Twenty Years #StreamTeam

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1995 class reunion twenty years moviesNext weekend my high school classmates and I will celebrate our twenty year reunion.  In some ways it feels like it’s been every bit of two decades since we graduated, but in some ways it’s also seemed like the blink of an eye.

I can’t wait to see people I haven’t seen in all those years and enjoy time with those I have stayed connected to remembering THOSE days.  In preparation, I’ve been jammin to 90s tunes on Spotify and this week will involve a ton of movies from 1995 on Netflix

See if some of these titles take you back….




Billy Madison

Dead Man Walking


Tommy Boy

While You Were Sleeping



A lot changes in twenty years.  The cars, the clothes, the hair….OH THE HAIR.  But I’m certain that just like watching these movies brings back the memories of that time being back with old friends will bring back all the fun and good times of days, back before people expected us to ‘act our age’ and pay bills and what not!  But I have no intentions of acting my age at this reunion, aside from making sure I have a safe ride home when it’s time to go, I plan to party like I don’t have the worries and responsibilities I’ve gathered these last 20 years and just enjoy a great time with great people!


  1. I had no idea Tommy Boy was on Netflix! I may have to watch that tonight 🙂

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