figure if they were smart they’d eat $200 to make a car sale but what do I know.
So anyway, I still have the 2008 Chrysler Town and Country at over $36 a day for them and they have my shitty 2004 Grand Caravan…we’ll see what happens tomorrow. 
And I promise, at some point this will be resolved and I’ll stop talking about it.


  1. OH my…you totally need to get all that for free. Do they not have people that can fix their own make of cars? Holy Crap batman…I would be mad too!

  2. Wow. This sounds like it has been a trip for you. Having a nice, new van is great, but you can’t mess it up like your own, can you? Lets hope this is over with soon!

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