BlogHer ’12

The snow has barely melted but plans for BlogHer ’12 this August are in FULL swing.  The party schedule has been announced.  The Twitter hashtag (#BlogHer12) is going nuts.  And I have booked my flight and hotel room, etc.
Are you going to New York City for BlogHer ’12? Although this will only be my second time to the conference, it seems like all the nerves I experienced last year are GONE! Aside from the moments of guilt for being away from my family (and experiencing some fabulous sites of SD without them) AND the nasty stomach virus that attacked me, I had the most amazing experience.  If you’re going to BlogHer12, leave me a comment with a link to your blog and Twitter (so I can add you to my ever growing list of attendees).  And if you’re a newbie, here are just a few of my tips.  
1. COMFY SHOES! Yes, yes everyone told me this last year and I did wear shoes that never hurt but somehow managed to get blisters on the BOTTOMS of me feet anyway. This year I will be in search of a great pair of walking shoes!
2. PLAN AHEAD! One thing I was not prepared for was the lack of WiFi at the conference site. I thought I’d be able to keep track of people I wanted to connect with more easily on twitter.  This year I will prearrange some lunch or breakfast meet ups so that I don’t miss AS MANY of the people that I hope to meet. 
3. FOLLOW THE HASHTAG! Many were blown away by the party invites I got. And while I did have a few private invites, most of mine were snagged by stalking the hashtag at least once a day once the real party flurry begins in June sometime.
4. FIND A BUDDY! Have a friend who you help get invites and vice versa so you will KNOW that you will have someone to attend events too. But also, don’t be afraid to try something on your own too.  I attended a GREAT photography event where I know no one going in and I am SO glad I went.
5. HAVE FUN!  If you aren’t having fun, you aren’t doing it right. This is seriously a group of some of the most amazing women ever!  If you are not enjoying a certain, party, session, etc get up and find something else.  
I am SO ready! Are YOU? If your company won’t be able to make it to NYC to be part of BlogHer ’12, consider sponsoring me and letting me get your company the exposure you want for a very reasonable price.  Click the ‘sponsor me’ info in the left side bar for more information!

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