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“Mooom, we don’t have any….” fill in the blank here. I swear it’s something about the Y chromosome that makes things invisible to the male eye.  I’m pretty sure I spend more of my life looking for stuff the men in my house can’t find than I do just about everything other than sleep.  

But I have to admit that even I struggle with finding anything in our black hole of a refrigerator.  With absolutely no shelves in our above the fridge freezer and the shelves on the door broken, we can’t put much in our freezer without being assaulted by frozen foods whenever we open the door.  I dream of someday having a better refrigerator.  And this Samsung is fairly drool worthy.

I think a freezer on the bottom is genius, that alone would make me happy. At almost six feet tall I blame most of my inability to find things in our fridge on the fact that everything is too low. To see something in the back on the bottom shelf I practically have to lay on the floor. But to have sliding shelves…oh date I dream that the kids could actually find that last juice box I KNOW is in the fridge….somewhere! I mean, really, if they told me they couldn’t, I could just play them this video and explain that even a monkey could find it…so what’s the problem? Of course that’d just bring heavy sighs and eye rolling. But you can’t blame a mom for dreaming. I think the ONLY down side to having a refrigerator that made it easy to find EVERYTHING…would be that I could’t HIDE anything in there anymore. I mean, not that I HIDE things. But, let’s say I wanted to…it would probably be as easy as putting it back behind the cottage cheese! Yeah they never look there. I mean, they probably wouldn’t.

In the last year we’ve added several Samsung products to our household including phones and a large screen TV and have been thrilled with the quality. I would definitely consider this Samsung refrigerator when we are finally able to replace the dinosaur we have now. 

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