Wild Kratts Birthday Party

Unlike his brothers the youngest boy is slightly indecisive. The older boys will pick a Halloween costume the day after Halloween for the following year and stay committed to that idea for a whole year. (This is super convenient if I’m able to score a costume super cheap on clearance.) They also pick party themes well in advance and I don’t have to worry about them changing their minds. THIS ONE tho, we went through about 50 ideas before I began working and told him he was committed. The one that stuck was Wild Kratts. I found tons and tons of ideas on pinterest but since it was going to be a small party I didn’t go over board. He got a creature power suit t shirt and we printed a bunch of creature power discs, bought a ton of animal themed snacks and decorated the living room with every animal toy they own.
wild kratts party 1

Thankfully my kids are pretty easy going when it comes to parties (probably because many years we haven’t even had kid parties) because his small party of 5 kids turned out to be just one friend showing up. But they had a blast and it was super easy on me!
wild kratts party 2


  1. Happy birthday to your son! Looks like he had a good party, even with just one friend there.

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