Dear Laurie Rizzo


Dear Laurie,

I wanted to take a moment and send you a heart felt note of appreciation. As a life long Cubbies fan I obviously love your talented son, Anthony for all he brought to the field this season.  In a year FULL of memories, I am certain that his wall hopping catch in the stands will forever be one of my faves.  I have spent more than a few minutes this year watching videos of him and Kris Bryant in interviews etc together, bringing the pure joy back to the professional level of my favorite sport.

But on a more personal note, I want to thank you as MOM.  As the mom of a young baseball player, I want you to know how much it means to me that there are men out there like your #44 for him to look up to.  Men who not only give their all on the field everyday because they clearly love the game.  But also who are amazing men of character off the field.  I have been equally inspired by the amazing things I have seen him doing off the field as on.  In our world today we see many athletes and celebs clearly doing their quick good deal here and there for a photo opp, while it is obvious that your family is truly passionate about the work of the Anthony Rizzo Foundation and I am always blown away with how he makes time in such a hectic schedule, even during the playoffs, to be there, making a difference and bringing smiles to the faces of children going through something so horrible.

And I KNOW that men of such character don’t just happen.  I also KNOW that athletes of such caliber don’t just happen.  Of course, there is almost immeasureable work on their parts, I also know, fellow first baseman mom, that there are countless hours spent in the car, and on the bleachers for YOU.  I know that much of who he is today is because of who was always behind him, who was there in the wins and the losses in the early days.
I can’t begin to say I understand what it was like to watch him endure his own cancer battle but I’m certain that he came through and came back to achieve such success in baseball AND life, because you’d built such a fabulous foundation.

Thank you for raising a baseball player who made THIS my favorite tweet of the entire season….anthony rizzo cubs 44 laurie rizzo baseball moms

Love and HRs.

Your son’s second biggest fan (because I KNOW you’re his biggest)

Besides, I’m already THIS first basemen’s biggest fan!



  1. That tweet is so adorable! It’s always great to have a team to cheer for on and off the field 🙂 I <3 the Cubbies!

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