Ty Pennington Could Totally Help Me

We bought our house over seven years ago. It was a cute little house that we had great visions for. Before moving in we painted the two smaller bedrooms. The first we just added a red wall for the NASCAR theme and the other we had to cover thick, black cow spots. Well, we is a lose term. Mostly it was my husband…or totally my husband, but I WAS at home packing with a one year old and 4 month old.
The idea was that we’d slowly redecorate the house as we were able over time.  But we never got any further.  Actually things have progressively fallen apart and there are more projects than my brain can think about that NEED to be done.  But one that runs a thin line of need and want is our bedroom.  I’d love to have a gorgeously decorated room that I love to be in.  I love all the queen and twin platform beds available.  But considering my California Queen bed often feels to small, I think I definitely need a king.  I currently have a mattress that is almost 15 years old in an old waterbed frame that is almost 20 years old.  Because I am used to the under bed storage I really like the idea of platform beds with the drawers underneath.  This stops the area under my bed from becoming a disorganized waste land.  But at this point I would just love to get something comfortable and appropriate for our room.  If was actually part of a matching set, well that would just be a total bonus since my oak colored waterbed frame, circa 1992 doesn’t really match the dressers that were once white, circa 1977.  It’d be nice to have a ‘big girl’ room someday.  
I’m just saying, Ty Pennington, if you’re listening…I will totally volunteer my bedroom, or any room in my house for a make over.  Heck bring in the bulldozer and start over if you want, but I really would just be happy to have a new bed, with a mattress that my husband can actually sleep on so we could once again share a bedroom.  So Ty, while you and your crew are on your way to my place in ‘the bus’ you can shop by brand for my new cozy bed.  I’ll be listening for you and your bull horn.

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