OldBoyGames.com review

OldBoyGames.com was established in the Fall of 2006 as a outdoor games theme online store, with a goal to provide hours of outdoor fun for kids, families, groups, and anyone looking for quality, memory-making and relationship-building, outdoor activities.
They have a unique focus on the type of classic outdoor games that have proven to be favorites of old and young in every generation. It is our mission to search for these classic and timeless outdoor games–some of which might be hard to find in your local stores–and offer them at competive prices and with professional customer service.

Corn Toss Game consists of:
– 2 Collapsible, All-Weather, White Plastic Game Targets
– 8 All Weather Game Bags – 4 each of Orange and Blue (or other standard colors)
– Game Setup Guide, Rules and Frequently Asked Questions
Other Corn Toss Game Features:
– On-Board Locking bag storage
– Integrated Carry Handles
– Legs collapse and lock under with both boards nesting together for compact storage
– Lightweight and easily transported – At 30lbs, including bags, our games are 1/3 to 1/2 the weight of most wooden games
– Solid Playing top and rigid design eliminate bounce and play just like traditional wood games
– Fully Weather Proof and Cleanable with soap and water!
– 48″x24″ with a 6″ hole
Limited Warranty: Product carries a 60 day manufacturer’s warranty against material defects in material or workmanship. If product breaks, cracks or otherwise has problems within 60 days of delivery due to a manufactured defect please contact the manufacturer for inspection which will result in a replacement or refund if unit is found to be defective.
Other names this game is known by: bean bag toss, cornhole, baggo, and corntoss game.

*Nice beachy destination not included!

It’s been years since I first saw this type of game being played by many tailgaters at a sporting event.  It was one of those tings we always said we’d like to have.  But in reality its big and we don’t have any storage space.  But OldBoyGames.com has really fixed that problem.  These all weather units collapse down so they’ll take up minimal room at the end of the season but for now we simply collapse them and prop them up (with the bags conveniently stored inside) and store them upright outside.  The boys LOVE this game.  Of course they don’t follow the rules and there is occasionally some attempts at defensive playing.  But its a fun outdoor activity that even at its craziest (my kids can make anything rowdy) isn’t dangerous.
I love the concentration in Bryan’s face in this picture below.
Please note that life jacket is NOT required for this game.  We just happened to buy the jacket earlier in the day for him and he wouldn’t take it off no matter how sweaty he got!

Edited to add: after publishing this post yesterday I went home to find out that the older boys got the game out played for close to two hours and then….PUT IT AWAY ALL BY THEMSELVES!!  Apparently the game has magical powers (legal notice, of course it doesn’t actually).  Needless to say we’re all thrilled with this Corn Toss game!!!

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