Day at the Zoo

This weekend the Racine Zoo had a kids day so all kids (15 & under) were free.
We used to this zoo ALL the time when they boys were little. It is smaller than some of our other (localish) options but it’s close and it used to be just an optional donation for entry. It’s now $8 for adults and (normally) $6 for kids. And there’s no charge for parking however there’s not an official lot, though there’s a decent sized lot with in a couple blocks and on a cooler day like Saturday was finding close street parking wasn’t an issue.

Because it was a cooler day some of the animals weren’t outside but it also meant there weren’t TOO many people to contend with to get to see stuff.

We also took advantage of an opportunity we’d never done before…the boys got to feed giraffes (an additional $5 fee at the time of feeding).

You can do this at several times through out the day, times posted at the giraffe exhibit. They teach you a little about giraffes in general, like did you know their tongues are dark purple so they don’t get sunburned, and the specific giraffes there. We learned that the larger one is actually the smaller one’s uncle.

Such a cool thing to watch!!


kangaroos and wallabies



penguins (my fave!!)


And of course we had to visit the petting zoo!


On the way home we stopped in downtown Kenosha for dinner (and donuts for dessert) and took a walk by the lake.

Final Forty MNO Chicago

And just like that the last of our foursome turned 40 in November. So we celebrated with a overnight trip downtown Chicago. One night, 4 friends and lots of food and drinks…

on the walk to dinner

We checked into our hotel with it’s beautiful city view and then walked over to The Purple Pig for dinner.

There was a wait there so we headed across the street for a drink at Dylan’s Candy Bar while we waited.


Birthday Cake Shots!!

Dylan’s Drink Menu:















We tried the Chocoholic, the Pop Rocks Explosion and the Cotton Candy Clouds.  All super fun and yummy!!









Feeling good after drinks and some candy shop shopping

Back to The Purple Pig…


After trying a TON of stuff at the Purple pig we weren’t quite ready to call it a night so we stopped for some wine…

I did the Candyland flight!

After a lot of giggling, and finally cracking open that ’40’ pinata, which was filled with little bottles and liquor candy we called it a night.  The next morning we were back out wandering the city, shopping and EATING of course.

Although we had to wait OUTSIDE in line for a bit, I would highly recommend checking out the Nutella place.

Seriously soooo yummy!!!

Door County WI Trip

I’m not sure how it’s possible that my older boys have been going to Door County for YEARS each summer but in 40 years, I’ve never been.  It seems like everyone in our area has vacationed to Door County at some point in their lives, with many friends sharing their favorite spots or memories when hearing I was FINALLY going to go.

My first trip would be a quick one, just one night, staying in Ephraim.  But we made the most of it and I can NOT wait to go back. We drove up from Milwaukee Saturday morning. We’d technically missed the PEAK fall colors but it was still a really pretty drive. Saturday was a little rainy and windy and cold. But we made a couple stops at shops and orchards and sampled wines and cheeses. And had lunch as Husby’s in Sister Bay.











Then we checked into Somerset Inn & Suites and packed up and bundled up to do the one thing I REALLY wanted to do while there. See the sunset over the bay.  It was COLD and windy but still totally perfect.











We spent the rest of the evening by the fire in our room enjoying wine and cheese etc.

Sunday morning it was beautiful. Much less windy and sunny! We stopped for breakfast at the Old Post Office Restaurant and one more visit to the water before heading home.

And of course one last stop on the way home for some custard!!!

Autumn Drive

Fall, or autumn, is my absolute favorite season. So when friends suggested we pack up our families and do this Autumn Drive event, it sounded like a great idea.  The weather ended up being absolutely gorgeous so all the places were PACKED but we managed to check out a few cool antique shops, a lot of craft vendors and enjoy some good food and finished up the afternoon at the pumpkin farm with apple cider donuts and fresh cider.

Pumpkin farm fun with friends…










Yummy chocolates…



Make Memories This Summer at Medieval Times #sponsored

This post sponsored by Medieval Times but all opinions are my own.


If you’ve always wanted to take the family to Medieval Times to enjoy the exciting tournament while feasting like a king now is the time with this great LIMITED Time Four Pack Offer for JUST $128!

Four Pack includes:

  • Four Admission Tickets
  • Four Course Feast Fit for a King.. or Queen!
  • Two rounds of Select Beverages
  • Two Hour Action Packed Show
  • And Parking is ALWAYS FREE!


If you visit before the end of the month your kids can train with the knights.  My boys did this about 4 years ago and enjoyed it!

Read all about our first family visit to Medieval Times Chicago here!

Aquatic Experience – Chicago Ticket Giveaway

Second annual Aquatic Experience – Chicago makes a splash with additional 130+ tanks of tropical fish, return of Live Shark Encounter and Kids Aquarium Contest
November 7-9, 2014

Everything under one roof also includes:
Fish from Around the World display
Children’s Touch Tank
Two inaugural aquatic competitions
Educational seminars
…and more!

Aquatic Experience - Discus fish

The World Pet Association’s (WPA) second annual Aquatic Experience – Chicago makes a splash Nov. 7-9, 2014, with the addition of over 130 aquariums of tropical fish and return of the popular Live Shark Encounter and Kids Aquarium Contest. Show attendees will find “everything aquatic under one roof” at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center, from saltwater and freshwater fish to pond and aquatic plants—including a Fish from Around the World display with Children’s Touch Tank, two inaugural aquatic competitions, educational seminars and a thriving show floor of exhibitors showcasing the latest in aquatic trends and products.

Daily family passes ($25), individual tickets ($10), weekend passes ($99) and Saturday dinner and keynote tickets ($60) are now on sale for Aquatic Experience – Chicago. Registration for the Kids Aquarium Contest for children ages 5-16 is $5 and includes a 10-gallon aquarium kit complete with filter, lighting, heater and thermometer, plus a wristband for free admission to the show floor with a paying adult. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit

The new display of over 130 aquariums of tropical fish, presented by the Florida Tropical Fish Farmers Association, will include a wide variety of tropical fresh and salt water fish farmed in the US and provide inspiration for retailers, advanced hobbyists and fledgling aquarists all three days of the show. Haai Inc’s Live Shark Encounter, the only travelling shark show in the country, returns this year to give attendees the chance to see sharks up close as a diver swims and interacts with these awe-inspiring animals, providing entertaining and educational information.

Aquatic Experience’s educational seminars on hobbyist and retail topics will feature keynote speaker and Newport Aquarium Zoological Operations Manager Jeff Gibula, in partnership with Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium, taking a behind-the-scenes lighthearted look at public aquariums and their relationship to today’s hobbyists and their home aquariums. This year’s show also hosts two inaugural aquatic competitions: the Aquascaping Live! Contest presented by the Aquatic Gardeners Association, and the Aquatic Experience Fancy Guppy Competition presented by the International Fancy Guppy Association.

Additional aquatic experts presenting at educational seminars this year are Anton Lamboj, Bob Fenner, Brandon McLane, Charles Delbeek, Chris Lukhaup, Eric Bodrock, Francis Yupangco, Heiko Bleher, Jake Adams, Jen Reynolds, Joe Olenik, Jonathan Dooley, Julian Sprung, Karen Randall, Kevin Kohen, Oliver Knott, Oliver Lucanus, Patrick Dontson, Rusty Wessel, Sandy Moore, Sanjay Joshi, Steve Lundblad and Ted Judy. Topics include: aquarium and water garden plants; fish breeding; changes in the aquatic world; specialty stores in niche markets; hiring and training strategies; designing a successful fish room; and aquatic explorations of Thailand and Lake Tanganyika.

The World Pet Association (WPA) is the oldest industry organization promoting responsible growth and development of the companion pet and related products and services. WPA works to inform and educate the general public in order to ensure safe and healthy lifestyles for our animal friends. WPA is the host of America’s Family Pet Expo, the world’s largest consumer pet and pet products expo, held annually in Costa Mesa, California. The organization also produces SuperZoo, an annual pet industry trade show that showcases a comprehensive collection of exhibits and offers a variety of informative educational seminars, and Atlanta Pet Fair, the Southeast’s largest competition and trade show for the professional pet stylist. For more information, please visit


Find AquaticExperience on Twitter or Facebook




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Guest Post: Thinking British — An Educational Day Out in the UK

Palace_of_Westminster,_London_-_Feb_2007The UK is known for its wealth of historical attractions and glorious countryside and here are plenty  of fabulous things to see on a day trip. Educational attractions such as the Houses of Parliament can provide an insight into how the nation runs its affairs and make for an unusual day out. The tour would involve lots of walking, so youngsters might not appreciate it as much.

One of the great ways to learn about the country while you enjoy the sights is to use discount vouchers. A single voucher can get you into a wide variety of places. Try a Portsmouth Historic Dockyard voucher for real value. Possess one of these and you’ll have access to the Royal Marines Museum, The HMS Alliance, as well as Explosion, the Royal Navy Submarine Museum, The Museum of Naval Firepower, the new Mary Rose Museum, the HMS Warrior 1860, the HMS Victory and much more. They have the Action Stations, the National Museum Royal Navy Portsmouth, Harbor Tours, a Hear My Story Gallery and a Racing to War Exhibition. All of these offer a tremendous amount to teach people, young and old, and new features and exhibitions are added every year.

The Shakespeare’s Globe Exhibition and Tour is a place where visitors may experience the plays of the world’s most famous scribes within a recreation of Shakespeare’s original Globe Theatre. Students are often asked to write about the Bard’s plays. If you’re lucky you may be able to catch the one that your child is studying.

Perhaps if “Hamlet,” “Romeo and Juliet” and other such plays don’t grab your kids’ attention, you might want to treat them to something a little more “pop” culture. Enter Madame Tussauds, with its wax statues of people from Marvel superheroes to famous historic figures. This attraction, which combines fun with education, has been drawing people for over 200 years and can keep even the most restless kid happy.

If history and learning is getting too much, then try the Pooh Corner in Hartfield. It has the largest collection of paraphernalia in the world for A.A Milne’s famous creation and is free to enter, though it’s best to call ahead to be sure they are open. In Chalfont St Giles you’ll find the Chiltern Open Air Museum which displays restored and rescued and restored buildings. Or, you can try Chester zoo, which allows you to buy tickets online and beat the queues when you arrive. They have the most active reptiles in the country and often have educational school trips that explain how they save endangered species.

The UK is renowned throughout the world for some of its institutions and landmarks. It’s a country that offers visitors a fun day out, and the flight across the seas is certainly one that you won’t regret.

Another Fabulous Season at The Bristol Renaissance Faire

All thoughts shared are our honest personal opinions

Bristol Renaissance Faire - Copy

If you haven’t been to the Bristol Renaissance Faire you simply don’t know what your missing.  In fact, even if you HAVE been before, you probably STILL don’t know what you are missing.  You see, a single trip isn’t enough time to begin to fully explore the sights, sounds and shows of the Ren Faire.

This is our THIRD trip to the Bristol Renaissance Faire and while the boys were slightly disappointed not to get to see a single joust, I was on a mission to see entirely new and different things this time.  At the suggestion of a friend I knew that we needed to check out the “Fire Whip Show.”  And I’m super glad we did because it was very exciting.  I’m pretty sure if it hadn’t been so humid, leading to some decent perspiration…I might have even peed myself at one point.

adam crack fire whip show Bristol Renaissance Faire - CopyYeah, look that’s a flaming whip! Ok, so maybe that isn’t shocking, given then name of the show and all but what he did with a hot, flaming whip may have terrified me just a bit.  But I won’t ruin the surprise for you.  Just take my word and hit the Privies (that’s the bathroom for you contemporaries) before the show.

The other two shows we caught were merely by chance as one of the Swordsmen asked the boys if they liked sword fighting just as we were walking by and let them know their show would start in a just a few minutes.  With enough swinging action for the boys and adult humor for the grown ups, it is another recommended watch as far as I’m concerned.

swordsmen show Bristol Renaissance Faire

And then Barely Balance took place on the same stage immediately following so we stayed for that as well.  And I’m glad we did.  They were super funny and incredibly talented.  These photos simply don’t do it justice, but I highly recommend taking the time to see them!

barely balance show Bristol Renaissance Faire - Copy

One area I didn’t do a good job branching out and looking for something new was the food.  We all craved our previous favorites: ice cream, onion stryngs and pickles.  But I didn’t snap a pic but we did get to sample the cheese fritters thanks to some friends we bumped into that just couldn’t finish them and they were super delicious!

food at Bristol Renaissance Faire - Copy

Whether it’s your first or your fifth trip to the Bristol Renaissance Faire, I’m pretty sure you’ll love it.  If you’re new to the faire, the shows are spread out throughout the faire and when you enter you’ll get a map with a schedule on the back.  If you’re interested in a specific show, you’ll want to check out the schedule when you arrive as most shows run 2 or 3 times a day so happening to be in the right place at the right time may be unlikely.  But if you aren’t sure what you want to do it’s a pretty good bet, something fun will find you!!  Be sure to take your time as you wander to notice all the small details that really make this an amazing experience.

Check out our first trip to Bristol Renaissance Faire here, and last year’s trip here.

The Bristol Renaissance Faire is located just west of I-94’s Russell Road exit, near Kenosha, Wis. Open rain or shine, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., every Saturday and Sunday, July 5 through Sep. 1, and on Labor Day Monday, Sep. 2, tickets are $23.95 for adults and $11.50 for children, ages 5 to 12. Advance ticket discounts are available at or by calling (847) 395-7773.

Have you been to the Ren Faire?



Kick Off Chicago Preseason Football with Essex Inn

Essex Inn sponsored this post and provided game tickets and hotel stay, however, the opinions I share in this post are my own.

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  • Free pool, fitness center, sauna and Wi-Fi
  • Free shuttle to The Magnificent Mile and Museum Campus, please check at reception for schedule

To book, call 312-542-5119 and ask for the Pre-Season Pre-Game Event Package.

Hurry, book your package now before they are all sold out! Our reservations team is available Monday – Friday 8am to 4pm CST at 312-542-5119.

*Special guest appearance is not guaranteed and may be cancelled or substituted without notice.
**This package is designed for two people sharing a room. One night stay required, pre-paid at the time of booking and is non-refundable. Talk to our package specialists about taking your whole family.

The Pre-Season games are August 8 and August 14.

Don’t forget to ask about adding a second night!


¹Claims not endorsed by Essex Inn and are the sole responsibility and opinion of the writer!

Kenosha Kingfish, Ozzie Guillén and Family History


This past weekend we finally got the chance to get up to see a Kenosha Kingfish baseball game.  Because of our love of the sport, we’ve been known to take in a game of just about every level at a wide variety of locations and stadiums.  But there is some definite personal family history at the newly renovated/updated Simmons Field in Kenosha, WI.  You see, my father played baseball at Simmons Field for the Kenosha Pirates, a semi-pro team sharing the fields with legendary players like Satchel Paige.  Simmons Field started as a family tradition with my dad’s Grandpa taking him to games when he was young and comes full circle with him taking his grandson’s there….

And what a great time we had making a ton of fabulous memories.  The Kenosha Kingfish have done an amazing job with not only the stadium but the entire experience.



This particular night the Kingfish honored the Kenosha Comets.  If you’ve watched a League of Their Own you’ll recognize some of these uniforms (and if you haven’t, you should, right now!!!)…



AND Ozzie Guillén was at the field signing autographs.  This made my lil sports collector super happy. (Yes we’re Cubs fans FIRST and FOREMOST but have love for all of our Chicago teams).


Timmy just happened to be wearing Bryan’s Sox hat from T-Ball because he was tired of wearing it after a double header, and Ozzie insisted on signing it for him in addition to the photo!


It was a great, beautiful day for a ball game with my boys.  And the fact that the Kingfish won was just icing on the cake.



And the fireworks…were the cherry on top!