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Adele and Derek Jeter Grace the Cover of The World Almanac® and Book of Facts 2012

Best-Selling American Reference Book Reveals the Top 10 News Topics of 2011,
Greatest Sports Upsets, 2012 Election Details
New York, NYWhich 2012 election candidate plans to lower the presidential salary to less than $40,000? How many millions of smartphones were sold in the United States over the past year? Which U.S. state has the highest public high school graduation rate? Find the answers to these questions and more in The World Almanac® and Book of Facts 2012, on sale November 22.
Gracing the cover of this year’s edition is singer Adele, whose 2011 album 21 broke the record for most consecutive weeks in the Top 5 of the Billboard 200. Adele is joined by NY Yankees veteran shortstop Derek Jeter, who this year became the historic franchise’s all-time hits leader, surpassing Hall-of-Famers Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth, and Lou Gehrig.
The World Almanac® and Book of Facts 2012 also boasts a new feature on “Greatest Sports Upsets.” Inspired by Japan’s unexpected victory in the Women’s World Cup and the underdog Dallas Mavericks’ six-game win against the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, the editors have compiled a list of the most surprising athletic outcomes of all time.
Speaking of fierce competitions, The World Almanac® previews the 2012 election, with biographical and financial profiles of all serious contenders, as well as other key issues and facts. “The Changing United States,” a brand-new graphic feature, highlights the most fascinating aspects of the country’s changing population based on newly released 2010 census data, with bonus statistics on how Americans get to work, get paid, and manage their time. “Year in Review” recaps the top headlines, strangest news stories, and most striking images of 2011.
“From its cover to its content, The World Almanac®embodies the record-setting events and surprising developments that characterize the year 2011,” said Sarah Janssen, senior editor of The World Almanac®. “For more than a century, The World Almanac® has chronicled fascinating people, news, and places. We are proud that even as the world swiftly changes, The World Almanac® remains a constant, authoritative source for all entertainment, reference, and learning needs.”
After 140-plus years, The World Almanac® still ranks as the best-selling American reference book, with 82 million copies sold. This year’s highlights include:
  • Top 10 News Topics of 2011—What were Americans paying attention to in 2011? The editors of The World Almanac® recap the top stories that led the conversation over the past year, from the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street.
  • Time Capsule—The World Almanac®lists the items that most came to symbolize the year 2011, including a copy of the NFL labor agreement that made the 2011 season possible and Princess Beatrice’s infamous hat from the British royal wedding.
  • Offbeat News Stories—A recap of some of the wackiest news stories of the year, from the CDC’s preparations for a zombie crisis to the father who turned his daily attempts to embarrass his teenager into a blog with its own smartphone app.
  • Year in Pictures: 2011—Striking full-color images from around the world in 2011, covering news, pop culture, and sports.
  • 2010 Census Results—An up-to-date portrait of the changing face of the American people, based on newly released 2010 census data. Find dozens of new graphics, charts, and essential population statistics about demographics, typical households, and more.
  • Election Preview 2012—Profiles of prominent contenders for the 2012 presidential election are included along with a schedule of caucuses, primaries, and other important dates.
  • Greatest Sports Upsets—The World Almanac® editors list the greatest athletic upsets of all time, including the “Miracle on Ice” in 1980 and many more that may surprise even the biggest sports fans.
  • Sports—2011 World Series and Women’s World Cup soccer coverage, as well as a 2012 Olympic preview, accompany hundreds of pages of trivia and historical statistics essential for any sports fan.
  • The World at a Glance—This annual feature of The World Almanac® highlights surprising statistics and curious facts that define the changing world today.
  • Education—All-new information on student bullying, charter schools, and how American students measure up internationally. Also highlights details on higher education costs, student debt, and distance education options.
  • Colleges and Universities—An indispensable tool for college-bound students and their families that includes undergraduate graduation rates for the first time, as well as student enrollment, tuition, and other useful information on thousands of public and private U.S. colleges and universities.
  • Economy and Employment—The World Almanac®’s acclaimed economics content comes streamlined for greater accessibility and enhanced to emphasize the facts, figures, and indicators that matter most.
My thoughts:

I have to say that for the most part The World Almanac and Book of Facts is not something that would have ever interested me…but my son who has  a crazy unquenchable thirst to simply KNOW stuff loves it.  He has been enthralled with kids Guiness books for a year or two now and when we got the Almanac is was little overwhelming for him at first because there simply aren’t many photos in this book. It really isn’t designed for kids (which is why there is actually a kids version as well) but once I found a few things he would be interested in for him, it was all over.  He has gone to bed several nights in a row now with it tucked under his armpit to dive into before shutting the light off for the night.  And most mornings we will learn at least one of the many new things he discovered the night before.  I am really not sure if there will ever ne a real need for him to know MOST of the facts in the book but who knows maybe he’ll win a ton of money on Jeopardy someday because of it!  But for now, I will just let him enjoy memorizing every March Madness winner since 1940 something because when the need to know and his love of sports collide, that kid is in heaven!!

Disclosure: We received a complimentary copy of The World Almanac® and Book of Facts 2012, however all opinions expressed are my own honest, personal feedback.

Mercer Mayer, Little Monster Fun and Learn Book Review

There are a few books in our large collection of kids books that I really love.  Mercer Mayer books are definitely among these.  I just LOVE the Little Critter books.  They are so cute and no matter how many times we read each of these books the boys still LOVE searching for the tiny mouse and/or spider hidden on each page!

 So it was no surprise to me that the boys loved this new book from Mercer Mayer, Little Monster Fun and Learn Book.    This a large book compared to the Little Critter series but it is divided into short stories that are perfect for bedtime reading.  This is the perfect book for the older Mercer Mayer fan.  My little monsters (almost 8 and 9 years old) have taken it to bed to read several times. 

Book Description (From Amazon.com)

Age Level: 3 and up
This is the second title in the FastPencil Premiere Mercer Mayer Classic Collectible series, featuring the million-copy, best-selling Little Monster character. This book provides fun and learning in ABCs, counting, enjoying bedtime, and traveling through the neighborhood. Mayer creates a world of fun and laughter filled with Little Monster escapades. His famed classic illustrations provide humorous details beloved by both parents and children alike. A great back-to-school and in-school title.

Disclosure: Our family received a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes but all opinions expressed are my own honest personal feedback.

Curious Critters, Kids Book Review

leaping, flying, and coming your way! 

In his children’s picture book CURIOUS CRITTERS (November 2011, Wild Iris Publishing, hardcover, ages 4-8) photographer David FitzSimmons turns his camera on a variety of animals common throughout North America. CURIOUS CRITTERS presents stunning images of everyday animals, including a red flat bark beetle, an Eastern spiny softshell turtle, a spotted salamander, and many other intriguing creatures. Each Curious Critter is photographed against a white backdrop, showcasing the animals’ colors, textures, and shapes with precision and clarity. Along with each photo is a vignette, told from the critter’s perspective, that educates and entertains. For example, a bush katydid explains her bubblegum-pink color, a poetic opossum opines upon her often-shortened name, and a far-from-modest black swallowtail butterfly lets readers in on her secret for avoiding predators. When parents read CURIOUS CRITTERS with their kids not only will they have fun reading, but they also inspire in them a life-long interest in nature. Kids will want to swap TV and video games for a trips to the park or more time in the backyard. So, get ready to have a budding biologist on your hands! Just some of what kids will learn: What turtles and humans have in common Why black swallowtail butterflies impersonates their toxic cousins How Eastern box turtles can live longer than humans (over 150 years!) If squirrels can fly Why crayfish grow new legs How bats find food Why frogs sing How jumping spiders jump and why they never have to look over their shoulders.


My Thoughts:
We have a lot of kids books in our house. I mean like a LOT a lot. So it takes something special to really catch my eye in a book. But Curious Critters caught my eye quickly. With truly amazing photography the art/photo lover in me was inamored, while the mom in my knew my kids would love the animal facts. My boys are serious science lovers and learning all they can about a huge variety of animals is included in that love.  Sometimes though I find that the educational books about animals don’t make great read aloud (ie bedtime reading) books especially since we all read together.  This book however still has a fun light tone with a perfect amount of text on the page.  And the photos are so stunning and clear…well some of the photos had my littlest reader a tad freaked out.  The best part for me is the recap and activity stuff at the end.  Simple activities you can use to review the animals names, what type of animals/insect/etc they all are.  It’s the perfect interactive book that really can be used for little kids or big kids.  
Let me leave you with this furry little guy.  The detail in his (I’m just guessing its a him) photo is beyond amazing!  This simply isn’t the type of photography you seen in most books.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this beautiful book for review purposes but all opinions expressed are my own honest personal feedback.

Charlie and Lola, Slightly Invisible Book Review and Giveaway

Slightly Invisible
by Lauren Child
Featuring Charlie & Lola!
On-sale May 10, 2011 ~ picture book ~ ages 3-6 ~ $16.99
“There is a retro feel to the whole Charlie and Lola world; the subject is simple and always about the tiny things in life. Tiny things, that can seem very big when you are four or seven.” –Lauren Child
Charlie and his friend Marv have invented an invisibility potion, which they would prefer to use without Charlie’s little sister, Lola, bothering and interrupting. But when Lola enlists a bit of help it turns out that the strange and tricky creatures have met their match in one very resourceful, inventive little sister.

Rocket Town Book Review

What do little boys like even better than trucks or trains? Rockets!
In this fun departure from the traditional board book themes for boys, Bob Logan’s Rocket Town tells the story of an astronaut and his canine companion as they drive an old pickup through Rocket Town—an amazing town filled with, yes, rockets!
Each colorful spread sports an eye-dazzling array of rockets, from big to small, fast to slow, practical to extremely silly—a taxi rocket, a police rocket, a school bus rocket, and even a rocket that looks like a shark! The final pages are a countdown to blastoff that is sure to thrill young readers.

Author and illustrator Bob Logan has worked as a story artist on feature animations such as Madagascar and Open Season, as well as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and is currently working on the upcoming Puss in Boots! Logan’s picture book, The Sea of Bath, charmed readers with fun and sweet illustrations, and Rocket Town will delight parents and children alike with colorful and imaginative rockets. The Pasadena Star News called it “…a blast for children ages 1 – 5… Simple text and retro-pop illustrations make the journey one kids (and parents) will want to take again and again.

My Thoughts:  

This is a fun little board book that I’m sure not only boys but all kids would love.  I love the bright colors and energetic illustrations.   The book covers some opposites (up/down, big/small) as well as counting in an engaging way.  This is a book that Bryan wanted my to read again and again.  He had a lot of fun helping me count down and excitedly yelling BLASTOFF!! 

The Family ADHD Solution book review

The Family ADHD Solution: A Scientific Approach to Maximizing Your Child's Attention and Minimizing Parental StressThe Family ADHD Solution: 
A Scientific Approach to Maximizing Your Child’s Attention and Minimizing Parental Stress

When I recieved a copy of The Family ADHD Solution, my husband rolled his eyes. ANOTHER ADHD book??

Yes, sir! Even though we got our first confirmed diagnosis almost 3 full years ago, I am constantly in need of more information, help, advice and affirmation as a parent of children with ADHD.  Although we are extremely lucky to have found a medication that has worked pretty well for both of our boys so that typically the rest of the world sees our boys at their best, there are hours and sometimes days that are physically and emotionally exhausting with them.  And while we might find something that works for today, as they grow and change so do the demands on them AND us.

When I began reading the book I was able to nod along, thinking of all the steps we’ve successfully navigated and considering the parents I WISH I could tactfully give a copy of such a book to.  I’m pretty sure there is not tactful way to tell a parent you’re pretty sure their child should be evaluated for ADHD.  And of course my chest puffs when  read comments about how ADHD might not be as immediately life threatening as asthma or diabetes but its just as real!  These are the types of things I can regularly be found telling people whom I occasionally feel the need to defend our decision to medicate to. 

But then when I get to parts about parenting approaches and the amount of negativity children with ADHD regularly get, it became harder to read.  I love my children! And I believe I have made that very clear to them.  But when I honestly look at the language of a day with them, I can’t help but feel guilty.  In the hours (or occasional days) when they are really lacking the self control of their bodies and actions, they need a TON of correction.  And while we do a lot to do fun stuff together and I think I acknowledge their accomplishments and talents.  Sometimes the sheer volume of needed correction can just be overwhelming.  It takes away from my ability to spend the time giving the positive encouragement I should.  But when I read something like DR Bertin’s book, I’m forced to look at it from their perspective.  I may not ever tell them you are a bad person, but when all the hear all day long, is don’t, stop, no, they can begin to feel that way.  I KNOW this first hand because even at just 4 years old my oldest son began questioning why good made him a bad boy. 
Whether you’re just starting down the road as a family dealing with ADHD, or you’re a pretty seasoned traveler, there is something in this book for you.  There is great value in reading the words of someone who understands what you’re going through but also has the knowledge to help you make the best of that situation.

From Amazon.com


“ADHD challenges a child and also a family; The Family ADHD Solution balances an expert approach to the science of understanding, managing, and living with ADHD with practical, evidence-based, and sympathetic strategies for the whole family.  Dr. Bertin will help parents and children cope, understand what is happening, and live and learn together from one day to the next.”–Perri Klass, M.D., author of Treatment Kind and Fair: Letters to a Young Doctor
“Mark Bertin has written an insightful guide to help families approach the challenges of attentional difficulties with a mindful approach. While “attention deficit” refers to a complex set of dysfunctions in much more than the focus of attention, it fills families with a wide array of issues. To support the ever-stressful journey, the author takes the important but often forgotten stance that caregivers need their own deep understanding and self-care in order to function well and offer the optimal help to their children.  What this means is that parents and other caregivers of children who have executive functions not working as they should–being able to pause before acting on an impulse, sustaining attention, avoiding becoming distracted–can now have an accessible method for maintaining a calm and clear focus of their own attention to keep their families functioning as best they can.  Research has suggested that learning to be mindfully aware can help reduce stress, focus the mind, keep emotions balanced, and even improve your immune function.  The bottom-line of these studies is that you can learn to approach challenging situations with resilience. So why not take the small amount of time to read this wonderful book and prepare yourself and your family well for the challenges ahead?”–Daniel J. Siegel, M.D., author, of Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation and Parenting from the Inside Out
“An excellent guide for families with children with ADHD. Mark Bertin not only explains the science behind how ADHD affects the brain, but also provides real tools and techniques for parents to both help their children succeed at home and academically, as well as restore balance to their lives.”–Edward Hallowell, M.D., author of Driven to Distraction
The Family ADHD Solution by Mark Bertin jumps to the top of my book list for families living with ADHD.  It captures the science and the human story of ADHD with clarity and specifics – and offers the first real approach to parenting a child with ADHD that doesn’t blame the child or the parent.  This book fills a gaping hole in the ADHD parenting bookshelf – providing a working understanding of ADHD that is accurate and accessible and giving parents a chance to literally catch their breath and recognize how hard it is for the child with ADHD and for parents trying to get their child on the right track. Compassion for the child and the adults working with the child define everything else that Dr. Bertin discusses.    The book assumes that interventions will be difficult and need to be changed over time – and doesn’t apply a one size fits all approach.  The tools provided are different than those found elsewhere – and the science supports the tools.   Strategies that parents learn from this book are specific enough to try right away – and flexible enough to modify for different children and over time with the same child.  I love this book and cannot wait to be able to recommend it to my patients and families.”–Candida Fink, MD, author of The Ups and Downs of Raising a Bipolar Child
“I highly recommend this book. It’s excellent, comprehensive coverage of practical information linked to scholarly research will help parents better understand and cope with the expectable challenges of parenting a youngster with ADHD. The author conveys in an articulate, engaging, and thoughtful manner a high level of familiarity with these challenges, and provides a clear set of empirically based techniques to manage them.  Especially valuable are the emphases on the biological underpinnings of ADHD to help lessen the likelihood of blame, mindfulness techniques to manage stress and facilitate self-regulation, and guidelines to track the effects of medications and adjust dosage levels when needed.”–Norman Brier, Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

“With compassion and insight, in language that is easy to understand, Dr. Bertin has taken on the task of explaining ADHD to families struggling to make sense of this difficult topic.  And he succeeds brilliantly, shining light on difficult concepts and offering tools for dealing with the challenges in children’s lives.  It is a book that should be on the bookshelf of every parent and grandparent of a child with ADHD.” — Robert Marion, M.D., Director of the Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and author of Genetic Rounds: A Doctor’s Encounters in the Field that Revolutionized Medicine
“This book offers parents of children with ADHD a truly unique combination of medical expertise and compassion– compassion for themselves, and for their children. Dr. Bertin applies his knowledge of cutting edge neuroscience and his experience of mindfulness to offer specific practices and advice for responding to the challenges of adhd and to enhance the joys of parenting.”–Amy Saltzman M.D., co-founder/director Association for Mindfulness in Education

“Dr. Bertin has hit a home run with The Family ADHD Solution!  A noted expert in developmental pediatrics, Dr. Bertin addresses a potentially overwhelming subject with not only clear clinical expertise and guidance, but also with reassurance and compassion.  He has taken the mystery out of this condition…it is a wonderful resource for families.”–Peter L. Richel, MD, FAAP, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, New York Medical College
“This is a comprehensive manual for parents and families of a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder that undoubtedly can be useful in understanding the nature of the disability and practical approaches toward treatment.”–Dr. Herbert Cohen, Professor of Pediatrics, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

“Finally, something new for ADHD! Along with lots of great information about ADHD, Dr. Bertin’s mindfulness approach is the missing piece that will enable parents to make better use of that information. The constant crises of raising a child with ADHD can drive even the most patient parents to their limits. Fortunately, Dr. Bertin presents specific, practical strategies to ride through those stressful moments with greater poise and wisdom. The parents will be calmer and the kids will be better behaved–everybody wins!”–Ari Tuckman, PsyD, author of More Attention, Less Deficit: Success Strategies for Adults with ADHD
The Family ADHD Solution is a wonderful tool for parents with an ADHD child.  Grounded in science and rich clinical experience, Dr. Mark Bertin discusses ADHD in an insightful way and highlights mindfulness meditation as an effective way to deal with parenting stress.  A gift to parents (and their children) and a truly mindful book!”–Lidia Zylowska, M.D., Co-Founder and Assistant Clinical Professor, UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center
“Dr. Bertin’s book couldn’t be more timely for my practice. As a primary care pediatrician, I have been searching for the missing link in helping families with ADHD. His clear presentation, combined with  evidence based medicine, has already started helping me help families with ADHD. It will be a prominent asset in my toolkit not only for ADHD management, but also for helping all families live happier lives.”–Elio Gizzi, M.D., Site Chief, Kaiser Richmond Pediatrics
“Dr. Mark Bertin’s compassionate, informed guidance for families affected by ADHD combines sound science and practical tips with a mindfulness-based approach. An invaluable addition to the ADHD library.”–Gina Pera, author of Is It You, Me, or Adult ADD?

Product Description

The indispensible guide for parents to give their child with ADHD the tools to succeed.

About the Author

Mark Bertin, M.D., is a pioneering developmental pediatrician in private practice in Pleasantville NY, Director of Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics at the Westchester Institute for Human Development and assistant professor of pediatrics at New York Medical College.  He trains physicians, teachers and psychologists in ADHD care, and leads stress-reduction classes for parents. 

You’ll Lose the Baby Weight book review and giveaway CLOSED

In case you’ve missed it, the holiday season is upon us.  This usually means moms are frantically busy taking care of shopping, decorating, baking, wrapping, cooking, hiding (presents that is not themselves…well, unless you count the occasional moment of peace in the bathroom).  But what it all boils down to is that moms usually spend even less time taking care of themselves than they usually do.  If that’s even possible for some!

But if we don’t try to slow down and do a little something for ourselves, not only do with risk running ourselves into the ground and ending up sick for the actual holidays, but often we begin to resent the holidays and all we do for everyone else.

So what are you doing for yourself this holiday season?  I know its not the ideal time to drop a ton of cash on the uber expensive trip to the spa for a full day of pampering that we really all deserve.  But how about snuggling up with a great book and a cup of hot chocolate, or coffee (if that’s your thing, blech).

If this sounds great to you, I can TOTALLY help.  You see I’m giving away a super cool Tassimo T20 Brewbot by Bosch to handle that hot chocolate or coffee AND I’m giving away a copy of a great book for all mama’s…You’ll Lose the Baby Weight: (And Other Lies about Pregnancy and Childbirth).

You'll Lose the Baby Weight: (And Other Lies about Pregnancy and Childbirth)
Author, Dawn Meehan is a friend of mine and hysterical blogger and author.  She also happens to be the mother of 6, so she knows a  LITTLE about this whole pregnancy thing.  Whether you’re expecting your first child or your ‘baby’ is already a teenager, this book with have you nodding along in agreement and literally laughing out loud.  What better way to treat yourself and relax this holiday season with some good belly laugh.
I love Dawn’s honest take on what pregnancy and child birth are REALLY like.  Dawn pulls no punches in the comical but brutally honest view of all things pregnancy and labor related such as heart burn, insomnia, weight gain, mood swings, back aches, bladder control and labor pains!

Check out the clip below to see Dawn present some of the material from her book stand up style, from her book launch.

Giveaway Rules
Required Entry: Leave a comment sharing a favorite pregnancy story, funny, gross, or whatever about you or someone else (just be kind and don’t name names).  

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18. Anonymous said…
My first pregnancy all I wanted to eat was grapefruit and chocolate milk – AT THE SAME TIME! Turns my stomach to think of it now! Pick me! (email removed)
December 14, 2010 2:24 PM 
(I promise I used a random number generator and her “pick me” didn’t sway this selection!)

Contest ended 12/20/10!

US Residents Only!
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Disclosure:  The product(s) featured in this review was provided free of cost to me for the sole purpose of product testing and review. This review has not been monetarily compensated and is based on the views and opinions of my family and/or self. Please note that the opinions reflected in this post have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way. However, I am personally providing the giveaway copy as a holiday treat for my readers.

Adopted Ed book review

Adopted EdIn honor of November being adoption month, I’d like to share with you a very cute but very honest kids book about adoption, Adopted Ed.
This book presents adoption in a cute, rhyming book in a very honest and real way.  I loved this book, which I have to admit made me cry the first time I read it so I’m glad I read it on my own the first time through.  But this book is perfect for not only kids who have actually been adopted but those who know kids who are adopted or any other child.  I love books like this that help my kids understand that not all families look like ours.  Not that ours is picture perfect AT ALL but sometimes kids have a hard time understanding that other families are different than their own.
This book openly addresses the issues like kids picking on Ed for being different and how he handles that as well as he need to find out about his birth parents.

Product Description

www.AdoptedEd.com – This simple and beautifully illustrated story is about an adopted little boy and his journey through his early years. Sensitive and likable, little Eddie is just like every other kid, eating ice cream and playing ball. At school when he is teased by bullies about being adopted, his mom coaches him through the situation, which ultimately sets the course of his life with personal empowerment. Over time, Eddie feels a strong “void” and becomes curious about his biological parents, which ultimately leads him to find out more. ADOPTED ED concludes with a section of famous people who were adopted.

About the Author

Darren Maddern is just one of the many millions of adopted people throughout the world today. Born in England, Darren was adopted when he was only 10 days old by Don and Dolly Maddern, an American military couple who were stationed at an American Air Force base just outside of Oxford. After spending three years in England, the Madderns were transferred to Tehran, Iran where they settled for the next five years and where Darren attended first and second grades. When Darren completed second grade, the Madderns were transferred again, this time to Fayetteville, North Carolina. Shortly after arriving in North Carolina, Darren was naturalized as an American citizen. Three years later, the Madderns moved one last time to Colorado, where Darren spent the rest of his formative years. The Madderns made the decision to tell Darren he was adopted at an early age. Like many adoptees, Darren became curious about his birth parents. Sympathetic to the feelings of his adoptive parents, when Darren turned 18, he secretly hired a private investigator to learn the address of his biological grandparents, who were still living in the Oxford area of England. He contacted them through a letter and enclosed a separate letter with the request that it be passed along to his biological mother. Shortly thereafter he received a phone call, and knew immediately who it was from the accent on the other end. This was the first contact with his birth mother. During the emotional phone call, a plan for a reunion was discussed. However, after giving it serious thought Darren just felt he wasn’t emotionally ready. It would be another four years before Darren would make his fateful trip overseas. A 22 year old more emotionally mature Darren flew back to England to meet both his biological mother and grandparents. The reunion was everything he could have wished for. At 26, Darren found his biological father and went back again to England to meet him. During this visit he discovered he has two half-brothers. To this day, Darren still enjoys a close relationship with his British family. He also had an extremely close relationship with his adoptive parents, who always encouraged his journey through life. Throughout his life Maddern has been asked about being adopted. Through candidly sharing his story, he’s helped many adoptees, parents of adopted children and parents considering adoption. ADOPTED ED is dedicated to both his adopted and biological parents with a special dedication to his mom, Dolly Maddern who passed away in 2000 and his pops, Don Maddern who joined her in 2009. It’s also dedicated to every adopted man, woman and child to remind them that they too are indeed – SPECIAL.

Disclosure:  The
product(s) featured in this review was provided free of cost to me for
the sole purpose of product testing and review. This review has not been
monetarily compensated and is based on the views and opinions of my
family and/or self. Please note that the opinions reflected in this post
have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way.

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I had some tips for reading with toddlers published on About.com today.
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