Blogger Event from Southern SAHMs

Southern Stay-at-Home Momma ( is hosting a $100 giveaway, which happens to be her blog’s very first self-hosted giveaway. In order for her to take advantage of a fantastic blogger opportunity, s he needs at least 4,000 Twitter followers by early July. Her goal is 5,000 followers, so I’m helping her out — you can, too! She can use all the help that she can get, but she knows that she’s not the only blogger who needs help promoting their blog’s social networking pages. So, the idea behind this giveaway is to not only help her blog but to help other bloggers, such as myself! This is her way of spreading some love and showing some appreciation for the other bloggers out there!
If you’re a blogger and would like to help her host this giveaway along with me, please fill out this form:
To get your Twitter link on the Rafflecopter, you need to send $5.00 to Caitlin Nicole’s Paypal e-mail, which is MommaFushigi [at] yahoo [dot] com! As a sincere thank you for helping her host this $100 giveaway, you have the option of having your Facebook page’s link on the Rafflecopter. FYI, one of the required entries will be a blog post comment, so those who enter the giveaway from your blog will be commenting on your blog, so hopefully you get at least a few more readers out of the deal! 
The giveaway will run from May 15 to May 30!

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