Timmy and Johnny news

My big boys seem to have adjusted fairly well to their baby brother. They both enjoy him and for the most part are fairly patient with having the attention divided one more way. Our biggest struggle with Timmy is that he doesn’t smother Bryan with all his love and hugs.

Aside from that the boys haven’t been up to a whole lot until recently.

Timmy is in his last year of preschool which he absolutely loves and was not happy when he had to take a whole week off for spring break. He is such a smarty pants too. He keeps busy at home by coloring and working on work books pretty often. Of course he spends a good amount of time driving his brother crazy and also spending time with his new love, my old N64 video game unit, which Tom hooked up to an old TV and put in their bedroom. They have had V Smile games for a while but this is the first time they’ve played much “real” video games. But whenever possible he’d rather be outside or out at a play land, where he’s really gotten to be quite social and makes friends where we go with other kids (or at least tries). But he is still a constant ball of energy and tends to drive us a bit nutty on a daily basis. For that reason and in hopes of him finding some self control, both boys started martial arts last week. They are going here Master’s Martial Arts if you’re interested. They instructor has a doctorate in Theology so its martial arts with a Christian twist. The boys seem really excited about it so we’ll see how they do.
And next month they will both start T Ball practice, which is always a good time to watch!
Aside from the above, Johnny is pretty much home. He has not yet started preschool. Although he swears he wants to he can’t until he figures out the whole potty issue which we’re still struggling with. He’s not exactly where I’d expect him to be with writing or recognizing letter etc but its certainly not a lack of intelligence. He’s a smart guy, just not too interested in learning that stuff like Timmy was. He’s much rather curl up with you and be read to or watch a movie together. He is still having some issues with speech too. There are several sounds that he just does not make and as he’s starting to talk more and more and faster and faster its actually getting tougher sometimes to understand him. So we’re going back for another speech evaluation this week at the school.

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