Trying to #DropthePop

A few years ago I gave up caffeine.  One day I just got sick of the control it had over me and how much I NEEDED it daily.  I didn’t do it for health reasons or to lose weight (as much as you hope it does help with weight loss) but simply because I hated the addiction.  At some point after that, I did commit to healthier eating and working out and lost 60 pounds.  I felt really good.  And then life happened.  First I wasn’t able to get to the gym and working out felt impossible.  Then I let the eating slip slowly but eventually back into my worst possible habits.  And even eventually feeling the demands of being a single mom without the energy to handle them (most likely thanks to the poor fuel I was putting into my body) I dove back into my sugar filled caffeine addiction, except this time I added not just regular soda but full on energy drinks and sugary coffee creations.

So here’s the thing, I’m not going to lie.  A good coffee (one that doesn’t really taste like coffee anymore) makes me HAPPY.  Like it feels like it brings joy and meaning to my life.  Yeah, I know that’s bad.  AND expensive!  When the budget’s tight and I feel the withdrawal headache coming on, I’ll opt for a quick run through McD’s for a large soda (no ice of course cuz that’s just less soda!)  I’m right back where I was years ago and even the boys know, when mom’s crabby they suggest a good caffeine fix!

So when my brother posted his Wake Up and Be Happy challenge, I wasn’t exactly in love with the idea.  And I honestly haven’t taken the full leap and done 100% healthy eating BUT I have committed to dropping the pop and trying to kick the caffeine addiction…again.  I’ve also cut out obvious sugars.  I’m sure there’s lots of hidden sugars, and we’ll keep working on those but I’m working on baby steps here.  So today is day three with no soda or coffee…if you can’t find me…check under my desk, I may be napping!

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