Day at the Zoo

This weekend the Racine Zoo had a kids day so all kids (15 & under) were free.
We used to this zoo ALL the time when they boys were little. It is smaller than some of our other (localish) options but it’s close and it used to be just an optional donation for entry. It’s now $8 for adults and (normally) $6 for kids. And there’s no charge for parking however there’s not an official lot, though there’s a decent sized lot with in a couple blocks and on a cooler day like Saturday was finding close street parking wasn’t an issue.

Because it was a cooler day some of the animals weren’t outside but it also meant there weren’t TOO many people to contend with to get to see stuff.

We also took advantage of an opportunity we’d never done before…the boys got to feed giraffes (an additional $5 fee at the time of feeding).

You can do this at several times through out the day, times posted at the giraffe exhibit. They teach you a little about giraffes in general, like did you know their tongues are dark purple so they don’t get sunburned, and the specific giraffes there. We learned that the larger one is actually the smaller one’s uncle.

Such a cool thing to watch!!


kangaroos and wallabies



penguins (my fave!!)


And of course we had to visit the petting zoo!


On the way home we stopped in downtown Kenosha for dinner (and donuts for dessert) and took a walk by the lake.

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