A perfect Mother’s Day gift idea

I know you will all be shocked to know that I have used photos as gifts…once or twice.

But this year I wanted to do something a little different. As I happen to wonder around etsy.com fairly regularly ‘window shopping’ I found the perfect thing. It was something I loved and will be printing to frame for my own living room but also for gifts for mothers day!
After deciding I wanted to do these sort of vintage framed silhouettes, you know after some consideration because no decision can ever be made without much pondering and second guessing, I returned to etsy. Since I hadn’t saved any seller in particular for this, I did a search. There were a lot of items found. Many of them were for an actual ready to frame silouette. Only a small handful were for digital files of the silhouette. And of those one jumped out at me. It said proceeds went to a charity AND it was a great price. SOLD!!
I loved the silhouettes she’d done and to think that my purchase could actually help a charity too! So I messaged the seller because there was only one available and, in case you haven’t been paying attention, I have three kids. She very kindly added the extra listings for me. Then she got to work. I was worried that my first attempt at photos wouldn’t work because my kids were less than cooperative. The baby is in general not cooperative with the taking of photos anymore. Then the older boys were just confused about what I was doing. So in other words, the photos were not perfectly what she asked for. But not only did she make them work…she made them GORGEOUS!

Visit petit debutant to get a beautiful silhouette of your own.

I know you can’t see my cuties, gorgeous blue eyes or sweet smiles, but don’t you think there is just something simply elegant about these???



  1. Those are beautiful…

  2. I love the ones we had done at Disney of each of the kids – they are hanging on the wall – soo cute. I have one from when I was a child too. They really are keepsakes.

  3. They turned out amazing!

    I worked with an terrific sihlouette artist (dang, I have to use spellcheck every time I type that!) and she actually donated one of my sister’s little girl who had passed away at a day old. It was incredibly touching and it was my sister’s favorite Christmas gift.

    They are so timeless aren’t they? Your boys look great in profile! 🙂

  4. I know it’s my second comment… but had to tell you I finally got my award post up and you might want to take a peek 🙂 Thanks for all the amusement and humor when I really needed it these past couple of weeks!

  5. I love those … I’ve always thought about having them done. You have inspired me!

  6. kgriffithgryga says


    Thank you so much for finding this — I love it and cannot wait to order one of my kids!

    Great job.


  7. I am Harriet says

    Great idea!

  8. these are adorable! I love them! what a wonderful idea!

  9. Love those! She did them with photos? I feel a new Photoshop project coming on!

  10. Those came out so cute! I have been looking for a mother’s day gift for my mom and MIL….i’m gonna go order them for each of my boys right now!

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